Doin It Wrong (38 Photos)

  • Guest_of_Honor

    How is #2 "doing it wrong"? Seems like great training.

    • Mikey

      It's because the little girl isn't Puerto Rican…

    • Unfkngblvbl

      My daughter used to have this set…she loved it, even though it was made like shit…everything kept falling apart on the cart.

    • mimsy

      It doesn't come with an easy bake oven.

  • Shelly Thompson

    #1 …and even though he was tweeked on meth, after the explosion Benny had never flown so high in his life-

    • Biggus Diccus

      I wouldn't worry. You can set those canisters in a fire and they wouldn't blow for a while.

    • shelbymac

      Actually the chance of an explosion from this is minimal. The walls of those cylinders are about 1"-2" thick. By the time the cast off from the grinder reaches the cylinders the temp would be low enough it would probably only singe the paint.

    • Phil

      Yeah this pic's been on before, and everyone shut it down then too

      • Nipsey

        He should, however, be wearing a face shield while using an angle grinder. That's all I've got.

  • Ben

    It's called Deja Vu, I saw them in there a couple weeks ago and laughed as I walked by.

    • kurtis

      they sell em in far side too, right next door

      • Ben

        Yeah I knew that, I couldn't remember what it was called though.

      • Oli

        I was wondering why there was all of a sudden a huge amount of KCCO shirts around town. I thought they looked different than mine.

      • FuckinOff@Work

        As you all scroll through the comments on this post, you'll realize that this is the topic of the day. So i must pose this question directly to Leo:

        Were you just in the mood for a massive shit storm today buddy? HFS…there is some serious "armchair litigation" going on below this post. KCCO everyone.

    • Liam

      Funny I actually had them tell me they had purchased the rights to print and sell them…not cool.

      • Northern Guy

        That's what the little pimple-faced doucheb@g at the counter told me too… Grrrrrrrr….

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      It's okay for the Chive to plagiarise images but not this shop?

      How much has been paid in royalties to the UK Government for the 'Keep Calm…' logo?

      • bob

        at least someone is talking sense, if the chive had a legal case at all they wouldn't need to post this pic begging people not to buy it, as it stands they don't own the copyright on the designs so fuck them.

        • Alex

          That phrase is historical, its not a brand. Anyways your point makes no sens, TheChive is not talking about legal case here, they just said they'd send them a flaming bag of shit. ๐Ÿ˜›

          • 340

            I bet they wont.

          • Jesus

            Incorrect. The phrase WAS owned by the British government, but is now sufficiently old as to be public domain. Perhaps a little hint to theChive: maybe if those shirts weren't so hard to get, there wouldn't be such a market for knockoffs, would there? I'm sure it's not THAT hard to make more, these guys are clearly doing it!

      • Vince-Kristin Aleman

        Ok but the chive aren't the only who have stolen that phrase, I see that shit everywhere and it always says something different.

      • shopter

        Read it again, genius. The Keep Calm Carry On has been public domain since 1989.

      • wnelson14

        @anyoneforcoffee if you had the intelligence to read the article you linked you would see that it says the image is "Public Domain"

      • Barack Obama

        why don't you shut the fuck up and keep your ignorance to yourself…..

      • AnyoneForCoffee


        …….How about Banksy?

        • Barack Obama

          are you still here???? you are a neomaxizoomdweebie..

          • chelseadagger

            That is the most amazing word ever!!! Careful… you'd better copyright it… *obligatory eye roll*

            • chiverinyork

              i think you mean trademark….

        • MattyDeuce

          Banksy is a graffitist, and an anonymous one at that. They even market those shirts as "unofficial," but regardless, the artist doesn't have any copyrighted or trademarked work.

      • ShakeyTheMoyle

        Well said! I wonder if Bill Murray gets royalties for the use of his face?

    • booya

      Suite 1351, Phase III, West Edmonton Mall 8882 170 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5T 4J2
      (780) 444-3001

      • matt

        maybe the chive should take some notes from thee stores on how to properly order stock.

      • Fathercheese

        If they sell 3XL or bigger I'm on my way. Don't care where they come from since I can't get a 3XL BFM shirt off of the Chive.

        • john

          Maybe you should lose some lbs.

          • mittens

            Yeah, you can lose weight, but that doesn't make a shirt longer.

