Criminal mugshots from the 1930’s are a trip (32 Photos)

I find myself imagining who would be cast to portray these criminals in a movie. Any thoughts or suggestions on this matter??

  • craig

    #11 kinda looks like Mr. Incredible.

    • Escelante

      I noticed that too. The tallest one was 5'10" 1/2. Criminals were tiny back then.

      • WithoutRemorse

        hah had the same thought… all of em musta had napoleon complexes.. Tiny angry bastards

    • hwath

      #14 will be played by Anthony Davis

    • Marc Sellers

      #11 Joaquin Phoenix?

      • USMC8654Justice

        no i think Kim Coates

  • kinny

    Apart from a couple of exceptions they are all 5' 5" and under. I guess everyone was just smaller back then!

    • squwilf

      I noticed that too weird right?

    • Casablanca

      #2 could be Humphrey Bogart

    • wut

      Maybe they couldn't catch the tall criminals.

    • The Oldar

      They were also probably almost all poor as kids, so they were under nourished. The upper-classes were about as tall as we are today.

    • Krystal

      Yep, I was thinking the same thing!

    • WithoutRemorse

      I also noticed that none of them were black.. or any other races for that matter…interesting.

      • Woop

        The other races got killed without taken in. No justice no trial back then.

      • HoratioBoobles

        I think this was London. All British or Irish names and the last photo says "RIP London Blitz 1940". Still weird there are no dark folk though.

        • 1C451

          Also, #29 mentions a conviction in America

    • ZP2U

      I noticed that too. i'd have been a pro basketball player during the depression.

      • Don Terry

        At 6'4" and 260 I could've been Andre the Giant back then

    • Alex

      Maybe the investigating police unit mainly dealt in small crime?

    • nick

      Advances in nutrition. Just look at team rosters in the past 80 years we are growing so fast!

    • Dustin

      Noticed that too! Anyone over 5'5" the camera had to angle up! Where as the 5'1"-5'3" were centered perfectly.
      I'm 6' 180lbs, I woulda been a beast back then.

      • Critical Bill

        I'm 6'-3" 250#, I would be godfuckingzilla stomping all over these lil japan sized criminals

        • Dustin

          You pretty fucking big for today's standards. hahaha

    • Rob

      A lot of these guys were small because being poor in the States in this era meant you weren't fed too well. Hence, we have the "small man complex", guys who were small, poor (and mostly ugly) who were pissed off with society in general.

  • Mikey

    I think they'll probably cast Samuel L Jackson. He's in every movie these days.

    • Tubs

      Nick Cage

  • Joe Sharp

    I dont know but most of the people here could and should be played by Christopher Walken. Call it Walkens 33 have him played by everyone about a break in at just a random house. Considering most of these guys have housebreaking.

    • palooka

      32 walkens and a willam defoe.

  • Gijs Slotman

    #30 looks like Damian Lewis and I'm wondering what a 'Buffalo Bill right hand' is at #18

    • savagecabbage

      na 30 is daniel craig

      • Euroranger

        Amen to that. #30 is a dead ringer for 007.

    • Lt. Winters

      The first person I thought was Damien Lewis also.

    • ATLChiver

      A tattoo?

  • Tiber_Septim

    #10 Nick Cage

    • thom

      #10, did you notice his hair color? Ginger

    • Yes Indeed

      Nick Cage is the correct answer to All of the Above.

    • Adrian

      John Turturro

  • Justin

    anyone else notice how short everyone is?

    • Euroranger

      Yeah, I was saying to myself "back then it musta been a lot easier to steer clear of the criminals…all you gotta do to find most of them is…well…look down".

      Criminal midgetry must have been a real problem in the 1930s.

    • PA2AK

      anyone notice that most of the complexions are noted as 'fresh'?

  • SSMK

    #8 looks like matt damon

    • Anomanom

      He does at that.

    • fed

      i agree. also, #17 is clive owen and #22 russel crowe or kevin spacey

  • Adam

    number 31 could be played by the singer from FUN

    • some guy

      Naw, #31 looks like Alfie Allen, the annoying ginger kid from Game of Thrones

    • dgaf mccaff

      Are you saying he sucks dick?

  • squishy

    how weird is this?
    not a single one above 6 ft .. people were short back then

  • Nickwauford

    Not one of these dudes are even 6 feet tall. If I could go back to the 30’s Id get so much tail at an average 6′ 1 nowadays

    • Wilt the stilt

      Yet your douchebaggedness will still transcend time and you will still fail to get laid.

    • eden

      The average height of the American man is currently 5'9. The average penis length is approximately 5 inches. If you are average it may be in the latter. Explaining douche baggedness.

      • Anonymous

        He's right though. 5'10 1/2" is the tallest anyone in these line-ups is. Kinda crazy.

  • Young Comfy Jones

    #26 had to be from Jersey

  • craig

    #15 I like how they crossed out the "s" in eyes because he is missing one… haha!!!

    • Chazz_B

      truth be told xD

    • Yeah

      I like how you missed the editor's note pointing that out.

  • @spudrik79

    #22 Kevin Spacey

    • @SuperNilly

      No way! the dude that play al capone in Boardwalk Empire is def a must

    • Taylor

      Looks just like shea labuff though

    • Loné

      I thought the same thing!

  • MY Earout

    #22 is Keven Spacey

    • Noticer

      No way, that's Stephen Graham all day long.

  • MY Earout

    #20 is DeNiro. Holy cow there's a a lot of look-alikes in here.

    • Max

      I say he's got a George Clooney look to him!

    • Tobias Funke

      I kinda thought that guy looked like Mr. Bean…

  • MY Earout

    #11 Joachim Phoenix

    • USMC8654Justice

      Kim Coates

  • Jatheen Bhima

    Some of these guys look Badass!! Others as bad as ass…

    #7 Should be played by Michael Madsen or Jeremy Piven…

  • Ispeakchive

    #10 Yeah, before people started traveling beyond their local areas, the gene puddle was fairly shallow.

  • Sean

    #1 Tim Roth
    #7 Michael Madsen
    #19 Giovanni Rbisi
    #24 Anthony Lapaglia

    • akaMe

      #24 should be William Sadler

  • Ducey

    All these guys are tiny. I would have been a beast back then at 6 foot.

  • Bodle

    #15 LOL Eyes -> Eye

    • sureman123

      good eye.. didn't notice that the first tIme

  • van
    • Warbucks

      You must be new here. Here ya go… #8


    • a-nom

      I gave you a thumbs up, bro…don't mind the douches. Nicely done Warbucks. Chive On

  • Metal_Petals

    #7 Idk, kinda resembles Jason Statham to me.

  • craig

    #1 could be played by #32

    • @GamerKitty84

      #1 could be a clean Shaven Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones

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