• Barack Obama

    I have come here to fuck chickens and eat dogs…… now vote for me.

  • Doittoit

    Is he from law and order svu?

  • seanbeanleague

    he needs to play on the offensive line for the pats

  • Judo4life

    Pavel is a Judoka (Judo practioner, a martial art that relies heavily on throws, sweeps, and submissions), and a pretty skilled one. A true testament to both martial arts!

  • grimotr

    his butt is better than kim kardashians – WANT !

  • Jimmy

    Guy looks like Junior Dos Santos

  • Dave

    I think it's kind of unfair. A sumo wrestler is taught and train a certain way. And in my opinion judo is a much more superior art then sumo wrestling. What I'm trying to say is a freestyle wrestler will have better chance in winning vs a Roman Gecko wrestler if they had to abide to their discipline/rule.

  • BlackMan

    Meh, cracker doing alright at a squinter sport. Next!

  • Kut

    Makuuchi Banzuke (division rankings) have him ranked dead last in the East out of 22 men. There are only 42 men total competing in this division. He may be ranked last but he has still achieved something elite out of the thousands trying.

  • Busterbwn

    For those who don't like American football this is what an offensive lineman does!!

    • BlackMan

      Get his titties out?

  • Busterbwn

    For those who don't like American football, this Is what an offensive lineman does!!!

  • Andrew

    kinda pointless in a sense that the bigger sumo wrestler's center of gravity is unbalance compared to the czech wrestler. for example, put the czech and big sumo wrestlers on a balance beam and see who falls down first…


    It's Gotta Be The Huggies!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/toledo11 Matt Orosz

    1:47, owned!

  • Ramsey

    Looks like he's had a wrestling background too. He does a russian tie at the beginning of nearly every match. Though they might do that in judo too.

  • https://www.facebook.com/shtafzetkajd Gordana-Doda Stetin

    The size do not play role at all,using brain and skills does.

  • Robin

    I’m impressed that your kids atclaluy let you sleep in their presence, or do they just let you sleep so that they can sneak up on you with a camera?.-= Alison Kerrb4s last blog .. =-.

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