Hot Right Now: Daily Morning Awesomeness (40 Photos)
  • @AwesomeSauce85

    Whatever you do, don't say awwww. Yea too late for that one.

  • dan

    that just brightened my day. Mom sounds hot too 😉

  • Thomas Radiguer

    They already started a band.

  • NP1972

    I love the bit as he starts playing, they just look at each other so excitedly..

  • Adam

    The look of pure cuteness when they hear the music start is priceless.

  • countermonkey

    they look at each other like "aw shit that's my jam!"

  • jr.

    I was amazed there wasn't a Keystone commercial before this video!

  • Rachel

    Its nice to take a moment to appriciate the beauty and joy children bring – THANK YOU!

  • Original

  • Guitarist

    When they become adults – then will dance

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