Newly Single Chivettes (35 Photos)

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  • Brittany

    Just because women are hot and single, doesn't mean there is something wrong with them. Guys can be cheaters. Guys can be mean. Guys can be abusive. So stop saying there is something wrong with these women. Life is short. If they want to post beautiful pictures of themselves, let them. If you don't like it or approve.. then GTFO!

  • Mike Ethier

    #17 is beautiful and #30 you can pwn me anyday i wont mind.

  • Josiah3

    #35 please tell me you live in the lowcountry cause i need you in my life

    • Lauren Eoin

      I live in London, England. I'm sorry about that :/

      Thank you for the approval though 😀

  • KCCO129

    #13 I've always wanted to date a chivette.

  • MAT

    #35 what fucktard let you go?

    • Lauren Eoin

      A fellow Chiver. ¬.¬

  • Sean Doherty

    #1 God Damn.

  • Brett

    #9, #13 MOAARRRRR!

  • CTurner211

    #13 I would date you so hard

  • Grady

    newly single chivettes… find ME!

  • Gsus

    Wow I feel sorry for him… More pics #3 of your smile of course 😉

  • Eryn

    #9 is gorgeous! Forget about ex, if I was a guy you'd definitely be my girlfriend!
    P.s.- you have an amazing ass;)

  • mean joe

    #7 simply beautiful…keep that shit up and i would never say no…

  • Patrick Palmer

    because once wasn't enough…#7 t'es une ostie de belle femme toi!

  • Bilbo

    All amazing ladies but inwish there were more single chivettes in the UK!

  • Ryan Dowel

    #3 #9 #12 #13 #21 Marry ME! I'm in love

  • Joe Ballantine

    #9, #31 Are absolutely amazing!! Id take either one in a heart beat!!!

  • Stablu

    #15 Probably because you told people you had been going out for 1.25 years. You are smoking hot though, so you got that going for ya, which is nice.


    moar #6!

  • Jon

    #9 I want to take you off this list…

  • turd_ferguson

    we should all be thanking these douchers for planting the seed of insecurity in these girls minds that brings them down to our level. where we can potentially have a chance.

  • Marc

    Eww, #12! U're my dream! 😀

  • Brian Kutys

    #10 I'm yours 🙂

    #35 dat azz

  • Jon

    #21 is gorgeous

  • http://thechive newdirt

    #3 he sure is missing alot, alot of fun find me please

  • Bruce

    Well, there are 35 recently made public idiots out there!
    Beautiful Ladies!

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