Doin It Wrong (38 Photos)

  • Adam

    #38 I was at WEM about a week ago and saw the shirts, I asked an employee about it he said that they bought the rights for the shirts and they are the only ones besides the actual site. Those ass ninjas are selling them for $36 a piece.

  • gordberg

    Here's the Edmonton store's Facebook page. Let 'em have it…

    • EdmontonChiver

      whron store buddy. I was just there, and was there last week. Didnt see anything

  • slugo

    #38… Edmonton… Keeping it more Buffalo than Flint!

  • EdmontonChiver

    these are all the stores I have seen them at in Edmonton, all of the stores are owned by the same Guy. I bet he has made quite a few bucke off of your logo. Id get a lawyer and get some of that money back.

    store#1 #1353 – West Edmonton Mall
    store#2 8882 – 170 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5T 4M2

    #1359 West Edmonton Mall

    FS Girls
    1345 west Edmonton mall

    8216 – 104st Whyte Ave, Edmonton, AB

    • EdmontonChiver

      sorry, forgot to add déjà vu, it is also owned by the same guy. all the stores are in a row behind the seal exibit, and they are all at the front of each store

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Well maybe if you met the large amount of demand instead of only selling like 5 every month

  • Cory Demko

    I have a hard time wearing my real Chive shirt around Edmonton when there are so many knock offs floating around. It is bull shit!!!

  • Jaybee

    I think its great you are able to get the shirt somewhere……God knows The Chive is forever sold out…..#poorbusinesspractice

  • TheRampantGoat

    #33 taken at Republican National Convention.

  • Megs

    For #38 the store is called déjà vu

  • csquared

    # 38 – It's called soular at west edmonton mall …. I think they are all owned by the same ppl who can't keep employees … Hope that helps!

  • bdg

    #15 Had sex doesn't matter!!!
    #17 Nice tits!!!

  • Shiftycap1

    #11 ……….what a shitty TV for such a dope bedroom.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #38 Hey Chive, how about you keep up with supply and demand and print more than 20 shirts so they sell out in 5 minutes. Trying to be exclusive? This is what happens. Haven't you checked eBay? They're all over the place!
    There's always some "ass clown" that buys up scores of Chive shirts and sells them at a huge profit. I'd like to buy one someday and pay regular price.

  • Legit

    Was there this past weekend and was disgusted. I would have turned the store upside down but thanks to being a true chiver (I owe legit KCCO x 2, black chive shirt, BFM) I was able to keep calm…barely…

  • Charming Chet

    #38 When you pirate music, you hurt the artist…

  • Bobless

    #38 I was in this store in July. I asked how they got those shirts. The employee said "we have bought the rights to sell these shirts here".
    I was pretty surprised to hear that. Those shirts are in two or three stores, all in a row.
    You should have your lawyer get in touch with them. They are clearly lying to the public and making money off your backs.

  • Rui

    #39 at least there are shirts in stock to buy… we can't say the same in here…



    You probably should check eBay too and send all those fuckers bags of shit…

  • Sauly

    #38 How about you make more than 4 shirts to sell to chivers, then maybe we wouldn't have to go to guys like these? You guys are forever out of stock, so people will buy from stores like this.

  • grumpy

    #38 – Sorry, but I lose a lot of sympathy when you cry about people selling knock-offs, considering that once every three weeks you sell shirts for five minutes to a dozen people–on purpose.

  • Shirtless

    #38. Chive, you think maybe these guys wouldn't sell knockoffs if you had more than 10 seconds worth of inventory available at a time? Just sayin

  • Mike

    #11 All i see is Snorlax

  • Grumpy

    Maybe if you ran your shirt sales like a legitimate business rather than a let's get to the weekend so we can get drunk bunch of frat boys, then maybe you would not have so many people complaining about your shirt sales. Seriously, how many times do you need to sell out in 1 minute before you sober up enough to say we need to change how many shirts we have for sale?

  • K.T.

    The store is called Dejavu. Here is their website with store front picture, phone number and address in the W.E.M.
    though i doubt the manager has a clue about any of the stuff on the rack. call them at 780.444.3001, my bet is that they will give you their supplier's info. If not, let the chivers call the West Edmonton Mall management to compain about the stores bad business practices and they will clean it up in order to save the mall's reputation. you can contact them: Gen. Manager:7804448105, PR/Admin/marketing:7804445200
    -Canadian Chiver

  • peter

    muahahah #24 is a truck company near my hometown in Germany

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