Like moths to a flame, men just can’t help themselves (40 Photos)

  • Epitomizer

    I can eat 50 eggs.

    • kill for beer

      that is a god given talent my friend, share it with the world

      • Epitomizer

        I do…. about an hour later.

    • Barack Obama

      I can destroy millions of jobs while spending Trillions of dollars

      • Dick

        That's what W said when he started two wars we couldn't pay for. An we can't forget the systematic deregulation of the banking industry. Fuck off guy.

        • Epitomizer

          Fuck both you comment jackers, I'm trying to be the center of attention here!

          • Dick

            50 eggs. That's great. How do you open your anus so wide?

            • Barack Obama

              Dick, you need to shut the fuck up and keep on sucking my dick! fucking bottom feeder

              • Joe Biden

                Yea Dick!! fuck off!!! We are jacking the fuck out of this comment… but the Cool Hand Luke reference was pretty good…….

                • Barack Obama

                  Yep apparently what we got here is failure to communicate…….. P.S. Fuck off Dick

                  • Dick

                    Is your manager at McDonalds letting you take an extra long break so you can respond to me? After you finish work and get back from your Klan rally come on over and I'll lay some pipe in your toothless mouth.

                    • Barack Obama

                      at least you are admitting that you like to put your "pipe" in dudes mouths….

                    • Joe Biden

                      Nobody is laying any pipe unless I am invited…..

                    • Liz

                      what is wrong with working at McDonalds… any job is a good job in the Obama Economy ass hole…..

                    • Your Name

                      You misspelled "Lez"

                    • Barack Obama

                      You didn't type that!!!

                    • Barack Obama

                      Hey Dick, don't run and hide replying to a different comment…. don't you have a worthless protest to go to?

                    • Joe Biden

                      Dick is just a little upset, he has not had any dick yet today……

                    • Eric Holder

                      I can fix that for him….. Hey Dick, give me a call…..

                    • Bill Clinton

                      Did somebody say lay some pipe?

                • Epitomizer

                  At least someone got it.

                  • Barack Obama

                    Let me be clear, me and Joe do not miss a thing…… as long as it is on my teleprompter….

              • Dick

                You and Lez must be brother and sister. Do you take turns blowing your Father? That's what all ignorant hill folk do, right? That is so hot. You are both dirty little sluts. I'm never eating McDonalds again

        • tom

          Deregulation started with Clinton Bush tried to regulate it but the Democrats had control of the house and Senate and stood in his way so you sir can fuck off

          • Dick

            Deregulation started at the end of the Carter Administration and was followed through by two terms of Regan. Turn off Fox News for a minute and check your facts. After that you may continue to butt fist yourself you fucking cumstache

    • Emily Celeste Gosling

      Did you know that eggs are a hen's period? Kinda grosses me out, personally. But I still eat them, of course.

      • Epitomizer

        Did you know that this was a "Cool Hand Luke“ reference & none of you are getting it.

        • Barack Obama

          I totally got it, great movie….. now vote for me…

          • Ray Pearagin

            My cats breath smells like cat food.

    • Epitomizer

      I am sorry Chive. I never meant for it get out of control like this. You deserve a better class of comments.

      • Barack Obama

        Let me be clear, I am the best class of comment……… P.S. you didn't type that!!

        • Dick

          In the words of one of our illustrious fore fathers, Thomas Jefferson, "Suck my dick nigga"

    • haha

      nobody can eat 50 eggs

      • Sheebah

        I love lamp?

      • Epitomizer

        If my boy Luke says he can eat 50 eggs, he can eat 50 eggs!

  • upy3rz

    Like a moth…and nearly got burned.

    • ps86

      yikes, number 2 spot and not a single thumbs up…

      • love asian girls!

        There you go, I gave both of you a thumbs down…you are welcome

  • Just Me

    What the hell do women expect when they put them out like that?!?!?!

    • werichbeyotch

      I ain't sayin' that they're whores but they are wearing a whore's uniform…

      • Julie DeSilva

        Hey Dave Chapelle. I didn't know you Chived!

  • kill for beer

    #24 he's semi…

    • Erection Doctor

      sorry sir, but studies have shown that that is a full on erection.

    • MylesofStyles

      You're not gay at all. I swear.

    • chip"themeat"hayes

      Also he's Asian, so that's pretty much a full on raging boner right there.

    • Project Mayhem

      You noticed that amongst the hot Asian chick? Sir, I have some bad news for you…

      • ToothyisaFaG

        Pretty sure that she is not hot.

  • Lisa

    Boobs are proof that men can focus on two things at the same time.

    #14…can't say as I blame him (or any of them) for looking. 😉

    • Penis Wrinkle

      Morning, Lisa. I hope your daughter is doing better.