          • Jesus

            Maybe he's a professional powerlifter or sumo wrestler… You never know. And maybe, you should shut the fuck up.

            • MattyDeuce

              Or maybe he is tall as fuck?

        • WTF

          They do sell a triple xl.

    • RGNucker

      Deja Vu and FS Skate and snow both sell 'em. Right beside each other.

    • Patches

      Been selling them there for at least 6 months or so, it's been that long since I was in the mall and I saw them there then.

    • MikeOverHere

      If an entity purposely creates a shortage by limiting supply, then it deserves to have its product idea stolen. That's what happened here. It got so bad, we had to pay a premium on eBay for those smart enough to buy as many T-shirts as they could if they were lucky enough to get through.

      • Ricky Gallardo

        You say "smart", I say "greedy". The whole point of this is to not be fucking evil to each other. Don't pay a premium on e-bay, be patient and wait for them to come on sale again. KCCO

        • Jesus

          And theChive isn't greedy by manipulating supply in order to keep people on the site? We all know they make most of their money from ads. And the point is, we all have the motherfucking time to waste doing that. Great. Let's just continue to perpetuate the image that Chivers are a bunch of lonely losers with too much time on their hands. If they didn't purposely create scarcity in order to reward the fanboy-freak Chivers, I would definitely get a shirt. I'm not so sure I want one anymore, if that's what it shows.

  • ric


  • Yo Yo Ma

    #6 I can't believe it's not Blue Ivy!

    • Chivalrous

      Cocoa butter?

  • dan

    #38 damn

    • calenand

      Man, People are always trying to ruin a good thing by doing this Faulty Advertising. Burn the store down…..

      • wantomas

        saw the same thing at a kiosk in valley fair mall – santa clara, ca. we should heavily invest in itching powder and get to work….

        All is pointless though if you didn't trademark…

        • sean

          not necessarily… you can achieve trademark rights without officially registering, just need to demonstrate the consuming public associates the Mark with your services/goods. Chive needs to seek an IP lawyer

          • Jackson

            The main KCCO t-shirt is actually a sign from 1939 during WW2. The message was "Keep Calm and Carry On". The chive is just as guilty of infringement although all their other shirts are unique.

            • VTChivette

              Disclaimer: I'm not an IP expert but the basic idea is that parody is different from infringement. If theChive was saying "Keep Calm and Carry On" is something that we invented – the phrase and the aesthetic, that would be infringement. Technically what they're doing is parody, which they can prove as fair use. See: Weird Al. He has been able to continue making his music, but the sampling cases in the 80's and 90's were considered infringement because they used the actual pre-recorded song.

              • JohnMcClane_

                Parody is completely different from infringement. Additionally, the original "Keep Calm and Carry On" was, I believe, a government created advertisement so they likely did not trademark it. Also, trademarks and copyrights have expiration dates and if they are not renewed they become "public domain" (which again, I don't see the post WWII British government doing). In the case of the original logo that begot the Chive logo, it's very likely there is no legal wrong…in the case of these knockoffs, sean is right, you just need brand ID to make a pretty good infringement case.

            • Paul

              It is not infringement because KCCO is in the public domain now. It has nothing to do with fair use or parody.

              The chive and bill Murray shirt, however are definitely infringing on the chives copyright.

            • LOL

              Except that the phrase is now public domain and has been since 1989.

        • US and A

          KCCO Silicon Valley! didn't think there were chivers here.

      • ChronicUser

        Or call them and tell them their shirts suck!

        Bang On: Edmonton Mall (780) 430-1682
        Queue Clothing: Edmonton Mall (780) 433-0046

        • jab

          I think there is at least one more in West Ed. I talked to them and they said that they mass order the shirts and then sell them. Seems even more illegal…

          • Scottyos

            I saw three in there the last time I was in. I'm definitely going to go get pictures of the stores and contact info when i get back from work

        • RIAA

          A website that generates revenue posting collections of probably copyrighted images is hurt by someone generating revenue from t-shirt sales of a non copyrighted slogan?

    • natron

      fuckers wanting in our club are doing it wrong

    • JohnMcClane_

      Doesn't this constitute an act of war?? Are we allowed to send in the SEALS?

