Daily Afternoon Randomness (51 Photos)

Check out the hysterical To Do List trailer below.

  • Josh

    That chick has a gnarly beard!

  • Sammy

    Whore DAR is Xtra slutty today…

  • PapaS

    #24 Heheee…who added the details?

  • Mike

    I want to take the ODU gal on a date!

  • YouKnow...

    #23 to those who know…WHAT THAA HeLL?? by the way I choked on an ice cube when I saw this. But it melted…so I'm fine. But still. A warning would have been nice.

  • dreamweaver

    #19 absafuckinglutely

  • Bigcalm

    Whoa! Both meaghans in one day?! Be still my heart!!!

  • aVulgarSquirrel

    #42 Suddenly, koalas

  • Michael

    #11 MOAR challenges!

  • http://www.facebook.com/djfox Jamie Carter

    #4..great tushy #23 and sweet pics #30

  • Tristen

    #48 Well looks like I am going to Seattle….you had me at asses

  • cmcb

    #25 I see a "I don't know what I'm doing" dog meme in the future….

  • cmcb

    #38 Get off my dinner, little girl!!!

  • Rich

    #51 really knows how to end the DAR

  • Boldspoo

    #48 I AGREE!!


  • http://www.joshualucas.co.uk Josh

    #42……National Geographic photo…..yeh thats right I read National Geographic cause iz all edukated an stuff.
    Seriously though great photos by Joel Sartore. Got to credit original photographers. http://www.joelsartore.com/galleries/koala-rescue

  • sureman123

    umm.. not really a good comparison.. lets try this one… why was it ok to copy something from the radio to a cassette, but now its not ok to copy from xm to a usb… sorry, i just don't get it

  • http://www.facebook.com/abe.wozniak Abe Wozniak

    #34 repping ODU!!! fellow ODU Chiver

    • vegeta

      +1 Did you see that flood on tuesday? shit was horrible. There was a LAKE in the middle of campus.

  • shwan

    #39 by that logic I am half American and half black. Good thing you are good looking.

  • Rich

    #23 #30 #39 and #48 yes, they are doing it right

  • BadDecisions

    I love these hot young chicks making terrible decisions!

    'Hi, my name is Meaghan – I'm young and dumb and have big titties. I currently work in a tanning salon, but I'm thinking at some point I'd like to have a real career. I'm so excited that this sort of online persona will resurface in a few years. It might hurt my future, but at least I can now get video game dorks with green t shirts to masturbate to my 'twitter machine'. Yay me!'

  • Curtiss

    YES!!!! #48 You made my day…. go seattle….

  • huh

    Stop promoting random twitters!

  • David

    @meaghan… MOAR!! Keep up the great work. I hope you succeed in bringing back things that bounce thursdays

  • nikalaj

    Yo ! Don't call our national tresure "a prostitute" !!! It's wrong man ! Just so wrong !

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