      • Lisa

        She had a few seizures on Sunday and had a hard time waking up on Tuesday morning. She has another neurological appointment soon. Hopefully they'll approve her for a new medication. All in all though, we'll take 15 seizures in 14 months over 40 a day, any time.

        (Suspicious of you being nice…not sure you're the same person who's usually a jerk to me…if you are, thanks for not being lewd.)

        • I was...

          …that guy the first couple of times, then somebody took the ball and ran with it. (I did follow up with the…"so, is that a maybe" thing) If it happens again it won't be me. After I read the post about your daughter, I figured you had enough on your plate and I didn't want to fuck up your few minutes of escape. Judging by the quote on your profile, I think you'd enjoy the book Shantaram (Gregory David Roberts) if you haven't already read it. (It too, will take you on a minature vacation). Best of luck with the appointments.

          • Lisa

            Thank you. I've googled Shantaram and will see if I can find a copy to borrow among my friends. We have diverse collections and I'm sure someone probably has it. Reading does makes time pass faster when we're in waiting rooms.

            Thank you also for not being a dick. Life's short. Too short for nastiness anywhere, much less on the chive. It occasionally does make me forget some crappiness. KCCO. 😉

            • Penis Wrinkle

              Why you got to tell everyone about your daughter.You clearly crave attention and use your daughters sickness to get it.

              • Lisa

                Life is difficult. I talk about her condition because talking about it has helped people. If you look through my comments you'll see that I always see the glass as half full. If it isn't full, I know where to get more water and if I have to, I can plumb a new line to the faucet. 🙂

                Her life, her determination, I am very proud of her and her sister. I talk about them a lot in my real life. I am who I am, every where I go, so it makes sense that I talk about them online as well. If I can help someone, I do. 😉

    • VaderWRX

      Nothing wrong with this picture. She wants him to look.

    • bdg

      FIND HER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GeeROID


    • Ball


  • JimmyBoPeep

    #12 #29 It's men of all ages really that stare. There's no cut off limit.

  • beef

    OMG Who is #2 ????

    • JayLonsome

      Georgia Salpa

    • Wow


  • KCO617

    #7 that's a chick staring at those boobies.

    • James Martin Bell

      Air force buddies. nice

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #32 Balls…….this guy's got some.

    • Craig K.

      I think the Chive should put together an Anti-Hoverhand gallery filled with photos like this one.

    • Cowboy1354

      Or Money…He's got a lot of it.

    • Wannamaker

      Friendzone Level 9000…..


    • sandy astroglide

      An extra chromosome……this guy's got one.

  • whyme1973

    #3 #14 #18 #22 #31 Can't blame them at all. In each case…well worth getting caught.

  • Iso

    Why should we?!?

  • beef

    #32 gOOD FOR HIM

  • Outlaw

    They'll catch you eventually, you better have a line ready.

    • Daniel Tosh

      "You have some very nice tatas, can I touch them?"

      • Outlaw

        I'm going to go ahead and assume you meant to comment on beef's ^post^. My tatas aren't that nice.

        • Daniel Tosh

          no that's the line I would use if I get caught looking.

          • Outlaw

            Well, I'll give you points for the direct approach.

  • chbeers

    like women to shiny objects

  • Chaz

    Asian Todd Bridges?


    • Woodword

      i see it

  • Sauce

    #29 – Well trained.

    • fits

      undeniable proof that it's in our nature to love a nice set of boobage.

  • tv_paul

    #36 Under the C,Under the C,Darling it's better,Down where it's wetter,Take it from me.

  • Logan Slogan

    #7 I believe this is an Ellen DeGeneres staring at the boobs not a dude

    • Crazy_Jake

      Hey THAT IS A CHICK STARING… whoa… she looks like a guy..

  • SOhioChiver

    #33 is my favorite…he looks guilty, but of course he can't help himself. This is exactly why he signed up for cheer-leading in the first place.

  • Shmoopy

    K wall

  • james

    #15 I want to be you!

  • tv_paul

    #20 Run, run, run as fast as you can.You’ll never catch me ogling , I’m the gingerhaired man.

  • Julie DeSilva

    It's not just men. I'm pretty mesmerized myself.

    • kal50

      Like moths to a flame, men love women who love women. You get a BIG thumbs up!

    • Daniel Tosh

      How about… we go to the mall and rank from 1-10 all the titties we see?

  • tarp

    #2 think thats gorgy salpa wtf bro she's 15

    • chiver

      ya but with the body of a 16 year old

      • derf

        Dude she's like 27!

    • Oscuh

      Yeah, she's 27, not 15. Ever heard of the Google?

      • ChurchoftheFonz

        Yes, and it says she was born in 1986. There was a question mark, but not a 12 year discrepancy…. she's of age. I'm sure the multitude of magazines she's graced had to make sure she was at least 18. So, no foul! KCCO

    • gnocco

      someone's not good at the maths…. '85

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