      (Side note to our Northern friends…I'm advocating war on the store, not on the lovely nation of Canada as a whole ๐Ÿ™‚ )

      • Kristen


        • Marc Herzog

          Are you calling the nation of Canada a hole???

        • shopter

          Ehm. no.

        • john

          hole – really????

        • Brandon

          lol'ed at hole*

        • Dawei

          Actually it is whole….Nice grammar fail ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Mmmmmbacon

        I'd say…some of the Canadian chivettes, after all…

    • darkSurge

      At least any fuckers that actually buy those will have to deal with an itchy tag. Take that!!

      • Jeff

        They are gildan t shirts. I print my company shirts on them, they are very nice. But only 11 bucks, not the 40 they are selling them for.

        • Yo Mamma

          Gildan is the company in China that makes the actual shirts. They do not print on them. The store has their distributor print on them. And yes, they are your standard shirt and they are cheap. The Chive does not use Gildan shirts. Plus, The Chivery sells them for $24, not $40. How do you not know this?

          • Jeff

            I'm in Edmonton, and have seen the shirts a few times. The Gildan tag is easy to notice. They are made in Nicaragua actually.
            I never said Gildan prints them. I did say I have my company shirts printed on Gildan shirts though, and they are actually very nice shirts. I'd bet that I know the printer they use too.

            All 3 of my Chive shirts are legit from The Chive.

            • Jeff

              When I say they are nice shirts, I mean Gildan, not the knock off chive ones.
              The knock off chives ones these stores first printed used a different crown. Not sure if they changed it or not as the picture is crappy.

              • mittens

                I wish the Chivery shirts were the same sizes as their equivalent Gildan sizes. I've had a bunch of those, and they are better than a lot of brands.

            • Chris

              This shirts are horrible quality, they feel like paper bags

    • Make more shirts

      Honestly, people wouldn't have to resort to buying shirts elsewhere if you actually kept some in stock….

      • gnocco


      • Davis

        but you lose the mystique when they are readily available

        • okss

          True, the ellusive KCCO wouldn't be so ellusive if everyone had one. I've been trying to get my hands on one for months, and when I finally do, the wait will be worth it.

          • KCCO

            Exactly, it is nice to hear from someone without a shirt but knows the journey to getting one is half of the fun.

            Let them mass produce the fake ones. I know the true chivers can spot a fake from a mile away, and thus make them a Chive poser, not a true Chiver.

            A true Chiver, like okss here, knows that there is no subsitute for a KCCO.

            Keep the demand high and the supply low. This way we can have the chase forever!

            You will get your shirt eventually, you just need to Chive more!

            • shirtnonsense

              i dont need a fuckin shirt to let ppl know im a chiver….my ACTS speak louder than words….if i see someone with a "fake" i tell them to KCCO who gives a fuck where they got the shirt?? good for you for getting a "real" one

            • mellow

              I tried once and got one…no journey, no mystique, quite boring to tell you the truth.

              • shirtnonsense

                that was damn funny, my friend, and prob the ^truth

            • Patches

              "The journey to getting one", "the wait will be worth it", "we can have the chase forever"… you realize that it is a tshirt right? A tshirt mass produced by a website that shows funny photos and tits and ass? Basically an advertisement that you pay them for?

              Some of you REALLY need to get a life – if getting a corporate logo tshirt off a website is a rewarding journey for you, you need to re-evaluate things in a big way.

              It's one thing to enjoy the website and want to show everyone else that you enjoy it, people wear band or concert shirts all the time… but when you start talking about getting one like it's some sort of mystical journey to enlightenment, that's another thing entirely.

              • aty26

                what a choad

              • Mike

                Couldn't have said it better myself Patches! Clicking "add to cart" and typing your credit card number on a keyboard before anyone else isn't a journey- it's called online shopping.

        • Sammy B.

          So true!! that's what's so great about the real Chive shirts- you have to really work at getting one.

          • Craig

            Last launch i was on all day and missed out within 3 seconds.

      • Charlie

        Reminds me of Cartman's "You can't come" strategy when he opened his theme park.

      • Havaard

        No excuses. I have three (BFM, KCCO and KCCO Black). Less QQ and put forth minuscule amounts of effort and I'm sure you'll get one. Its not the Chive's fault you fail.

        • ravingmadreader

          I end up never being at home when the shirts are available, because I have a job where my schedule varies. I wish they were a little more readily available.

