Newly Single Chivettes (35 Photos)

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  • Scott

    #31 is by far the best on here today. If only we could see her (likely) beautiful smile to go with that body!

  • Subliminal

    #15 … Tell me more.

  • Shane Wallace

    #30 challenge accepted

  • Anonymous

    No way. Number 6 no question

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 – *motorboat*

  • joe

    are there really that many stupid guys out there?

  • PandaMagnus


    Why don't I know women like you? D:

  • Nelson

    #30 I think I'm in love, we can play Halo any day of the week

    • Morgan

      awww! how sweet!!! thanx!

      from #30:)

  • Lonestar_Sapper

    #9 I'd strap you on like a feed bag.

  • Larry Wayne Rangel

    First of all #30 I would love to play you in halo seeing as I was once a pro (nerd moment). And for all the newly single Texas chivettes you need to message me or email me if you are in the Houston area so you can see how a real man treats a lady :).

    • Morgan

      #30 here,
      A pro?!?! I have a feeling like you would kick my ass:P No escaping that sniper rifle!

  • ZRT6

    #19, we could be so happy together.

  • ericg

    #30 Challenge accepted!!!!!!!

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #8 "So instead, the whole world will!" Love it.

    #15 You sure it wasn't 1.32 years?

    • TheGirl

      LOL! So much grief for the precision. 😉 .548 years too long! hahah

  • MajorTom

    #16 OMG! I have that quilt. What did I miss…..?

  • Boner


    He probably dumped you because you keep track of time in hundredths of a year.

    • TheGirl

      Jeez guys! So much anger toward numbers… Thanks for the tip 😉 lmao

  • Whoops

    No matter how hot a chick might be, there is some guy somewhere that hates the bitch…..jus sayin….

  • RobbyRob901

    God love #35 she could stay at home & play skyrim all day and ill gladly give her my paycheck, God bless her!!!

    • Lauren Eoin

      35 here!

      Thank you for the awesome comment 😀

  • kevin

    #3 Nice! Where dem Humps? #9 WOW Gorgeous!! #30 #35 Why can't I meet sexy gamer girls!?!?!

  • Ryan Cheek

    #30 I do! haha

  • Sneaks

    How many are crazy or nuts!!!!!

  • Master_Rahl

    #6 #9 #20 #26 #35 There's no way in hell that they stay single for very long. It would be a CRIME!

    • Lauren Eoin

      35 here!

      Thank you for the awesome comment!

      • Master_Rahl

        Much deserved, you're very welcome.

  • Pman

    #9 please!!!!

  • kevin

    #30 And I can't find a girl that won't fall asleep watching me play Fallout or FIFA!

  • TexWeld77

    #15 marry me

  • Vic

    Any woman who can beat me at video games is a woman I'd want to beat me elsewhere.

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