Right at the heart of LAX lies the abandoned city of Surfridge (15 HQ Photos)

Ever flown out of LAX and saw what appeared to be an abandoned city below? It is. Palisades del Rey (aka Surfridge) was a beachfront city developed in the early 1920's by the famed Dickinson & Gillespie Co. By the mid 1930's, the neighborhood became a beachfront paradise, home to director Cecil B. DeMille and movie stars like Charles Bickford. More than 470 acres of gently rolling hill sides-prime ocean-view land above Dockweiler State Beach was dotted with beautiful homes and a caring community.

After the commercialization of the jet-liner, LAX began buying up the land to make room for extended runways. By the 1970's, most of the houses had been demolished and the few that remained lost all value due to the 747's screaming overhead. For the residents of Surfridge, their paradise was lost.

Today, all that remains of Palisades del Rey is cracked streets with knee high weeds growing where houses once stood. The area has been cordoned off by Los Angeles County. For whatever reason, the lamp posts that line the abandoned streets still light up at night.

Lead photo via Eyetwist's Flickr.

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