          • Havaard

            I'm right there with ya, I work 2-12 (they go on sale at 3 here) and have no internet access. I have to blow a break an hour into my shift. Worth it.

          • lfg

            Go to the bathroom and use your phone around the time of the launch and if anyone asks say that you had to take a dump. That's what I did when I got my KKCO shirt and it was from the first batch.

    • zimzum

      Amazon sells them aswell

      • jackson

        for cheaper too. and they have the same chivery piture in the back. seems suspicious if chives not selling en mass them to amazon

    • Canadian_Guy

      I don't want to live on this planet anymore. Got my red KCCO in the other day and now knockoffs are everywhere. Sad day for humanity. I give full permission for any US military to bomb that store.

    • rockstar_323

      This is nothing compared to the people who buy the Chivery out and then sell them on eBay with a ridiculous markup. Boredom set in one day at work and went through a single user's history and found that he made over $49,000 selling $20,000 worth of Chive shirts. Think what the chive charities could have done with the $29,000.

      • Alex

        Chivers should simply not buy from Amazon or Ebay.

      • Dustin

        Chive needs to do a special version of "Find Her" and "Find Them"

      • Ryan

        "Chive Charities"? Who do I have to give a weeping reach-around to in order to run this Chive department?

    • Chris

      I live in Grande Prairie, Ab. There is a store selling cheap knock-offs in Northern Alberta too.

    • Chiver

      One of the stores in West Ed that sells them is Farside Skate Shop, I believe the name of the other shop is Deja Vu. They are right beside eachother.

    • Maxpower

      The mall is notorious for having all kinds of fake knock off stuff in it. I was just there and saw a bunch of fake sunglasses and sports jerseys.

    • spencer

      they tried telling me they were authentic chive shirts when i went in there, i just laughed in their stupid faces

    • A. Roughneck

      I hate to sound like a realist but I must. theCHIVE created the demand for their products that they refuse to meet. They print limited quantities of the product and it keeps demand up. Then there becomes a black market for people to buy out the chivery or to print fakes like the ones in the picture. Unless you have the design copyrighted and have a good lawyer, good luck stopping it. How about limiting people to buying one shirt from the chivery at s time, or heaven forbid, trying to meet the demand instead of trying to drive demand up. Hate to say it, but you brought it upon yourselves.

      • cookzone

        I disagree. Who is to say that they, the ripoff bastards, aren't buying up all the shirts and selling them on Ebay and Amazon? But that is beside the point. My point is that these shirt designs are the Chives and they are the ones who started the trend. Plus the money that they get from the loyal Chivers go to making more shirts for the Chivers. They don't see penny, hell, a copper shaving of royalities from these assholes. The people at the Chive started it with their own money. Now other people are stealing the shirts off their backs, literally. Stay Loyal, Keep Calm and Chive On!

        • Tits McGee

          I seriously doubt that they are hurting for cash at Chive HQ. You are correct about the money they get from selling the shirts, so why not sell MORE FUCKING SHIRTS? Read the comment above about the guy on eBay making thousands of dollars by buying extras and re-selling them. If TheChive would simply print more shirts to meet demand, they would gut the black market AND make a ton of money that can go back into running the site or making more shirts.

    • elaskowski

      Bought a fake because I love the site but you have been out of these shirts for at least 2 months. If you had your shit together (like the fake shops do) my buddies and I would have happily bought them from you. You still have a chance, print up some black tank top KCCO shirts and we'll buy them from you for our girlfriends… you have 2 months chive, get a new intern and put him/her in charge of this don't let us down! Sounds like if you printed some legit men's KCCO shirts you could make some serious bank on that too. By the way thanks for the great stuff, tons of laughs every day!

      • Tylo

        I second this motion.. I bought a "fake" cause I wanted to sport the message it implies. I don't give two shits who gets my twenty something bucks… Thanks for hookin it up Amazon.

    • mullex

      I have the sudden urge to go to that mall (I wanted to go there already for the amusement park.)

