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  • felix


    Now that's an amazing Chivette right there.

    • mittens

      "She remained standing, facing the killer. He fired."

      Damn. I would hope I have half that courage if I ever found myself in a situation like that.

      Get well, KCCO "Crispy".

    • http://creeksideglass.net M3Jason

      Don't normally comment, but stay strong Crispy!!! Get well soon!!!

    • Dano

      Not just talking the talk about KCCO, walking the walk!

      Love the Chivettes!



    • Kenny

      You Ma'am are awesome.

    • Mike


      Words seem so insignificant… Christina, I salute your courage and strength, and wish you (and all the others, of course) a speedy and full recovery. There is little that I can say that will properly convey my admiration for you. Keep smiling, all the best to you!

    • Red

      Get well soon!!!

      How can you not love a girl named "Crispy"?

      • Jay

        Well said!

    • ReverendE

      Crispy, Bless You!

    • chivettebecky

      So bitchin to be part of such a great community!

    • http://www.facebook.com/matt.hayden.142 Matt Hayden

      Get Well Soon "Crispy"

    • DrewGW

      What an awesome woman! Such an inspiration to us all. Best wishes or a speedy recovery. KCCO!

    • James

      Wow, what a great story. And my F**king A**hole that caused all the pain and hurt for so many be convicted and rot in a cell until he finds his real reward, HELL.

    • ToonToon

      I'm in a rush! Although i'm sure its heart warming, I no time to read this

      • CheeseMonkey

        but you have time to comment

    • VMI93

      That's strong. Of her and the Chive.

    • Tuff Guy

      The Bronco player on the far far right looks like Todd from Breaking Bad.

    • Moyo

      Amazing Person!!!!! I wish you a full and speedy recovery and KCCO!!!

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      …and I'm crying. Wow, what a story. True courage.

      KCCO, Crispy.


  • Whorebait

    #49 a perfect ending to yet another amazing DAR. Bravo John.

    • qw9

      Is it bad that I want to fuk her?

    • Firefighter23

      And then all the Chivers went DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!

    • Mr_Cellophane

      MOAR !?!? Oh, by the way, you're an awesome friend!

    • KyleGamgee

      Awesome friend has a KILLER body!

      • http://www.facebook.com/rebecca.schreiber Rebecca Schreiber

        How appropriate…

    • Red

      That there is a real woman, hot as hell. Love those hips!

    • weaksauce

      She is smokin hot. DMA DAR Burn your bra, Chive has been on a roll today!

      • Greg

        Hear hear!!
        I would move back to CO for a body like that

    • Jon

      wonderful post, but Meagan tried really hard for "Things that bounce" where is it!?!?

    • Indy

      Atta girl, that's how you say thank you! ❤

    • mikey

      Sure, good body, but I think it totally cheapened the entire story.

      • funky1

        Don't make me pull this car over!

    • JBS

      You're an awesome friend! oh, and MOAR!!

    • Mackin

      I was going to like this, but it's currently at 666 thumbs up and I'm not sure if I should even touch any button over there.

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #10 Senior COTW

    • Douche McBaggins

      Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? This bitch #20

    • ToonToon

      This is a cool hat. #9 is a bullshit "hey, i'm white, outdoorsy and unique" hat


    #11 Support our troops!! Oh and MOAR!!!!

    • Jeff

      I can't believe the Chive hasn't updated us on Taylor. He came home to Iowa today and local media were all over it. Actually walked off the plane and to the car by himself.

    • JoeShmoe99

      I knew joining the Marine Corps was a mistake… f'ing air force with the hot chicks. Dammit.

      • 1C451

        Med Troops. One of the few benefits of time spent at Sheppard Air Force Base.

      • silky

        You mean you didn't realize that Marine Corps was a mistake when you guys play "hide the sausage" but you finally realize it when you see a pretty girl in uniform?

        • Silkyisnotachiver

          You're hateful, why don't you just keep calm and quit being a dick.

