Finally, a worthwhile use for magazines (20 Photos)

This art by David Mach and much more at his website HERE

  • MrN00DLE


  • Just A. Jason

    I like to draw on magazines! It's fun to turn what some think is just filler/garbage into something different. It's not for everyone, but what is?!

  • Eze_Kiel

    Man, this guy has issues…

  • Rone_Gentry


  • Paul.c cool…the rest r fucken dumb!!

  • billy

    Makes me wanna take a shit and read a magazine…..

  • Bob of Bob

    hey, we really need to recycle all these……wait a minute….i have an idea, someone get me a golf cart!

  • Jeff

    What a gigantic waste of time, and a waste of a car, truck, golf cart, airplane, jet ski, piano, some shipping containers, well you get the points. If you were going to take the time to learn a talent why this. I have stacks of magazines by my shitter I guess I'm an artist also.

  • Duck

    #4 Looks like the condo in the movie Big

    #5 Looks like the map Liberation on MW3

  • ben

    One thing that I always wonder about this type of installation art: how do these guys make any real money? Are they getting paid by the museums to display their work? I mean, no private citizen has anything like this in their home, right?

  • Matt


  • David Mach – Magazine Installation | BizarreBeyondBelief

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