• .Krookz

    Thats awesome.
    In 'Merica they protest at their funerals

  • fraise

    Stand easy.
    Much love and respect to the fallen and their loved ones.

  • Dave

    That's about the most touching tribute I've seen in a while. We've all seen and admired the All Blacks Haka but to see it in a military setting was incredible. God bless the fallen soldiers. KCCO – RCMP – Canada

  • Kiwi living abroad

    This brought tears to my eyes! Damn I love my country! Big love NZ

  • https://www.facebook.com/chasingsparrows Kaitlyn Reese

    Holy Shit that gave me chills. It was beautiful, and amazing.

  • Ray B.

    Not for nothing, but I think it's intensely cool that an essentially modern European military establishment has so successfully blended the cultural norms of New Zealand's original inhabitants. The haka was a moving and striking visual display of two cultures brought together by shared loss and shared sacrifice. It was something that was at once unique and heart wrenching. It just seemed, right. Well done.

    US Navy Veteran

  • xzapato

    this made me cry. RIP my man.

  • Chris Mitchell

    Gents and ladies of NZ, as some one who has been with your forces in Bosnia I admire all that you do for such a small force. Unfortunately there are some people in all walks of life who have not faced the dangers we as serving and ex-serving soldiers have faced and they do not understand what we have been through.

    All I can say is that it is better to ignore this minority rather than publicise them. We know what we have stood for and what we will stand form some people just need to be reminded some times why they have free speach and who made that possible. R.I.P to the NZ fallenN you will be remembered for your actions.

  • Guy

    Very moving, much respect, rest in peace.

  • ChiSoxfan

    Such an awesome show of respect.

  • Proud Kiwi

    To the Chive

    Thank You for posting this. We are a small country and losing any one in battle is huge.
    This unity is why we fight, to protect the rights of people and individuals.

    kia kaha
    Stay strong

    Proud Kiwi

  • Trish New Zealand

    Very moving especially the silence that fell right after! Kia Kaha New Zealand, Stay Strong!

  • MECCE 364

    I made all the soldiers in my platoon watch this video, it tears at your guts.

  • Johnnyratbastard

    Having led Haka before, and seeing many in my time, I can say this one moved me the most. The Haka is one of the most intense, personal, and powerful displays of our maori traditions. Thanks Chive for posting this, and thanks to all of the Kiwi soldiers for making the sacrifice in the name of peace, and their country.

    Arohanui whanau.

  • Paul NZ

    Thanks Chive.

    Most NZers are proud of our Armed Forces. One of the most emotional haka's I have ever seen.

    Good to see all the NZ chivers on here too.

  • island boi

    See now i hate ignorant comments, but dat aside i am born n raised in hawaii n i always love wen hakas r performed. it is both powerful n beautiful. i shed a few tears n not a single fiber in my body is ashamed to say it god bless all our fallen troops n active ones as well. come home safe!

  • cassidy

    thats above badass, play the SKYRIM theme and you'll grow chest hair and a 3rd testicle

  • Alan

    On a per capita basis NZ losing 5 is something like America losing 500 or Australia 25.

    One was Rory Malone, grandson of Lieutenant Colonel William Malone who refused to lead an attack on Chunuk Bair, Galippoli, believing it to be hopeless. Major Sam Grant lead the attack but did not survive. He was my grandfather's brother.

    NZ is a small place. We all feel the loss.

  • BrentNZ

    Is it time for a Keep Carm and Kia Kaha shirt?

  • Anras

    Absolutely epic! Shame it was for such a sad occasion. But you drop them in the middle of any combat zone doing that and the fighting would be over in seconds.


  • Namata

    Brilliant send off, what a mountain of emotions – For our tommorow they gave their today . We will remember them!! Loyal soldiers never die, we just re-org in heaven !! RIP
    HM Forces UK

  • Jax

    Kia Kaha brothers!


  • alex m

    From an old soldier in the UK would have been proud to have served with men who respect their fallen in this way. Alex M

  • jmp

    Much respect and sincere condolences from a fellow soldier in the States. This powerful, moving clip is in wide circulation on the web here and has deeply touched the hearts of many. Those of us who have lost brothers and sisters in battle share your grief and honor your service. My father was proud and honored to fight alongside the Kiwis. That pride and honor continues with this generation.

  • Dave Basnett EX RN

    Having experianced a farewell from the RNZ in 1963 and then playing rugby in New Plymouth in 1967 and faced the Haka and been welcomed into a Moiri Village and lodge i admire the natives of new Zealand.
    I salute you all and respect the traditions .

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