Bare backs are better than art (37 Photos)

  • Blake


    • WindyCityKid13

      not even close bud lol

  • Blake


  • xavier
  • Mike D


  • joe g

    #15 wow that is just hot

  • tv_paul

    #30 Just a nice attractive women, I prefer this over the professional model shots.

    • Dan
    • Logan Wegleitner

      this is Jessie Rogers, pornstar…

      • tv_paul

        Drats, fooled again into think it was just a regular chivette submitting .But at least it's not some fashion shoot picture.

  • gobeavers

    Had trouble seeing the backs, too much hump!

  • CowboyChiver

    #10 Not really diggin' the two-tone… but the rest'll do

  • Alex

    #4 SEXY!!! Please find her for me!!!
    #6 #22 #23 #28 AMAZING HUMPS!!!

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  • xavier
  • JPPO

    #6 #27 women with guitar shape make me crazy; love them…

  • Boss howg outlaw

    Fuckin fap fap fap bring this post back everyweek along with that solovev chick with the bouncing titties…… Nice work Alec

  • trick

    #4 #4 & #4 DDDDDAAAAMMMMNNNNN!!!!

  • techno_viking

    #30 I'd like to see the uncropped pic…

  • Dude

    #35 dimples

  • eric

    #12 is hard to beat.

    • FunKiller

      I sincerely hope that pun was intended.

  • KyleGoldstein

    #23 the arch is a art

  • Canebros

    So Distracting.

    In EVERY picture that showed a rump, I looked the rump. No Way the back even matters.

  • siuL

    #6 WTF 😮

  • @westbc69

    #24#35 Very nice back dimples

  • kal50

    #6 I will never get tired of seeing this picture!! Who is she?!

  • datass

    #23 those curves!!! I want to shrink down and go "slip and slide" all over you..

  • Kitty

    Love sexy backs! Great post!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #36 – never get tired of this back.

    local bc chiver/chivette? this new twitter group is for u!! –>

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