The Chivette Clothing Line is back, baby!

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chivette launch with brittney The Chivette Clothing Line is back, baby!

After a month-long absence, the Official Chivette Clothing Line has returned (briefly), including the nearly-impossible Pink KCCO. In the coming months, we will be expanding the offering and we can’t wait to share the new designs with y’all (did somebody say thong?) because, let’s face it, theCHIVE wouldn’t be half the site it is today without our awesome Chivettes.

Pink KCCO available RIGHT HERE.

Chivette Briefs available RIGHT HERE.

Chivette Socks available RIGHT HERE.

Super-comfortable Chivette Yoga Pants available RIGHT HERE.

The last offering didn’t last long at all. Good luck!

UPDATE: All sizes, all items, SOLD OUT.

  • Andres

    keep the supply of srtihs drastically low to keep the demand excitedly high. Keeps the buzz alive & they can continue to raise prices. And, the average joe will do or pay almost anything to get one of these priceless? srtihs. Stop the frenzy people. Need to stop acting like the dogs at the dog track endlessly running in a circle to catch the rabbit. Laughable.

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