    • CHIVE305

      I am a purchasing manager for my own company, with over 2000 items. Who ever does this job at CHIVE should have been fired years ago. Im all for the marketing strategy "make it scarce, and they will thirst for it". If you choose this route, you have to be ready/accepting of the PIRACY, it is created by the strategy. Your competitors will wise up within minutes. Many of the copies are more expensive. Chive has created an EBAY market where people buy up CHIVE originals to profit off the scarcity, "a scalper crowd" for shirts!! Those looking to profit leave nothing to the Chivers. Only 2 parties loose with this strategy, THe CHIVE, and THE CHIVERS. 2 parties benefit: Scalpers, and Piracy. Chive cant afford a warehouse to stock the shirts for the next six months?? Its ridiculous. What is the point of marketing what is not in stock? Who ever runs the purchasing department should be given a pink shirt along with a pink slip.

      • Ricky Gallardo

        Nice. Just one question, how do you knock out a post that long, with one blatantly incorrect usage of a word? Your post editor should be fired.


      To all you assholes out there trying to shit on theChive for not having a constant stock of shirts. They have said multiple times about why they don't flood the market with them. It's because having one is like being in a family or an elite group. If you were on the ball when they come out, you could have one but you don't so go suck an egg.

    • Francis

      Well seeing that Chive rip-off Banksy and most website's photos on a daily basis, those in glass houses probably shouldn't throw stones…

      • RIAA


    • Mitch

      that's why you can't trust Canadians

  • RealZoo

    #6 Somebody got their "chocolate" in my butter!!!

  • Scott Wisner


  • RatedR401

    #3 What happens if he pulls a Prince or P Diddy and changes his name?

    • Aaron

      I think that Drake changing his name is the absolute least of her problems…

    • @nickinwarcal

      The she will have a tattoo of an english sea captain.

    • luke

      maybe she is a big fan of ducks…

    • getaclue

      its a fucking guy

  • Jangles

    #3 wow what a moron! What part of her said "This is a great idea"

    • Rodion Butyrski

      The same part that thought shaving her eyebrows was a good idea.

    • george

      The forehead?

    • David Fletcher

      the same part that made "him" switch to a "her" hahaha

  • leighk93

    #35 didnt see "wat was wrong'' for ages ha

    • TheMan!

      Looks like she remembered to cup the balls

      • Wisti

        Is her left hand what's wrong with it? All I could figure out was that she has what I think is an odd scar on her stomach :/

        • Shirley

          She has a drinking problem

    • NCChiver

      There's absolutely nothing wrong with this photo!

    • Brian

      If that's wrong, I don't wanna be right.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Reminds me of the 'drinking problem' from the movie Airplane

  • ety

    "There are no comments posted yet. Be the first one!"
    so close

  • Stick

    Surprised they have the balls to do this in a proper store, and not something like a shitty boardwalk stall

    • RonnyDump

      It is stealing, if you steal what someone else stole?

      If no,
      1. Steal shirts.
      2. Burn shirts.

      • RonnyDump

        Words in wrong order (Is it)

    • pope

      And how much does the chive give to Bill Murray or banksy for every t shirt sale? fuck all that's how much, I'd make fake chive shirts myself if I could be arsed, their entire site is just other peoples photos and videos they have no right to complain.

      • Vince-Kristin Aleman

        Yes and they haven't helped people… oh wait yes they have. They have a community of people around the world that relate and discuss photos and videos that they repost or post (not all of their photos are taken from other places hence the KCCO). If you feel that way then why do you come here?

        • KCFU

          Are u a politician? pope didnt say shit about not helping people. you are making things up to sound correct in an argument. fuck you!

          • Ricky Gallardo

            theCHIVE would have been sued a long time ago if there was any wrong-doing in their use of Bill Murray's image on a t-shirt.

        • Jesus

          I like the photo galleries. BUT, I am not a fan of how business is conducted here. By artificially limiting supply, theChive has turned the green KCCO shirt into some kind of status symbol. The possibility of getting said shirt is a reinforcer for people to spend more time on theChive. I'm willing to bet most of their money isn't made on merch, but on ads. So it basically is further encouragement for Chivers to be internet zombies. It isn't much different from MMORPGs rewarding players who spend the most amount of time playing.

          • CHIVESUX

            Your exactly right…brilliant marketing although it's wrong

      • NIXem

        right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • powerful pete


        • keep calm and F U

          wut are u a politician? pope didnt say shit about not helping people. fuck you!

  • Mark

    #38 sue those fuckers! #AMERICA !

