Ladies, please don’t do this… (19 Photos)

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  • Zach

    What scares me the most is that there are actual human brings out there that think this is sexy! I for one, just finished gouging my eyes out with a rusty spoon.

  • BoB

    SO UGLY!!!

  • Jeremy

    #22 Some of these women had great potential, no they are just ugly as fuck… Do they really think it looks good?

  • lana

    If lips arent one of the things guys really notice, then why are there posts devoted specifically to lips(excluding this one). and also, if you go to the right place and get subtle lip implants, they can actually look natural and good.

  • Patrick Hollowell

    it's weird lookin because lips are made of muscle tissue and not fat so the same rules for breast implants wouldn't apply since boobs are mostly fat, and in most cases it's usually white (european, caucasian, what have you) chicks that do it and most of them don't have the face for the lips that they wanna have and it makes them look like poorly drawn cartoons

  • BigWilly11

    All of them are hideous, i probably wouldnt deny a blow job from any of them, just saying.

  • Buffalo_Rocks

    Best way to get a guy to notice your lips are to screw them up. You want the attention then it's going to be me going "Why? Why did you turn such a pretty face into something a donkey wouldn't kiss?"

  • jt1120

    #13 Are you sure this isn't a picture of Paul Stanley from KISS?

  • KrDizzy

    Some look like infected assholes…

  • Chesters Mule

    #13 – Courtney Love..You have let yourself go.

  • Hanna Fridhed

    Funny thing is, number 33 has been on theChives "Find Her" on numerous occassions, even as number one.

  • Tim

    #20 = not as bad as the rest

  • BLUE

    i just threw up in my mouth!

  • bk_reeves

    Good god!!! Some of these women don't even look like they can move their mouth. I can't imagine anyone wanting to try to kiss these faces….it's disgusting.

  • Kenton

    22 Caption: This unknown growth around the lips is causing the creature to mutate into a human.

    fake lips = auto duck face at all times.

    it's just one of those things that truly steps over the "natural looking" line. Boobs can be fake and look real. Boobs can be forgotten they are fake because they are awesome either way. But alien lips just makes me want to go find some chicks with Shredder and Krane in Dimension X in the Technodrome.

  • Anonymous

    Horrible, indeed ladies, please don’t do this

  • tarancara

    vagina face… terrifying.

  • Scott Hammond


    That is all

  • 32456

    moar duck

  • ohsnapson

    common thought here is, " I'm surrxxy ehvry one wurnts to fuhrk mer."

  • Crazy_Jake

    Why would a woman want it to look like a swollen butt hole?

  • Rachel A. Hanson

    If you have full lips naturally, awesome. But don't go changing yourself to fit some absolutely unattainable beauty ideal.

  • monder

    holy god!!!

  • Clay

    mmMMmmm i love me some nice DSLs

  • Michael Carroll

    Why do their lips look like a toilet plunger, I wouldn't know whether to kiss them or use 'em to unplug the toilet?

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