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  • Jamean

    # 38
    if my buddy in Mauritania (west African 3rd world country) can get his hands on some chive shirts with that quality of internet on some roof top in the middle of the desert, three different purchases by the way, why do we got ppl bitchin about how they cant get they're hands on any shirt. the shirt isn't just about having one but the story of how u got it. You guys think u guys had it bad!

  • Brad

    #38 is farside in west Edmonton mall

  • DB3


  • Tig

    I have to agree with most people here, Every time i check the website your sold out, why wouldn't i go to Deja Vu and buy an exact looking shirt. Smart business practices would dictate taking advantage of the incredible demand for your product. Not only do more shirts sold mean more income but not to mention free advertising to those not in the know about The Chive. Could someone explain to me how thats not a win/win?

  • What_Tha
  • K-Nuke

    #38 If you want exclusive rights to these shirts, copyright them! It’s a smart business practice to sell anything that sells well. I don’t blame a business for copying and selling wares that people want but that suppliers (that’s you, theChive) can’t or won’t supply more of. Not everyone lives on a computer and can race to theChivery when you summon them. Frankly, I would support a business that makes its products available instead of one that makes me beg on hands and knees (only releasing very limited amounts infrequently) before allowing me the “privilege” of purchasing a product that can likely be obtained cheaper elsewhere.

    Apple and Nintendo did it with tech that people couldn’t/were not allowed to copy; you are doing it with t-shirts that are very easy to duplicate. Think about it; didn’t you do the same thing by ripping off the iconic “KEEP CLAM AND CARRY ON?”

    theChive, shouldn’t you practice what you preach and KCCarryO?

  • Tdawg stoon

    #38-Seriously though, the RCMP has a division that once in awhile makes a splashy arrest to places that sell knock off merchandise and confiscate it…….Maybe they should get an annonymous email…or 100.


      What up fellow S'tooner?

  • Scottyos

    #38 and here i was wondering why there was a sudden influx of chive shirts in edmoton.

  • Alex

    #38. shit, it would be easier to drive to edmonton to get a shirt than trying to order one from this website

  • Bon Bibee

    #38… If Chive didn't want people buying shirts elsewhere, they would keep them in stock. The only reason someone wouldn't buy one here instead is because they are constantly "unavailable."

  • Anonymous

    Have a good feeling its Deja Vu selling Chive shirts.

  • Andrew

    FS Skate and Snow in Edmonton…… burn em'

  • Shoe

    @ # 38…
    That does suck, but how about actually stocking the shirts sometimes…
    How about getting a real supplier and not having them in stock for less than one hour every few months…

  • Anonymous

    1850 West Edmonton Mall I believe

  • Leanne

    I would really like for you guys to stock some KCCO shirts so I could get one for my amazing husband for being so wonderful! Thanks…in advance!

  • EBT

    The store that is selling the shirts is called Deja Vu

  • WTF


    Alright now people, what the hell possesses any of you to think that there's gonna be a lawsuit??? It's a publicly used phrase. Has been for years now. I used to work there, wasn't sad to leave either. But to all of you who are bashing the store because of it, grow a pair for Christ sake. One of your all time favorite stores rips you off in some way shape or form. Remember that. As for a properly run business as mentioned earlier……this store along with the other three stores, are not properly run business's. Go work for them, you'll know.

    That's why queue clothing is closing its doors. 😀

  • Lisa

    #38 I walked past this store, and laughed thinking, why would anyone want a knock-off?
    Sorry guys, not all of us up here are a-holes 😦

  • Turd Ferguson

    So, it's not ok for other stores to sell your shirts, but it is ok for your site to post pictures from other websites?
    They're doing the same thing you guys do. Hypocrites!

    • Sean Connery

      this coming from the guy who is probably wearing the knock off shit green T-shirt from this store. All these stores suck ass. Chive on.

  • Carlos Javier Rodriguez

    #38 is sold at FS Skate and Deja Vu

  • Johnny Walker

    An original KCCO shirt always has a good story behind it!!!

  • HoneBone

    #38 maybe the assclowns at the chive should try to make more shirts. It's what you idoits get for trying to make free advertising limited and hard to get.

  • ᵀᴴᴱ Eric Malette

    Eff, considering I have never seen a Chive shirt in stock, I'd have no problem with a 'knock-off.' It's a t-shirt for eff sake.

  • Alex

    The chive shirts are something to be treasured. Think of them like diamonds. If everyone had real diamonds, they wouldn’t be special. The feeling you get when you land a chive shirt off the chivery is worth the battle. I’m sure the guys at the Chive would agree. KCCO from Texas.

  • ME!!!!!

    I would rather wait till i get a real one than get a knock off

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