    • Verbal_Kint

      Ever heard of copyright laws? They extend beyond borders. No different than selling fake bags and watches in chinatown. It's wrong.

      • powerful pete

        You're right Banksy and Bill Murray should sue the Chive!!

        • Verbal_Kint

          Pretty sure graffiti isn't copyrighted… Call it street art if you like, but that's essentially what it is. Nice graffiti. And if BFM was a dick, which he's obviously not, he probabaly would have sent a cease and desist by now, OR they actually have permission.

    • NIXem

      chive sells fake BANKSY knock off shirsts like its ok

      • Jeff

        Banksy gives permission on his site, just says you can't call it official.

        • Francois

          I laugh at your narrow interpretation of Banksy's words! He clearly says 'for personal use'.

        • HLK

          Not to mention that shirt is just the British WW2 poster with one word changed anyway…

    • Doom

      I'm Canadian…please sue these fuckers! Bunch a scumbags.

      • jr.

        Yup, I'm Canadian and I agree with a nice juicy lawsuit!

    • Matt Boyer

      Hey mark I believe you ment # 'merica even I as a Canadian know the proper chive terminology. As for the store .. if you want me to I'll drive the 3 hours up there and toss bleach on all of the knock offs =) Who is with me?

      • Anaphylaxis

        I live in the damn town…I'd be up for that. This is a crying shame.

    • Manuel

      I fell for it bought two didn't know untill I got back to the hotel room forty five bucks a piece got ripped off bad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • A Guy

        You bought a fucking t-shirt for $45? Either you're rich, or a dumb ass.

        • Willy T McRibb

          "canadian" what did you expect?

  • Jangles

    #35 can do nothing wrong. Candice Swanepoel is crazy hot!

  • rick

    #38 just another thing that edmonton managed to screw up.

    • Andrew Lejeune

      As an Edmontonian, I say….thumbs up to that…..

    • Master_Rahl


    • Hobbson

      Why don't we get the autistic delivery dude you posted a video about to deliver a bag of burning dog poo? He's in Edmonton. Edmonton gets a lot of attention here, it seems.

      It should also be noted that Queue's store off Whyte Ave has those knock-offs in their store-front window, last I saw.

      • Anaphylaxis

        All owned by the same people, I am pretty sure. Queue and Sophia's, FS Skate and Snow, Deja Vu and Method (no longer).

    • Vent187

      That and their hockey team..

    • Nothern Guy

      Shaddap you…. you…. sadly correct person you….

  • North


    Dirty fuckers! Hope they hear from your lawyers

    • NIXem

      after the chive hears from Banksy and Bill Murray's lawyers , only fair , right?

      • Jeff

        Banksy gives permission on his site, as long as you don't call it official.

        Bill Murray would have sent a C&D letter if he cared.

    • alx

      u mad brah?

  • PrimerGray

    #11, I disagree. That looks pretty badass.

    And update us with what happens on #38

    • NIXem

      if the chive sues,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Banksy should sue the chive for stealing his images and making knock off shirts for profit!

      • Jack Spectre

        Banksy isn't a commercial entity. Plus if he sued, we'd all know who he was during the discovery phase of the trial. Then he'd have to prove he drew the grafitti. Then he'd face criminal vandalism charges.

        • NIXem

          look them up they handle all his matters for him,

    • Biggus Diccus

      I'd be too tempted to say fuck it and piss in the pool instead of going to the bathroom.

    • Pretty Smile

      Fuck that, you wanna smell pool water when you go to bed and wake up. Nice TV.

  • Shiguy

    #31 So damn gross….why do people do this with their ears? #21….ummmmmm ok

  • jdubs21

    #38 They sell them at Bang On! in Edmonton, and Queue Clothing. I'd be more than happy to deliver said flaming bag of shit for you. Fakes are horrible, the green is a darker green and BFM looks pixelated.

    Plus Chivers support the real Chive, not a store that's trying to rip of all that is good.

    • Shiguy

      Shit bombs to Bang On!

      • jimbozo

        I say make a shirt that says Shit Bombs on Bang On and send them to all chivers in the Edmonton area and have them wear it all on a coordinated date.

        • Max

          I support who lets me support them. Let me buy a shirt and I will. Don't dangle it in front of me and then say I'm too late. I'm not surprised someone is doing this, I was about to also!

