Doin It Wrong (38 Photos)

  • Aaron

    #38 There were around 3 stores or so right beside each other selling them. I was stoked and wanted to buy a couple but they had a whopping $35 price tag. The label on the inside-back of the shirt didn't say "The Chivery" but another brand. Brutal!

  • Anonymous

    Tag is a dead give away. If you support those stores you are not a true chiver!

  • We want shirts

    #38 make your shirts available to buy then. Why have a limited amount? That is fucking stupid and causes stores like this to rip you off.

  • Megatron

    Seriously, for #38. We went to west Ed right before the metallica concert. There were 3 stores that were selling this crap. Seriously, we looked and were kinda pissed. You should sue them!! Not cool!!

  • Pissed

    And in stock

  • Average_Joe123

    Whats wrong with #35? Everything looks fiiiiine to me…

  • Mike

    Maybe if you guys would sell your shirts more often, people wouldn't support these other shitty stores, just saying

  • JHG

    #38 Never been to Edmonton but Ive never hated anyone so much ever!

  • Greg

    #38 is a ripoff they sell for double what they r here, soular sucks

  • Caitlyn

    Hey Chive,

    Super choked about the West Edmonton Mall pic… My bf just got himself a KCCO shirt and a BFM shirt for me… There are two additional locations in Edmonton that are selling them in store that aren't previously listed in the comments I have read… Queue and Sophia's on Whyte Ave and possibly in West Ed…. Completely disgusted and very disappointed that ours are nothing but knock offs. And by no means are the cheaper since we paid $40 each. Take them the fuck down 🙂

  • Calbernia

    I work in West Edmonton Mall, and I'm a true Chivette. I order my shirts from this amazing community and I am happy to support most every cause deemed Chiveworthy. When I saw these fake, made in China, crappy blended shirts, I was sadly disgusted. I asked them how they can get away with it and they responded that "the shirt printer owns the rights to these designs so he can sell them to whoever he wants." I was expecting my first KCCO and Berry shirts in the mail and was sad that this design was now so available where I live.
    The truth is in the quality! The price of the shirts is close to the same but the gaudy green and poor quality make them easy to spot. I had someone come in with a true BFM and I was thrilled to talk to him. I had another customer come in with the FAKE (leprechaun balls) GREEN and asked if he ordered from the website and he lied to my face.. not very Chive-like behavior.
    As with all amazing things in life, there is bound to be knock offs. It is a sign of great power when others try to emulate your actions. Hold your head high, you are leaders among men and women! 🙂

  • brainsock

    #38 but before you burn this store down, please get me a shirt because they are always f-ing sold out, i cant ever get one. L would be great, thx.

  • Mark19

    #38… At least the store has stock.

  • David Carley

    I posted that photo like a month ago, didn't think it would make it on the reel. Bad ass!. And Alice in chains is and always will be the sh!t.

  • Grimm

    #38 even has the shirts up on their website. Hmm, I think the Chive community may need to crash a website…

  • Juice

    #38 ! Well chive then dont be sold out! Nuff said its bull shit you guys cant get your shipping inventory up to date so yea i'd get one its the same shit anyway

  • Mike

    the website of the place in edmonton is

    I was there sunday and they had them for sale.

  • ewilliwa53

    #38 punkass canadian posers!!!
    and quit bein a cheap bastard….joebob aka fuck face ^

  • simon

    38 sounds like alot of haters hate. keep on sellin the shirts. keep calm and hustle on lol. stop crying

  • Van

    Deja Vu Clothing…. Please do send them a flaming bag of shit. They deserve it. I'd be more than happy to personally deliver.

  • absolutepaul

    in response to #38, i think its punishment enough that they live in edmonton…… 🙂

  • Robert Doris

    #24 I love the foot steps walking away.. LMFAO!

  • discojeff

    sell your own shirts then!!!!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 – Chiver or Chivette from BC?? Join the twitter group that's for you!!

  • Thomas Faulkner

    That store is FS skate and snow right in front of the sea otters in west ed.

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