theCHIVE goes to NASA (34 HQ Photos)

As most of you know by now, Neil Armstrong passed away at the age of 82 on Saturday. The first man to walk on the lunar surface inspired generations, including theCHIVERS. theCHIVE is a family run website and we've been fascinated with the cosmos since our father drove us to the outskirts of Ft. Wayne, IN in 1986 to watch Halley's Comet pass earth at its closest apparition.

On Friday, one day before Armstrong's passing, my family and some of our close friends were invited to take a private tour of the Johnson Space Center in Houston by Chiver Scott Chladek. It was amazing to meet so many NASA Chivers. Thanks so much to Scott, Andrew, and Justin for taking the time to show us around. It was an experience we'll never forget...

As our day at NASA drew to an end I asked Andrew, one of the NASA engineers, if we’ll ever make it to Mars, he responded. “It’s in the core of our human spirit to go. I believe we will. And we’ll do it in our lifetime. But the astronauts that do it will probably have the Google logo on their space suits.”

NASA’s budget has been cut, whittled, and cut again. NASA now lacks some direction, many projects are started only to be abandoned mid-stride, the layoffs at Kennedy Space Center have caused many cities surrounding the launch pad to become ghost towns.

Closing the door on the Space Shuttle also means closing the door on future discovery, technologies, and civilian industries that could see their genesis at NASA. And that’s sad, I think. It’s sad for our generation today but it’s heartbreaking for the dreamers of tomorrow, the generations of potential scientists, mathematicians, and engineers who will lay the foundations for the generations who follow them. What will they dream about I wonder? There is something larger at stake at NASA beyond the now. In a word, it’s progress.

There’s still a sliver of light coming from a door that was once opened wide. Chamber A will soon serve another grand purpose. Scott and his team will drop the temperature in the chamber down to 11 Kelvin ( about -440 degrees Fahrenheit) where it will become the home of the James Webb Telescope for 6 months of testing before it is launched to replace the Hubble telescope. It will see farther into the cosmos than ever before and fill in more blanks about our universe and hopefully, our very existence. Some things at NASA are still very, very alive.

  • J-Walk

    F' YEAH!!! NASA RULES!!!

  • dnew013

    I think in homage to Neil's alma mater, you should make a Purdue chive shirt so we can remember that us boilermakers need to KCCO and one day we will make something of this world

    "A still more glorious dawn awaits"

  • tv_paul

    #32 I'd love to explore this moon. Hopefully on Thursday we'll get a better chance

  • Chavo

    That shits tight!

  • Taco_Depot

    completely & utterly & entirely jealous

  • @royalmetal

    I totally wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. Now I'm a grownup, and I want to see the astronauts come back. 😦

  • YEMX

    Surprised no pictures of the Pool on Johnson space center. It is pretty erie on how deep and large it is.

  • Oscar

    #32 MOARRRRR… er…nevermind

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #24 – Gave me that chill when I saw the Description of the picture…RIP Crew of Columbia.

    #25 – She's a 11 of 10. 😉



  • Warren

    It is totally insane that we are abandoning space.
    First of all, it opens the door to somebody else to get there first (China). Space is the ultimate high ground, and any future conflicts will take place there. Giving up space means we will lose the next major war.
    Secondly, Earth is doomed. At some point, Earth will become uninhabitable and nearly everything will become extinct. This is not irrational fear-mongering, it is the verifiable truth. The geologic record proves that it has happened before and it will happen again. Maybe it will be an asteroid, maybe it will be super volcanoes, who knows, but it is 100% guaranteed to happen. It's not a question of "if", but "when". For the first time in Earth's history, a species (us) has the ability to leave Earth and ensure its survival. We have a moral obligation to our species to do that. Maybe the destruction won't happen for a million years, but maybe it will happen tomorrow, we just don't know. Failing to leave Earth and ensure our survival is the ultimate betrayal to ourselves and our progeny. Shame on us.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      First, China's economy is the mother of all bubbles still yet to burst. They're not going anywhere fast and it will indeed be the multinationals who sponsor the next stage of space exploration.

      Second, totally agree. We are fast bleeding this planet dry and we aren't anywhere near the 100% recycling rate we need to make life even close to sustainable. We need to wean ourselves off fossil fuel (not just to move to sustainable energy supplies but also to prevent the inevitable horrific wars over the last remaining drops), fully embrace renewable energy and we need to start mining our neighbouring planets on a biblical scale. And fast. If Mars and the asteroids aren't a mass of mines by 2100, then we are doomed.

  • Mike D
  • RMS

    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • TheOrange

    I think the important question that needs to stem from this post is, Where the fuck can i get this shirt? #5


    • AB

      Why is it that it took almost 2 full pages of comments for this question to be asked???

      • lado

        I want so damn bad!

  • BroMontana

    You guys planning a trip to Uranus or something?

  • Boner

    Tiffany has a great ass.

  • Detroit Dave

    Find the rich guy.

  • Da_Boz

    I can no longer focus on the comments section with all the damn TAPITURE most popular photos making my eyes jump over to them before i finish reading something… Anyone else have this issue? Sweet post…

  • Just Sayin'

    Hmmm…so is there going to be a space version of the KCCO shirt? Or is there going to be a Buzz F'n Lightyear (heretofore known as BFLY) shirt? Or is there going to be a Neal F'n Armstrong shirt (NFA)? 3-D versions? Do we need to vote? Personally, I'd probably take the NFA shirt…totally cool, real-life, non-animated, science non-fiction hero.

  • Bryan

    #5 when can we make that shirt happen

  • bones

    #1 who is on the far right?


    #32 WE RIDE AT DAWN!

  • Nicholas Rae Staal

    NASA is so valuable and it makes me sad to see it's budget be so eroded. Exploring this universe is the most exciting thing we can do as a spiecies and that's really all NASA is ment to do, but they need an income. Nothing's free! For me, I would be happy to see more of my tax money going to exploring space. The things that we will descovor and do are amazing and 100% worth it!

  • KAMC173

    I live within a stones throw of Nasa! Seriously you can see it from my backyard…I didn't get a invite to the chive party downtown, but I could have thrown a kick ass BBQ in my backyard for you guys!

  • Rizzo

    #5 a new chive shirt in the making??

  • jeevus

    #31 when can we get our hands on THAT kcco?

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