Any thoughts on the CRC Z06 Vette? (20 HQ Photos)

  • Jax

    Oh my god, I so want one!!!

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  • Dre

    awesomeeee gimmi gimmi gimmi

  • DaddyJax

    I just got a chubby!!!

    • Jesse Di

      got a chubby?? i just cremed alll over myself!!

    • BOOM!

      Did he feel good?

  • Arod529

    They could have at least styled the interior too instead of using the typical modern look. Do that and it will be the best looking modern Corvette.

    • Dwide Schrude

      The number one complaint in car magazines about the Vette are about the seats too. They are commonly referred to as uncomfortable, plasticy and unsupportive for such a highly tuned car. Agree, they should change up the seats but on every Corvette including this one.

    • Bill Badnaruk

      I agree, why do your best to maintain the c6's worst attribute, the interior.

      • yodaddy

        This is almost a direct rip-off of the car Will.I.Am built with west coast customs, and you know Ish did that interior right

        • Buford_Justice

          pretty sure that was a thunderbird/vette thundervette or something. This is a new Vette made to look like an old one, no thunderbird in it at all.

  • bring back the boobs

    here's a thought…take my money you son of a bitch and have that bad boy delivered asap

  • Steven Ruland

    dunno bout the twin headlights… and the front fenders.

    • Elliot

      and i suppose natalie portman's moles is a deal breaker for you…..

    • Parts is Parts

      Those headlights are out of a 98-04 Jaguar XJ. Which means this car is a parts bin mashup with 10 year old parts.

      No thanks – I'll pass.

      • Jawbone

        No… The headlights are 50's era vette, the tail is 60's era. A weird styling choice, but overall very cool. And the floormats I particularly like; this thing gets driven.

        • Parts is Parts

          You are wrong. I have a 2003 XJ SuperV8 in the driveway and have had to replace the lenses numerous times. I am painfully familiar with them. The outer/low are from 98-03 XJ, and the inner/high lens are from a '88-92 XJ.

          #10 vs.

          It's OK that you like this car, but it's a Frankenstein.

          • GMfan

            all prototypes are frankensteins. quite possibly from a Jag, but maybe they had a shop make circle headlight lenses… They do have a budget over there.

    • akaMe

      I'm with you on the headlights. It looks like a dirty whore corvette from the 50's started sleeping around with younger corvettes. Pass.

      • Buford_Justice

        its supposed to…

    • Guest

      Know how I know you're gay…

    • chiver
  • timmy

    i will take two

  • Chase

    Needs some spoked wheels and a more subtle hood scoop, some custom work in the interior would have been nice to.

    • Forreal

      What your missing is the fact that it was the original body wrapped around the z06.

      • Simon

        *you're (obviously)

        Seriously, I have to say I don't like the wheels. Maybe spoked might be a throwback too far, but these just look too bling to me. Put some more respectable wheels on it and I'd still never be able to afford something close.

        • Husker Chiver

          Yeah, the wheels aren't right. They're too new looking. Spoked wouldn't be right either though. I'm thinking some Torq-Thrust II's would be perfect.

          • Nickerboken Gilbert

            I agree with the wheels…they need something more classic looking. These wheels might be some super cooper light weight things but they look like cheap chinese knockoffs

    • flyingzombies

      Yeah the hood scoop is way out of place and needs to go.

  • Jaxx


  • Taipan

    Aesthetically – no accounting for personal taste, my vote, not a bad looker. I'd bet the house this thing is garbage round a corner and handles close to something like a bear, despite looking like a deer. Chive, if you're going to insist on the car posts… More European please, they're just better… And that's coming from an American.

    • crazycanuck

      This is a corvette we are talking about not a cobolt ss…these things are designed for performance. A rear wheel drive supercharged v8…straight up 'Merican muscle…this thing would be nasty fun to drive.

    • ChestRockwellz

      I have a suspicion that you drive an annoying Honda Civic with an obnoxiously loud exhaust with a rear fin (because you actually think it creates downforce) with dumb dragon stickers accross the side. All of which are laughed at on a regular basis by everyone.

    • Shawny

      Chest don't forget the fart can too plus he wears white framed sunglasses while driving

      • Turd Ferguson

        Loud Exhaust= fart can, dumbass. Also, I'm with Taipan. European cars handle way better than American muscle (with the top end Corvette's being the rare exception, there they break even), and they do so for much less moolah.

