• Twaddle

    This is nothing….you should see the art I can do with a leaf blower in my dirty laundry bin.

    • Barf

      Wtf… Did I just get raped?

  • britnic

    It was done by a ghost

    • ick

      the way it glides around, it reminded me of the angels/ghosts at the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

  • thatguy

    This seems less like art and more like a giant lava lamp…

  • izzyvic

    That was the most exciting thing i've ever seen. Had me at the edge of my seat the whole time.

    • God

      "it's a piece of trash floating in the wind! Do you know how complicated your circularity system is??"

  • Wildeinatree


  • Aaron

    This was like a bad car accident, I couldn't look away.

  • kryvian

    simple concept, good impact.

  • tv_paul

    Reminded of me of that scene with the plastic bag in "American Beauty".

    • jed

      It sounds like the same music too.

      • Dnsj

        Yep. It is.

    • Frank M

      American Beauty 2 – The Quickening

  • supersport

    Its just a sheet, do you know how complicated your circulatory system is?

    • Mikey

      Haha! (ostrich laugh)

    • tvonders

      Do you know how complicated fluid dynamics can be?

      • iheartboobs

        It was a family guy reference

  • badawadda

    Amazing what passes for "art" these days…

  • jfd9898

    I want the 38 seconds i watched this for back!!

  • Willy T McRibb

    Many bong hits to get the fans positioned correctly.

  • dmp223

    Pretty cool, then you realise your watching something so simple and you wonder why/how it inspires you :S.. then you feel kinda stupid!

  • Djz

    Well, I liked it and thought it was very beautiful! thanks, Mac

  • Katy

    That made me feel extremely peaceful watching it. Trance like really…

  • Cresent fresh

    Now to go break some stuff, eat jerky, and pleasure myself to 70's porn just so I can earn back the man card I lost while watching this.

  • Sumo says hai

    I liked this better when it was a feather in Forest Gump.

  • https://www.facebook.com/farekhahlvanat Farekh Ahl Vanat

    Beautiful in its simplicity, I really liked it.

  • BetweenTheGap

    For one that appreciates art. That was really cool.

  • r00s7a

    Now, hand out some mushrooms and that would be one bad ass sheet of fabric. Otherwise, it is a sheet of fabric.

  • Turrebo

    First time I like fan art.

  • Tommy

    Eat mushrooms then try this at home….omg!!!

  • Lolasaurus

    I work in an art handling company… The shit I see every day doesn't compare to this awesome piece… This piece is not only beautiful but it's intelligent 🙂 (positioning of fans, vortices, number of fans, color of fabric, weight of fabric and lighting)

    • http://www.facebook.com/terrilynn.meece Terrilynn Meece

      ..and as an experiment in studying randomness!! That is what is so mesmerizing to me the unpredictable-ness. I felt a comfort in the randomness whereas in my daily life I spend more than a little bit of energy trying to limit the randomness and unpredictability.

  • Jeffy

    If a redneck went down in his basement, set up a bunch of fans, threw in a paper towel, and played "Devil Went Down To Georgia" he would be a redneck.

    However, this guy exchanges the paper towel for a red sheet and plays seedy piano music in the background and he's an artist.

    I turned on my dishwasher and videotaped the water gallivanting around a composite box. Can i pick up the label "Artist"?

    • Anna

      dude… grow up.

  • Ron

    i've never wanted a Fruit Roll-Up so badly in my life.

    • Blahhhh!!


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