Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • dan

    #11 why the hell did I join the Army instead of the Air Force?

  • AK-47

    #11 for the love of god Moat!

  • ChiSoxfan

    #32 Enough of this idiot. No one said McDonalds was health food.

  • ChiSoxfan

    #4 What's a KCCCO?

  • bz1

    #11 for the WIN! MOAR!
    #47 Get well!
    #49 Thanks for submitting! VERRRy nice!

  • Oscuh

    #44 Dammit! Would you guys please take my senior picture down!? I've asked, like, 47 times!

  • Lou

    #1 I hope that kid is still alive. Alligators aren't that slow.




    #39 THANK YOU MOAR!!!

  • Nilbog



  • Dan

    #33 stage 5 clinger

  • Shat_Thrice



  • Shat_Thrice


    Chive ON, Crispy!

    oh, and um… #49

    How you doin'?

  • billy

    #11 I have a patriotic boner right now…..

  • devin skolaksi

    #39 god bless texas

  • Tony p

    #11 you need to pcs up to the afa!!! #49 rock on for the best thankyou EVER! KCCO awesome of you to show your love, and happy 30th 'crispy'!!

  • Carter2

    #49 – Heart Warming tale! Sexy Ladies! #39 – Texas me gusta

  • donnoh1

    to an awesome Chivette…get well soon & Happy Birthday! In a lifetime we have many friends, but there is always one that sticks by you in thick & thin…..looks like you have that friend! Plus the 10's of thousands of Chivers & Chivettes!!!

  • Gryphonchilde

    That was kind of an awesome movie. That's a pretty good snap, too.

  • jessica

    #33 she's a maneater!

  • EPots

    # 28 there is an Asian Demon behind them

  • kelsey

    #31 best show ever

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #49 Three Cheers for the SEXY CHIVETTE

  • jerry garcia

    # 47 so so glad your doing ok and damn you have the heart of a WARRIOR!!! kcco beautiful and #49 you have a true friend for life which is very cute btw lol take care and much love. an AZ chiver. KC AND MOTHER- EFFING CO!!!! 🙂

  • ColoChiver

    #47 #48 #49 Why I LOVE the Chive Community! KCCO All, Well Done! Thanks for helping those in need in my back yard!

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