• Coldzilla

    LOL I wish life were a beer commercial – course if that was the case Id be diggin up bail money right now

  • Jeff

    Needs more Cru Jones

  • Guy

    Had me laughing! Cheers to beer!

  • Derek

    Great Aussie beer add you have to check out. "thats a big add" another Carlton classic

  • redbairn

    Infinitely better than those god awful Keystone light ads you get…

  • Chaosd

    They left the money behind

  • someguy

    Holy balls! Thats Brian Orosco at 1:05

  • Jenny

    Watching a commercial before watching commercial. You've one upped yourself, Chive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.tripp Christopher Tripp

    Carlton Draught also did that kick ass commercial "It's a Big Ad." quick google search will lead you right there.


    Whit this weather .. the perfect solution is BEER

  • Guest0101000101

    Had to watch a commercial to watch a commerical just saying

  • see? bricks!

    did they leave the money behind at the pub?


    Wow. I didn't know it was possible to make a commercial without the tired old brilliant femal stupid men meme….

    Naw, this cant be real.


  • msee

    What really matters is if the beer is any good and … it isn't

  • Master_Rahl

    Goddam that was a fun commercial. Loved the hop as they went over the top of the hill, and the one dude holding the other's beer while he moved the barrier. Priceless. At least if you're going to show ads, make them entertaining. It is beer o'clock yet?

  • SkiddZ

    Wait.. So they left all that money at the bar? Non of them were carrying the bag during that chase.

  • Scott

    typical Great Aussie Beer!

  • http://twitter.com/AwesomeSauce85 @AwesomeSauce85

    I appreciate that Samuel Adams is made from the best hops and barley in the world but, the fact that Carlton Draught is made from beer makes my beer selection so much easier now.

  • Space_Monkey

    Very funny. The barrier bit at the end is the best.

    Another great Aussie beer ad. This one is for Tooheys Extra Dry.


  • fresh.ta.death

    <~~~ inspired.

  • NonBrit

    Funniest thing to me is that they went to LA to shoot this thing, which will only be seen in Australia.

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