    • @sean_armstrong

      It's almost as bad as the jackasses on eBay selling their official chive wear for 300%..

    • @BuckeyeEmpire

      Bang On! Twitter account right here

    • NIXem

      kinda like the chive selling knock off Banksy t-shirts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      see what he has to say about selling knock offs of his work

      CHIVE is WRONG!

      • Jeff

        Do you know for sure that chive doesn't have an agreement with Banksy?

        • NIXem

          go to his site , and you tell me

          it's says his role on this quite clear
          " anyone using my images for profit, is just very wrong"

          • Jack Spectre

            Banksy has no legal remedy, and someone who defaces private property has no cause to tell anyone what is right or wrong.

            • NIXem

              neither do you

          • Jeff

            Now come on, a quote from his site.

            "You're welcome to download whatever you wish from this site for personal use. However, making your own art or merchandise and passing it off as ‘official’ or authentic Banksy artwork is bad and very wrong."

            And his art is public domain being that it is in public and he does not own what it is on. So he has no legal grounds to stand on.
            If he were to get permission and then proceed to copyright the work, then that would be different as even though it is in public it wouldn't be public domain.

    • AssClown

      "Please do not support these assclowns."

      <img src=""&gt;

    • Mark Faynor

      Bag of Flaming dog shit asap


      Apparetly they're selling them in the Midtown Mall in Saskatoon too.


        They're selling them at F2 Jock in the Midtown Mall, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

    • EDM guy

      I've seen them at Bang on but the picture is from Deja vu. The family that owns that store also owns FS, Soular, Que and sofias. That was the first place I had seen them. They are being distributed through all their stores. They are known for selling knock offs

    • EDM guy

      BTW Deja vu is in West edmonton Mall across from the seals and the ship. Since that where the pic was taken you'll reconize the store front when you see it

    • Gord

      Also Deja Vu, has them too, And I have instructed all my friends that TheChive doesn't sell there awesomeness in crap stores.

    • tyler

      Deja Vu has had management issues since day 1 they are awful. They are very unethical. Bunch of losers really

    • Trinitiger

      I was just there in Edmonton from Calgary, and saw the store. Its on the lower level – Store is called Bang on. Its right across from the Deep Sea Adventures in West Ed. Mall. I'd be Happy to drive there again on the Weekend to support the CHIVE!

  • Jeremy

    Those asshats

  • Brent M. Williams

    #19's alice in chains shirt…. double whammy.

    • Master_Rahl

      that was the first thing I noticed.

    • GatOne

      Alice In Chains fucking rules…

    • David Carley

      I posted that photo like a month ago didn't think it would make it, but its good to see that ppl still like real music man. Alice in chains will always be tha shit. I love that shirt.

      • Shirley


      • Hanx

        And what's strange in this picture? If people want to drink horse urine, that's their business.

    • Pete dibiase

      IWhat a great band. I miss the seattle rock scene

  • Red

    #35 Who cares, she's hot.

  • cive

    As an Edmontonian, I apologize sincerely for #38

    • Jason Caicco

      I wouldn't stop there!! KCCO from Calgary!!

    • Livin' Legend

      As an American…

      Fuck Canada!

      Kidding. It was just too easy and someone was bound to say it. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Jason Caicco


        Fuck Canada, with all our fresh water, lumber, oil, cattle and all the other natural resources that Merican's consume 85% of what we export worldwide.

        That's a great idea, fuck Canada and then maybe our government will look to other countries to sell our resources to for an actual fair price.

        • Jeff

          KCCO dude. take a joke, or get off the site!

        • Boner

          Fuck Canada and their smugness.

          • BKEEPR

            Yes, Canadians are known for being a Smug and Rude people all over the world. Finally, these polite, humble American's are catching on and calling them out on these issues.

            • Big Ro

              HA! I see what you have done there!!!

        • vagabond

          we should get it for free for protecting your sissy asses, it if wasn't for us you would have to get a military!

          • Jeff

            We don't instigate conflicts with the rest of the planet. We don't need to be protected.

          • powerful pete

            If it wasn't for your country being tyrants and your leaders being terrorists, you wouldn't need such a military either.