    • JohnMcClane_

      Yeah…what he said!!! That is one gorgeous Air(wo)man!

    • Mr_BRB

      No Doubt! She's beautiful. Gorgeous face.

      • Giblets

        I scrolled back up more than once to look at her.

    • Alex

      I concur to both.

    • Guest

      Wow. She is beautiful.

    • I'm Awesome

      Kayla should get to be in a chicks of the USAF gallery for sure. she's smokin hot

    • someguy

      gotta have MOAR

    • ToonToon

      MOAR….MOAR….MOAR……MOAR…MOAR…MOAR….MOAR = Forever alone

    • ToonToon

      Hey i'm in the Air force and i'm hot! Oh,good for you, bitch!

    • ToonToon

      I'd tap that…even if she ends up with one leg!

    • llama hero

      kayla manthey + air force + google is your friend.
      http://foofoocamo.blogspot.com is her blog.

    • llama hero

      kayla manthey + air force + google is your friend. and http://foofoocamo.blogspot.com is her blog.

  • Hiya

    Burn bra Thursday!

    • vegasnites

      I concur as well… beautiful face.. show a little cleave next time… 🙂

    • Spelling Police

      Sign says, stay away fools, 'cause love rules at the Lu uh uhve Shack!

    • Thanks Wingmen

      Can we get a Wing Man post?? It's about time they get some credit. Also, it's freakin' hilarious

    • JamesMoravia

      Damn good post, Hiya!

    • assman

      look up the hooters bar stool rodeo

    • Epic_Failure1

      the chive is a great community, it brought a little salt water to my eye…

  • M27

    #4 Love smiles!

    • thebeefinjector

      She's nice. But put an extra "c" in KCCO. just sayin…

    • Jack o' lantern

      It's KCCO, honey. But as you're willing show show your tits and flash a cute smile that the idiots here won't let that be a barrier to you showing a little more T&A.

      • Jack ASS

        jackass she got on here because shes beautiful and she's 1 of the only girls that you can't see ass and titties (even though we want them from you sweetheart). jack o' lantern youre a fuckin idiot

    • Binx_

      Love!… or Lust, not sure yet

  • Derp_Free_Zone

    #11 Damn I've never felt so patriotic before now

    • http://www.facebook.com/langer23 Christopher Lang

      And to think I joined the Army to be an infantryman when I could have been around this….

    • Buffalo

      WOW!!! What a

  • BigPup

    #34 Roses are tits, Violets are tits, I love tits, Tits, tits, tits…

    • comment ratings


      3 week suspension

    • linkx

      That was…just beautiful, you made me tear up…

  • Chandra

    #47, #49, #36

    Only been chiving for 2 weeks and I don't know where to begin with how great this place is. It's the entire spectrum of human emotion.

    • theKid

      welcome aboard Chandra

    • Dukes

      the best and most bad ass site around………welcome…………..

    • 15Weight

      Welcome home.


    • shirtnonsense

      as long as you dont care where a "Chive" shirt comes from its all good…..

    • ToonToon

      Not in the feel good mood, plus its too long. Kept scrolling 🙂

  • whyme1973

    #11 Damn, what a hottie.
    #26 Like a sculpture. Fuck.

    • ToonToon

      wow…..oh wow…..does she want a cookie?

  • Dave.

    KCCCO right back to ya! #4

    • Scooter

      I'm curious to what the 3rd "C" stands for… #4

    • FunKiller

      Funny thing about summer, it's located on my cock!

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #3 and this is when I saw someone get murdered at the pond.

    • comment ratings


      would lol again

    • Espen

      dude this is one of our swimming pools in Samoa. Lovely spot for the weekend.

  • OhioChiver

    #11 Never thought I'd say our armed forces are beautiful!. Nice Shot beautiful!

    • ToonToon

      thats before the IED!!!

