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Chivettes make Madden 2013 sexy (24 HQ Photos)

To celebrate today's release of Madden NFL 2013, 2013 we decided to have a nice photoshoot with some sexy gamer girls. Who wouldn't want to mix two awesome pastimes together?

So I called Asa Hope, our resident gamer, and asked if she knew any other gamer girls who didn't like wearing clothes, "No problem." Asa's always been a game time player. Thanks to Nikki (Blonde), Sharly (Brunette) for joining us. It was a memorable afternoon.

Enjoy the shoot and the new Madden 2013…

Asa’s Twitter Machine.

  • bkfrijoles

    #4 Hello 😉

  • kevin

    Wow… jealous doesn't began to describe my feelings right now.

    check out free picks for the upcomming season.

  • joe g

    #17 she is smoken hot

  • Pat Brown

    It's post like this that remind me why I
    A) Love theChive
    B) Love being a man
    and C) LOVE women

  • thorsky

    I would sniff the arm of that couch for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SugeWhite

    #9,#18,#19 Who?

  • FunKiller

    So who is this blonde I'm newly obsessed with?

    • FunKiller

      Oh, yes #22

  • Jayson

    #24 live every man's dream. live it for all of us.

  • yeahmon

    #22 whats her name? im in love

  • MC_Creeper

    #20: There would be three pairs of toes in my mouth at this point.

  • intmid8or

    #24 what a life

  • Alex

    One of the greatest post ever! Thanks Chive, you made my day.

  • Guest

    So….. how IS the new Madden?

  • Hand of Fate

    #2 #7 Asa's ass is perfect. The only other adjective I can think of to describe it is "biteable".

  • Kent

    Goddam lucky bastard!

  • GoneCountry

    Thr blonde, Nikki? She is beautiful. Enough said? Lol Chive, Thanks for making my work day awesome.

  • yonotan

    god i love the chive. seriously. these three are insanely hot. insanely.

  • TheT

    #1…..holy fuck…

  • bones

    #8 epic ass, but who is the brunette in white shorts? Same one from the NASA shoot yesterday?

  • Rory

    If anyones still bored. Come check out my daily random page.
    Chive On!

  • Gee 2

    #23 That is pretty frakking hot. 😀

  • Emarric

    Oh Nikki, you so fine, you so fine it blows my mind! Hey Nikki!

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  • Cubby

    #24 = Friendzone level 200

  • shetakeshervitamins

    What game are they playing?

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