        • gmfan

          ever driven a CTS? I guess all GM top end cars are the "exception".

    • pmp training courses

      This is really nice car, I guess, it is old model car but it is still presentable.

    • Pablo

      get the fuck out of my country

      • Please

        Just because you illegally enter a country doesn't mean it's yours PABLO.

        • bwaggger

          Says the white dude… We're all illegals my man.

    • Revver

      The car is built on a ZO6 chassis. There is no reason that it shouldn't go around corners just fine. As for European cars being better, take a look at the new ZR1. At the Nürburgring, the only "production" cars quicker than it are the Porsche GT2 and Lexus LFA. Then quicker than them is the Dodge Viper ACR.

  • jason walter

    <img src=""&gt; I saw a 62 corvette crc at h and l produce and I was blown away! Could you send me some more pictures of it?<img src=""&gt;

  • Kyle

    100% USA!!!

  • Johnnyshortdic

    Looks like a thunder bird…lol

    • concerned

      look up any corvette from 1958 to 1962 you dickhead

    • Forreal

      Thunderbird?! Wtf?! Idiot.

    • Simon

      You got one word right, but it was referring to your post.

    • Revver

      That's a 1962 Corvette that they tried to imitate. It is better to remain silent and thought a fool and to post something on the internet and remove all doubt.

    • acd

      That's exactly what I thought.
      The front end looks like the 57 T Bird.

      • acd

        Sorry make that a 59

    • Revver

      The 1959 T-bird has a "recessed" headlight. What is on this car is identical to a 1962 Corvette.

    • Please

      LOL it's so funny how offended you idiots get by these car posts. everyone thinks they are an expert. Get over it…

    • hangsloose

      What do you think Ford used as a model when they designed the T-Bird??? The Corvette!

  • J.S. Wright

    I think I'm going to continue driving my Nissan because I can't afford one.

  • Shiftycap1

    This is EXACTLY what I always wanted to see done to a Corvette!!!

    • Johnson

      What, make it look even crappier so people finally stop buying these piles of crap?

  • Chris Scharff

    Ugliest anything to ever wear the name Corvette.

    • Jawbone

      Men who wear such hats should consider upon what they are commenting.

      • Chris Scharff

        I've gotten more positive comments on my hat than you could ever imagine getting comments on your… comments. Oh and by the way, no one gives two sh!!s about what you think of this quite handicapped "we're gonna mix every generation of Corvette into one monster" display of wanton subjectivism. And in case you are wondering, it's made by ADIDAS.

        • V4Vendetta14

          Good you've identified the problem…next step is taking it off your head and getting rid of it…

  • theCaptain


  • burt

    300 kinds of ugly

  • C6ZO6

    I'm a vette guy and that car is just hideous! You can clearly tell its a C5 from the roof (not to mention interior). Enough with the retro, get new ideas.

    • Simon

      New ideas suck. Listen to music. Look on the road. Look in shops. Look at buildings. Everything is banal, mediocre, bland and uninspiring.

      (most everything)

    • whiskaleafa

      i agree with you sir, i think the front and back are ok, but the entire middle section is garbage.. doors, roof, interior.. scrap all that worthless shit.. but what do i know im just sick of cotvettes and all the 80 year olds with a hardon for a shit car… again just my opinion

  • Notmyname

    Sorry all of you Corvette haters – #5 – $6 – #18 – pure Corvette and the twin headlights add tot he retro look. NICE!

    • Underbaker

      #6 I don't know, think I will have to test drive one for a couple of years before I could give you a solid opinion.

    • Si1entStatic

      Nice clash of 50's front end, 60's stingray rear end, and present day cockpit and controls.

      The best parts of the whole lineage in my opinion.

  • Zym

    Nice cross between 50's and 60's look of the vette. But I agree the twin headlights and wheels need to be changed.

  • Yann Mathieu

    Dear Santa…

  • Lewis

    I will give up my wife for one of these and never look bac. Its like they stole the design out of the dreams i was yet to have. F%ck it beautiful.

    • jasonB

      Take a couple of deep breathes, that mid-life crisis will pass in a year or two!

      • I see everything

        Lewis…this is your wife. The locks have been changed.

        • The Boss

          Shut up bitch, get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich

  • kng_nthn

    I want it!!

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