  • sheoncebelieved

    #43 yep, our military after Obama weakens us and turns us into a 2nd world country

    • Ben

      Because under Bush they would bring the fight to the natural disaster.

    • Firefighter23

      No Politics allowed on theChive!

    • https://www.facebook.com/DannoRules Danno Maurer

      Still better than sending them off to die in a country searching for weapons of mass destruction that don't exist.

    • its_forge

      fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccckk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      sheoncebelieved she knew what she was talking about…she was wrong.

    • freedom from politic

      Give it a rest will you? FUCK.

    • CanadianMedic

      2nd world countries can't afford nerf silly girl

    • Anon

      You realize you could cut your spending by a ridiculous amount and still spend more than anyone else right? 2nd world…lol.

    • 0331

      Still more dangerous than a company of Army.

      • MatticusDav

        *ahem* RAAHH!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/langer23 Christopher Lang

        Just a bunch of joes. There not much of a danger to anyone.

    • hank


      • HonoluluChiver

        shower shoes

    • ToonToon

      you must be white…so i'll join you! Get the black man outta the white man's house! (pretty much what you all wan to say, but are scared of the black man)

  • Theodore Picker

    #27 Not a single fuck was given that day..

    • or many days...

      • anon

        see 1:30…

  • Frank

    #34 Frank WANTS!

    • ToonToon

      Frank will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get!!!!! Forever ever!!!!!!!! Frank will be forced to eat jumbo jacks, jalapeno poppers and jack off silently!!

  • justaclick

    #39 I was stuck on this photo for waaaayyyy to long.

    • thebeefinjector

      Is she from Houston?! GAWD i hope so…

      • sna25

        thanx guys n yes i'm from Houston! Born n Raised!

        • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

          From Houston too!!! Need an evening with a Chiver? lol

        • ryanb

          This is a small world if I am right but are you related to Richard Nunez from h town?

        • http://4chan.org/b/ gnocco

          MOAR, plz

    • ToonToon

      check you internet speed, guy

  • Urethra Franklin

    #47 The Denver Broncos?

    • TigerLily

      Out of this post THAT is your comment?

      • Shockteck

        Marge you just don't understand football.

        • DrGarnicus

          Beat me to it! Well played, fellow Chivers

    • Mark

      Aurora CO = suburb for Denver, a lot of Broncos/Nuggets/Rockies/Avs came over to show support to the victims after the shooting.

  • http://twitter.com/Sjd99 @Sjd99

    Sexy as hell !! 😉

  • AboutGorramTime

    #49 Kickass friend, killer body, and embodiment of a Chiver. Way to go.

    • http://www.facebook.com/wesley.ricketts Wesley Ricketts

      Couldn't agree more and on a completely separate topic – I love your handle!

      • TreeHugR


        Hrm.. Could the power of The Chive bring back Firefly? Oh the shiny possibilities…

        • AboutGorramTime

          I think it's worth a shot! I'll be in my bunk.

    • Menhir

      Please make Danielle Chivette of the Week soon. She's gorgeous, a true friend, nobody deserves it more.

  • http://twitter.com/HoneyBuncheswtf @HoneyBuncheswtf


    Hella of a dar today.


    *Way to go guys!


  • Nick

    #19 my first love!

    • JAFitC

      You love plastic?

    • http://www.facebook.com/cameron.pollock.7 theycallmedaddy

      sorry to hear that.

    • ToonToon

      are you 10??

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.ramos.355 James Ramos

    #4 #25 #26 all got it going on..

    • Borofil

      "Like, oh my God, I'm sooo desperate for approval. Does this website think I'm worthy? I don't have daddy issues, I swear!"

      • quesenor

        why are you on this website if you feel that way then? and #4 is the definition of gorgeous

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #4 extra C for cute?

  • Tillman61

    #11 Medic!

    Thank you for your service and the pics! You're awesome!

    • PDiddily420

      +1 for the Starship Troopers reference.

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