          • Jason Caicco

            yah, because refining said product and selling it to the rest of the world (that is of course, what you don't consume yourself) has no financial benefits at all and I am sure none of this revenue goes towards your military efforts!

            With that said and those monies aside, what are you going to give to China for free for bank rolling your Military?

          • robvc

            There are ignorant people, then there are jacka$$es like "vagabond" that just give American's a bad name. I personally have more American friends than Canadian ones (long story) and I have to say for the most part, every one of them are awesome guys\girls. "vagabond", you are completely beyond what I would refer to as ignorant, I think the English language lacks a proper definition for the "douche-baggery" that you exemplify.

          • Proud Canadian

            Clearly you don't know history very well. It is Canada that has had to go save your sissy asses. We are smart enough to not start wars but get dragged in with our allies, in turn protecting them. Majority of wars that the US has fought in were won only because of allies that saved your ass.

            • zaffa

              I don't give a rats ass about this argument, but you clearly know nothing about history

          • Jesus

            Also, if it wasn't you, it'd be China. Harper is already looking at moving greater %s of our trade elsewhere (especially China and Europe). It's definitely dirty politics, but there's no sense being the rats going down with the sinking ship that is the US economy.

          • Rajin Erection

            First of all we protect ourselves with our amazing military and the best special forces unit in the world…and second we are unconditionally supported by the entire might of the commonwealth so i guess what im trying to say is GET FUCKED GUY

        • FrankieFlowerz

          It's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard!

          From fellow Canadian! KCCO

          • REVOLVER_KAZ

            LOL that's an awesome line

    • Will

      Good for that store. As a lazy bunch of turds you could simply make your shirts available all the time in stead of releasing 10 at a time. If you know that store let me know so I can buy a shirt and support them.

      • Fred Flint

        All i have to say is the war of 1812 and the Avro Arrow to my friends south of the border. last time i checked we burnt down your White house too…… Just Saying

        • FacePalm

          You dumb fuck. It was the British Empire. You didn't even exist until the Dominion of Canada was formed on July 1, 1867. Then you weren't even independent from the British Empire until 1982. How the fuck do I know more about your country's history than you do?

          • blabla

            INTERNET FIGHT!!!

          • fred flint

            you can play it any way you want man i forgot you guys are sore losers…..

            • REVOLVER_KAZ

              Ooo that was a dirty burn!

          • Rajin erection

            It was us who did it we just were not called Canada yet….you think we magically appeared out of the sky when the British North America Act was signed…

        • Man of NH

          Come at me bro…

      • Donkey D 007

        It does suck that the chive only sell the shirts 2 to 3 times a fucking year and when they do they are sold out in 5 fucking seconds. I have not bought a shirt at these othere stores only from the chive but I can see why these store are selling them. So come on chive have more shirts and cool shit(stickers, wallets,etc) available.

        • REVOLVER_KAZ

          I was able to buy a sweet ass Chive shirt, I'm on a facebook group of Canadian Chivers that all seem to have no problem at all getting shirts and other stuff. Maybe you all should take your butthurt problems else where.

    • Scottyos

      As an Edmontonian, can I apologize for Edmonton? I was told the trick to living in edmonton is no matter where you go for whatever reason you are going it's always nicer on the other side. I work in the patch and I've come to conclude even with the holes we end up in still nicer than edmonton.

  • joebob

    #38 It's probably cheaper there than here ๐Ÿ™‚

    • JEEE

      doubt it, the shirts here are very reasonably priced.

      • Carleton Gruger

        Nope been to the store and they priced them at $35.97 and that when i never came back to West Edmonton Mall Again

        • REVOLVER_KAZ

          Is english your second language? Because that made zero sense to me.

    • Nick Clark

      Real Chivers pay for quality

    • Aaron Voorhees

      I'm sure a lot cheaper quality too. Authentic Chive shirts are some of the Nicest T-Shirts around.

      • blabla

        yea dude, their shirts are SUPER cool.

      • evan williams

        wearing an authentic chive shirt is one of the greatest feelings in the world kittens arent this soft i wish the chive made chive on boxer briefs or boxers….thats a badass idea chivo on underwear for men made out of same material as chive shirts!!!!

    • Shiftycap1

      NOTHING compares to how comfortable my black kcco is, seriously.


        I hear that!

    • evan williams

      dont be such a cheap bastard…

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