That chimpanzee can cook, how ’bout that (11 Photos)


  • BaaBaGaNoosh

    This is Kanzi the Bonobo (not a chimpanzee) you can find out more here… its crazy!

  • Hugh Jorgan

    Yeah its all fun and games until the Crazed Strong Chimp tears the flesh off of the little woman behind him and cooks and eats her!!!! Dont teach wild animals to cook!!!

  • bkfrijoles

    #1 I want to go camping with a Chimpanzee

  • Sean

    Technically bonobos are a separate species from chimpanzees. The reason they're called pigmy chimpanzees is because when they were first discovered scientists didn't realize they were a separate species. They're the most peaceful primates on the planet. When two different groups of bonobos get together instead of aggressive displays they have sex. The only other primate, besides humans that can have sex face to face.

  • justin

    thats pretty smart…but he will still eat your fucking face if pissed…lol

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  • Smashy

    Ceaser like BBQ

  • Zack

    Damn dirty apes stealing our jobs

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 – For all the BC'ers that visit this site daily, fired up a new twitter strictly for all the West Coast Canadian Chivers & Chivettes!!

    Give it a follow. Gonna be re-posting the best pix from the daily threads on this site with my own twist. –>

  • Wisti

    The only good argument I'd ever heard for why humans are "above" other creatures is that we are the only ones who cook our food. Every single other thing you can find some other creature with their own version but none others are supposed to cook…

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but the title of this post is pretty off – Bonobo’s are a totally different species from Chimps, and “pygmy chimpanzee” is outdated. Bonobo’s have completely different personalities and life tendencies.

  • Danielle

    Sorry, but the title of this post is pretty off – Bonobo's are a totally different species from Chimps, have completely different personalities, and "pygmy chimpanzee" is an outdated term.

  • Dang

    So I see a lady wearing a hairy vest in the first photo. Then she's gone and there's a hairy spot on the ground by the monkey's fire. What the fuck just happened?

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