Newly Single Chivettes (35 Photos)

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  • #35

    I love the skyrim girl,prefect gf

    • Lauren Eoin

      35 here

      Thank you very much 😀

  • Marco

    #31 – OMFG!!! Gap-a-licious…

  • rat

    what is wrong with these guys, to leave anyone one of these delicious women.they must be complete f wits

  • Kenny

    #16 Sexy outfit!!!

  • guest

    #15 after 1.25 seconds I love you.. He's a dumb ass

  • UofI Chiver

    I think we can all agree that the men who dumped these girls are dumbasses. Here here!


    Number 20 I think is my current girlfriend , I guess ill see

  • Txheat81

    OK to #1 through #35 I know it seems bad now or maybe it didnt but I have witnessed that chivettes stay single for about 10 seconds before someone else comes around more than happy to fill the void*!

  • justanothercanadian

    am I the only one thinking…where does one meet these newly single chivettes?

  • james

    for every single of these hot girls,
    there is a guy behind tired of their stupid Bullsh!t

  • Peter Brazen

    #8 Your ex didn't have class or taste when he lost you. You obviously have a great sense of humor and damn . . you are CUTE in every way possible. Peter

  • Jesse MacDonald

    hope #4 is from southern ontario and i bump into her =D

  • Huff


    You're gorgeous so don't worry

  • Leonel_LyL

    #7 Single, you say?

  • paokaras


  • CJ

    #9 oh my… For the love of all things holy and and just. Please MOAR!!

  • Chris Lauchner

    Girl who can beat me in Halo? Sign me up!

  • BrodieMiller26

    #5 Babe, #13 A sexy tatted chick like you must have a few more tattoos hidden, can I find them!? 🙂 #31 Nice arse

  • Owen Hansen

    #30 some guys can't handle good competition.

  • Carter2

    #11 & #15 – Somebody give a Houstonian a shout 😀

  • pyrosis

    #12 Love stripes. Nice work.

  • Donald Duck

    #9 it loos like your butt is trying to eat your underwear. Wow, it's beautiful. Gorgeous face and a great ass!!!

  • MacTavishCO

    #24 …. what a beautiful smile! I bet you are a pretty happy person (other than the reason for your picture as part of this post). What part of the world do you live in?

  • Connor

    I wonder how many naked pictures the chive must receive that they don't post. Seriously the best job ever.

  • holy

    #35. Moar, MOAR!

    • Lauren Eoin

      35 here

      Moar is coming soon I promise!
      Look for me in FLBP, Burn Bra and or DAR

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