theCHIVE goes to NASA (34 HQ Photos)

As most of you know by now, Neil Armstrong passed away at the age of 82 on Saturday. The first man to walk on the lunar surface inspired generations, including theCHIVERS. theCHIVE is a family run website and we've been fascinated with the cosmos since our father drove us to the outskirts of Ft. Wayne, IN in 1986 to watch Halley's Comet pass earth at its closest apparition.

On Friday, one day before Armstrong's passing, my family and some of our close friends were invited to take a private tour of the Johnson Space Center in Houston by Chiver Scott Chladek. It was amazing to meet so many NASA Chivers. Thanks so much to Scott, Andrew, and Justin for taking the time to show us around. It was an experience we'll never forget...

As our day at NASA drew to an end I asked Andrew, one of the NASA engineers, if we’ll ever make it to Mars, he responded. “It’s in the core of our human spirit to go. I believe we will. And we’ll do it in our lifetime. But the astronauts that do it will probably have the Google logo on their space suits.”

NASA’s budget has been cut, whittled, and cut again. NASA now lacks some direction, many projects are started only to be abandoned mid-stride, the layoffs at Kennedy Space Center have caused many cities surrounding the launch pad to become ghost towns.

Closing the door on the Space Shuttle also means closing the door on future discovery, technologies, and civilian industries that could see their genesis at NASA. And that’s sad, I think. It’s sad for our generation today but it’s heartbreaking for the dreamers of tomorrow, the generations of potential scientists, mathematicians, and engineers who will lay the foundations for the generations who follow them. What will they dream about I wonder? There is something larger at stake at NASA beyond the now. In a word, it’s progress.

There’s still a sliver of light coming from a door that was once opened wide. Chamber A will soon serve another grand purpose. Scott and his team will drop the temperature in the chamber down to 11 Kelvin ( about -440 degrees Fahrenheit) where it will become the home of the James Webb Telescope for 6 months of testing before it is launched to replace the Hubble telescope. It will see farther into the cosmos than ever before and fill in more blanks about our universe and hopefully, our very existence. Some things at NASA are still very, very alive.

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  • tony74

    from a nerdy engineer…this is the stuff that makes me proud to chive

  • Mike Duda

    #32 –
    "Now that's a big door!" – Kevin Flynn

    R.I.P., Neil Armstrong. You launched a million dreams.

    As for NASA's future, I hope you're wrong. I know the President has changed the focus of NASA into a shell of what it should be. Without getting political, cuts need to be made to handout programs for the lazy so that true exploration by NASA can return. Mars? I'm not sure why. But we have been to the moon, and Mars is the next logical place.

    Thank you guys for the awesome montage.

  • Ed Z


  • Alex Ustick

    America spends more money to protect itself from other countries of the world than it does to explore space. If the world could stop being dicks to eachother, we could have been on Mars already.

  • Hbomb

    I am so jealous you got to view Chamber A being opened. That is truly something special that not a lot of people get to see. I share your sentiments about NASA. It is sad that they aren't getting the funding or support they need to continue the exploration of space.

    Also, I was named after Halley's comet, I was born during her visit 😉

  • Shadrock7

    And where are OUR "KCCO" shirts???

  • JoeS

    holy crap i went to high school with Tiffany!

  • Jrona

    I'm not even American, but I want to pay more taxes so NASA can inspire more generations, create more dreams and explore further than ever before.

  • Tommy Johnson

    I can't believe that you walked right by my office and I had no idea you were here….

  • Bibity bopity

    U guys are like the second coming of Joe Francis (no pun intended)

  • Michael

    Awesome post! But all I could think of when watching John close the door was I don't know what to do with my hands!

  • JJ64

    all very awesome to see such amazing history!
    although im generally against the cuts NASA receive… at the moment of recession, i rather see jobs created than money injected into something which wont have a direct impact.
    furthermore, #13 america won the cold war yea? dont be silly, nobody won it, or both sides won it by not having a nucular holocaust

  • Chris

    Fellow Chivers;

    I am an engineer that performs work that is funded by NASA! There is a movement #penny4NASA that is gaining speed to help get the word out to INCREASE the funding for NASA. If we can raise money for our veterans and victims of senseless crime; why cant we try and raise the awareness of lack of funding for NASA? I challenge everyone to visit #penny4NASA or write their Representative to stop cutting NASA's budget! It effects the career's of more than just the people in TX and FL. If it wasn't for NASA John and his family, nor mine would not have had something to aspire to!

  • donuts

    Anyone who thinks that the moon landing was faked needs to take a look at #2.
    That photo was taken just after Mr. Armstrong came back into the lander.
    There is no way to fake the look on his face.


  • J-Walk

    If people truly love NASA and it's mission, please take the time to write your local elected officials and demand that NASA's budget be expanded. It takes no time and maybe we as a community can make a small difference in this amazing organization.

    To see how you can get involved and help make a difference check:

    Make Dr. Tyson proud! If not…

  • captainmalcolm


    Thank you NASA for everything that you do.

  • .Krookz

    My biggest dream when I was a kid was to be the first man to walk on Mars. Neil was my hero. Too old now(28), doubt it will be anytime soon.

  • guy
  • bisketz

    Can the Chive's out there in Chove land spark the NASA budget and a NASA rebirth?

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    What a bad ass post, John. Well done. Something I'll never probably see.


  • bisketz
  • techno_viking

    I fucking hate you guys…

  • Dozer


    Reminds me of my old GF

  • Chiv3On

    I'd rather see my tax dollars being spent at NASA where I know we'll see a return on our investment instead of Obama cutting the NASA budget to keep wasting tax payer dollars on welfare and other entitlement programs where there is absolutely no return on those dollars spent. Spend money on space exploration that puts people in the private and public sector to work for many many years, or spend more money on a drug addicted 4th generation welfare recipient who will never be a contributing member of society….

  • Sam Ross

    I grew up in Cocoa Beach, FL and watched most of the Apollo launches from our house and Kennedy Space Center when I was a kid. What amazing and fun memories. I hope our government will see the light and restore serious funding back to NASA so my kids and grandchildren will have that chance to see amazing launches from KSC like i did.

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