Like moths to a flame, men just can’t help themselves (40 Photos)

  • Brahhh

    Who is #14?

  • yeahbuddy!

    #18 Who wouldnt be giddy about that

  • bdg

    #16 Oregon cheerleaders are smokin' hot!!!!!!!!!
    #22 Christina is the queen of all that are bosoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bdg

      Sorry #15!!!,but asians with nice racks can be fun!!!!

  • Matt

    You are all doing it right. I mean that.

  • Hey Hey

    Met #3 in real life. Did the same thing. Impossible not to.

  • Quincey Wise

    I want to know how my picture got on here lmao #10?

  • Quincey Wise

    #10 lmfao how did my picture get on here?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – Chiver or Chivette from BC?? Join the twitter group that's for you!!

  • Versari

    #12 " Oh Sweet Momma…"

  • Barack Obama

    Dick I have put your extra welfare check in the mail for your great service in defending me with such valor…..

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