Behind the scenes on the set of Daniel Craig’s Bond films (20 Photos)

  • niceguyeddie

    Cindy, what you have said has made no sense at all. Everyone that reads that is now dumber; I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

    • josh

      Well… go on and just give me the link to her webcam

  • Sasha

    Just to let you know new bond is gay litteraly

  • billy

    Sean Connery is the SHIT!

  • Shivette

    I'd totally bone him!! ❤


    DID YOU KNOW James Bond is based on a real spy? He was a Canadian spy from Winnipeg. His name was Sir William Stephenson.

  • jkmcdermott

    #12 – Connery – Craig – Lazenby (check it out – he only did "On her Majesty's Secrest Service" but it is excellent. Brosnan came close, but it was just getting so silly. Casino Royale relly put the balls back in the franchise and I love Judy Dencg as M. Can't WAIT for Skyfall.

  • James

    Coolest. Dude.

  • Verbal_Kint

    best bond ever. Hard and raw. I love the new crop of bond films.

  • MattKL

    #15 and #16 are cool, they could have been taken on a normal day instead of on a Bond set. They remind me of the old photos of James Dean, actually.

  • dreamweaver

    Most anticipated movie of the year…SKYFALL, easily!!! probably the only movie i will see in the theater this year. That is unless movie ticket prices come down by 75% or more, JESUS!!!

  • crazydog

    In the past, bonds just went around winning every situation and getting every woman like a video game with a God mode cheat. Daniel Craig brought a strong humanity to it as a young bond who is f'ed up after the woman he loves dies. His intensity and physicality is ridiculous.
    connery – best at being a ladies man and good physicality
    craig – see above
    brosnan – charismatic, good presence, not very physical
    dalton – somewhat charismatic but mostly wooden, most naturally tough bond
    moore – a little feminine, decent enough actor, his seduction scenes just seem artificial
    lazenby – all but forgotten, not very compelling

  • TylerDurdenUMD

    The Official Best Bond List:

    That the new Bond isn't jolly-chuckles-farting rainbows is a good thing. There's still great humor and the attitude, but without the smugness that's very akin to the South Park smug episode. Case in point:

    Vesper: "If the only thing left of you was your smile and your little finger, you'd still be more of a man than anyone I've ever known. "
    Bond: "That's because you know what I can do with my little finger… "

    And boom, her new nickname is Puddles.

    P.S. Eva Green…sooooooooooooooooooooo hot.

  • 99mike

    I think the best part about the new Bond films is that they play like chapters in a longer story. All the other Bond movies stood alone as individual stories. There was never any mention of what had happened in earlier films and therefore there was never any character development. Craig's Bond has evolved over the course of the films and creates a real trueness to the character, while most of the other actors created a caricature.

  • I<3 Daniel Craig

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I ❤ Daniel Craig. The humidity in my panties just went up 😉

  • Steven

    A while back I actually blogged about "WHY Dalton is the best bond…" on my site – I do give valid reasons. Love Daniel tho
    If you Google that line – mine's the 4th result – so there are other believers…

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