The land of bad knockoffs and WTF products (21 Photos)

  • tv_paul

    #2 Does that say "Etch A Stretch" on it? Once you make it bigger if you shake it does it disappear?

  • Bob

    #14 is cute but for kids

  • Bluntaholic

    #11 is the new hot trend in China where having a tan of any sort means that your a dirty peasant who toils in fields all day. Pale skin equates to wealth & power. If I moved to China they might mistake me for a mega rich emperor.

    • commander cool

      here I was thinking they were burn victims.

  • Rich

    What the hell is #21

  • Moony

    #21 When your nose is clean you have my permission to cry.

  • bkfrijoles

    #21 what the fuck is that?

  • buzzard3000

    I just gotta throw in here; number 6 (nose frieda) is actually fricking awesome, if you have a new born. The snot (obviously) doesn't actually make it anywhere near your mouth, and it beats the hell out of the little balloon ball thing that's been around forever.

    Any chivers with a baby…buy that thing, you will love it forever the first time you have to get boogers out of your baby's nose.

  • rupert

    Come over and play with my WiWi? #16

  • billy

    #11 Ugly bitches?

  • Philip Alvarez

    #12 seems legit

  • ponderence

    TRULY a W T F for the ages as if didnt have to ponder THNX U CHIVE

  • Chivalrous

    #16 What's so funny?

    When I was a kid I spent many fine hours playing with my WiWi.

  • Kenny

    #17 I've dated her!

  • Tony

    Nose frida is awesome. I have twins. chivers with newborns this is your lucky post

  • Ryan Chino Pollard

    #11 jogging luchadors
    #21 WTabsoluteF?!

  • @JDienger09

    #14 That's actually kind of cool 😛

  • Lance

    @ # 6; I don't care how much you love your kid, but assuming the packaging also doubles as Swedish directions, there are SO many other ways to go green, unless you do this in the car, where you're instantly invisible.

  • Rawr

    Two venti fucks please, it's going to be a long day at work.

  • waydownsouith

    #6, Is that good for constipation?

    • mandrake

      HAHAHAHA you're a genious

  • commander cool

    #18 is a legit product and actually sold for stupid prices.

  • Wisti

    #14 is really cute and I want it a.a
    #4 has "dog isolating technology" so the cat wont hear the dog coming to eat it…

  • Meertnnn

    #9 If only they had these when I was 'young'…. I could have made something out of my life… instead of this chive thing which keeps luring me to it's nest…..

  • Samantha

    I'm digging #14

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