Newly Single Chivettes (35 Photos)

  • KCO617

    I've always wanted to date a chivette, and a girl from Texas. 2 birds with one stone in #11!

  • Josh Haddix

    #30 i accept that challenge.

  • newlimit

    #30 i wouldnt mind

  • Rick

    #3 Show us MOAR of what he's missing out on!
    #6 Chivette or tumblr pic? If Chivette, then MOAR! Easier xD~

  • guest

    i wonder if #11 is near austin hhmm…….

    • Caylan Hunter

      I live in Dallas 🙂

  • dam's

    #3 , forget him and come over switzerland, i'll show you our way of life!
    you're amazing!!! more!!!

  • V4Vendetta14

    Love to see more of #1….

  • Michael

    #32, something looks off…cant figure it out

    • wtf

      is her body or the bathing suit…definitely weird looking bod

  • Robert

    This goes to show that there must be A LOT of very stupid men out there. Example, #3

  • 3 fan

    #7 and #13 both appear to be quite crazy….

  • Anonymous

    WOW>>>>>>>>> single and wanting to move to canada.. Looks like thats were its at

  • Kevin

    #8 where have girls willing to do that for their man been mt entire life?? Sexy as hell.

  • bdg

    For every hot girl out there's a guy who's tired of her brand of crazy!!!!!

  • joe g

    #30 I will play with u

  • VolleyMav

    #21 I'm moving to Canada.

  • theman

    Not all of it is your fault. But some of it is. Know that. There are two most simple and easy ways to ensure you're doing right by your man:
    Keep his stomach full and his balls empty.

  • zzzzoom

    # 7

    Hello from Toronto… ;o)

  • Central-Scrutinizer

    #20 need more!

  • Joel

    #23 I never comment on these things but definitely seems like his lost.

  • J-roc

    #3,6 & 9…DAMN good time!!!

  • Mr X

    #3 Is he giving up an amazing hump as well? Just wondering…..

  • Yep

    You are single either because 1-after banging you for awhile you are too annoying to hang out with anymore. 2-he found someone else to bang who is as hot, hotter or less annoying then you.

  • gamer

    # 30 lets play

  • Nate Woodard

    #3 Holy fuck, how does one not spend a lifetime between those goddamn things?

  • Ryan Connell

    I swear I need to move to Canada. WTF is up with the guys up there?

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