A Texas Chivette: Tiffany Studstill (36 HQ Photos)

With a last name like Studstill, you can only be from Texas. Despite Tiffany's alluring smile and (really) long legs, Tiffany is a complete dork. She knows more about the Apollo missions than most people in her generation, she references 'Star Wars' early and often.

So when I invited Tiffany to NASA, she jumped at it. I could barely keep up with Tiffany, her enthusiasm is infectious.

As if it couldn't get any better she's a sports correspondent currently covering the NFL. We grabbed a bite to eat after our NASA visit and Tiffany wouldn't let me talk to her while football was on, I had to wait until the commercial break. If that's not sexy, I dunno' what is. As soon as Tiffany gets off work everyday she hits Lake Travis, "I spend half my day power dressed and the other half in a bikini."

Sounds like a great COTW to me. Enjoy...

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  • Anonymous

    WOW………… keep calm idiot.

  • Keith

    I love a woman who is beautiful and geeky at the same time!!

    I am pondering all the techno things we can talk about (especially space and time), and dreaming of all the things we will do together!!!

    I really do like you, and the fact you are from TEXAS!! HooRah!!!

  • jmike

    #11, #12, #20, #21…looks like Lake Travis, Austin?

  • http://www.thechive.com Mr_liqour_liver

    #30 OK for the LAST FUCKIN TIME….would you guys please keep this door closed! A/C is expensive these days…geez

  • Migz

    dear… sweet…. mother…. of mercy.

    well, there goes any attempts on trying to get up from my desk, i'm stuck

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