Some things are better left unexplained (35 Photos)

  • temujin1234
  • ColoChiver

    Unfortunately, I know #28 is a Pokemon Reference. Also, #29 is a Jelly Bean costume I've seen before.

    • gma

      #28 yes they're dressed as Team Rocket; a really excellent effort.

  • The Dude

    #4 the most unexplainable.

  • nola

    i think #14 is in the french quarter in front of the LA Supreme Court. #25 you are supposed to boil the crawfish and peel it before eating it!!!

  • chesterdrawers

    #13 neither do fat ones…

  • Scott S

    # 18 makes sense to pilots. It happens after a student's first solo…. although I am not sure if he got the water out of the sewage system or not

  • Sam Fischer

    #11 i think that's a shirt for Kung Fu Vampire

  • Sam Fischer

    #13 i mean

  • dave

    #22 they went as a cumshot? I'd like to see the rest of the party goers.

  • Ryan Derek

    #17, A duck fart is a shot that is normally made with a chocolate Baileys Chocolate Liquor and peppermint shnapps. The result is swallowing a peppermint paddy.

  • Phil_Shifley

    What idiots…everyone knows sperm is haploid and not diploid

  • emu90

    #13 kobe?

  • Calcman

    #23 Is that Norman from City Slickers?

  • Rheiniel Del Rosario

    a literal ROFL ensued at #35

  • Re'nava

    Fractal Stewart

  • frank

    #13 is that tupac in the background???

  • Heather Lynn

    Bahahaha! All of these just made me laugh abd think… Wtf?! But #35??? WTH?!?!Lolol loved it!💚💚

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  • Tak

    #1 Thats a mean load the sand man shot all over your head

  • @megantalks

    #22 is confusing. are they meant to be sperm? If so, they should each only be carrying one sex chromosome.

  • Master_Rahl

    #18 Gross, that water has a distinctively yellow tint to it. I'm hoping it's not the waste bucket that doubles for an impromptu shower.

  • Dawgzilla

    #32 was actually a guy caught at a New Hampshire Campground. His defense was that his wife lost her ring, the truth was that he loves corn.

  • goldengekko1

    #35 kills me everytime


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  • omgwtf

    #24 meanwhile at the Mexican border…….

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