The Chivette Clothing Line is back, baby!

chivette launch with brittney The Chivette Clothing Line is back, baby!

After a month-long absence, the Official Chivette Clothing Line has returned (briefly), including the nearly-impossible Pink KCCO. In the coming months, we will be expanding the offering and we can’t wait to share the new designs with y’all (did somebody say thong?) because, let’s face it, theCHIVE wouldn’t be half the site it is today without our awesome Chivettes.

Pink KCCO available RIGHT HERE.

Chivette Briefs available RIGHT HERE.

Chivette Socks available RIGHT HERE.

Super-comfortable Chivette Yoga Pants available RIGHT HERE.

The last offering didn’t last long at all. Good luck!

UPDATE: All sizes, all items, SOLD OUT.

  • Chivette

    Oh no! It says it is in stock right up until I try to check out. So disappointed. I've always wanted my own Chivette shirt.

  • SCchivette

    Yay yoga pants!

  • bazooka joe

    I try to keep calm but my girl friend is to fat…

  • Jouhker

    Wife is pregnant, need future chiver shirt to be in stock. A maternity shirt would be awesome too!

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  • VaderWRX

    Got the yoga pants for the wife. Way easier to get then the guys stuff.

  • Haha

    Hahaha, got socks and a shirt. Gna tell her I missed the sale, hear her complain for a bit then when the package arrives I shall be king again!

    • Joe

      did the same thing to my Chivette when I got her first OG KCCO

      • Haha

        Very NiCE!

    • Chase

      Genius! I'm stealing this idea

  • ksome

    Holy.. the leg of the girl on the right is completely botched.. brutal photoshop job!

    • Kris

      Not at all. A pic of me taken recently had the same thing happen to my leg. It's just the angle.

  • Shawna Stryker

    Ahhh! I missed this one, but it's ok. I was totally watching live coverage of Taylor Morris coming home for the first time to IA since his accident. Amazing video of him walking on HIS home turf.

    Taylor, you KCCO buddy … and John … some socks would be nice! :O)

  • DADS

    Congrats to everyone that got their items. And congrats to everyone that will be getting simultaneous bjs.

  • JVO

    Are you guys really that bad at planning product launches? 45 minutes really?

  • Ryan

    2x pink, 2x briefs, 2x yoga pants… 2x very happy new chivettes!!

  • ScootMagroot

    I got a KCCO shirt for a single San Diego Chivette that wasn't able to get one…..see what I did there?

  • elbuenaldo

    STOP SPECULATING with your merchandise CHIVE, for god's sake! MAKE A LOT, A REALLY FUCKING BIG QUANTITY, A FUCKING LOOOOOOOT of shirts, and all the other stuff…

  • Danielle Case

    Finally was able to snag a Chive tee ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aaron

    Trying to KCCO, but I can’t seem to get a shirt for me and my girlfriend to KCCO in… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  • ladypirate2k

    The best boyfriend ever got me a pink KCCO! I feel a DAR photo shoot coming on soon…

  • Lucky

    Got the fiancée a shirt and pants! She's going to be surprised when they come in. Any chance of bringing the spaghetti strap chivette shirt back?

  • Eric Davis

    Landed one for one of the girls at our FD ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Tenika Ann Bruleigh

    Waited patiently my Mac all day for my pink KCCO to become available. Can't wait for it to get here!

  • Sherrie Pace Christensen

    Got mIne…fInally!

  • Heather Lynn

    I got my socks and undies!! Definitely spent the money i needed for gas tomorrow… Who needs gas anyway?! :-/ lol kcco! Maryland chivette ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

  • jenny

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  • Baba Booey

    wtf? what is thereconly like 5 items or what? wanted to get some stuff for my wife but its always sold out whats the deal chive?

  • Andres

    keep the supply of srtihs drastically low to keep the demand excitedly high. Keeps the buzz alive & they can continue to raise prices. And, the average joe will do or pay almost anything to get one of these priceless? srtihs. Stop the frenzy people. Need to stop acting like the dogs at the dog track endlessly running in a circle to catch the rabbit. Laughable.

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