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    • üäö


    • gvvcvc


    • kevin

      Go play leapfrog with a Unicorn

    • GatOne

      "I'm in such need of approval from complete strangers that, even though I know everyone hates this shit, I still do it anyway…" is what I hear in my head every time I see this nonsense.

  • Alan Carlson

    #19 WTF is going on here? Is it what I think and a fatty has come loose on the spinner, run for your lives!

  • I don't know

    I love the chive

  • shralp

    #41 funny stuff

  • RossC86

    #20 Dang, thought I was done touching myself for the day..

    • IRawdoggedyurgf

      I have never been "done touching myself" for a day……this pic just adds to the motivation a bit_

  • Josh R.

    #20 oh my!

  • Bob

    #58 words can not describe …

    • Kiki

      Cannot is one word.. just having fun! DAT ASS!!! meesa wants MOAR

    • sully

      I was thinking wallpaper for the computer and then wondered if I could get that tattooed in the inside of my eyelids. My Lord.

    • fap

      fap fap fap describes it pretty well.

  • Lionel

    #20 is weekly top from me. please let me have her FB id 😀

  • zjh

    #14. That never gets old.

    • gma

      Rarely has the "little black dress" ever looked better.

  • Serinanth

    #40 Only place I've seen water like that is Crater Lake.

    • Realio

      I would say NZ

      • Anonymous

        Crater Lake

        • Realio

          I repeat: there is water that blue on the south island in New Zealand

          • Serinanth

            New Zealand's on the list, so I will have to see. Crater lake has some of the clearest water on the planet, somewhere around 140 ft, and wholly shit its cold =D The pic is crater lake though its hard to forget a place like that.

            • ChurchoftheFonz

              I believe it's the 8th deepest lake in the world. Quite spectacular! I don't think this pic is Crater Lake.

              • AussieBoy

                I know this is a different lake, but check out Blue Lake in Mount Gambier (Australia) – Changes to a brilliant cobalt blue between Dec-March every year.

      • Hunter

        Crater Lake, I was just there last month.

    • Swen

      Diablo Lake (Northern Cascades, WA) has a unique, beautiful, ethereal color as well.

    • googleberry

      At least 5 pics on the internets say this is a pic of Crater Lake, Oregon. And the internets can't be wrong…. can they? Be-you-tee-ful!

    • Kevin O'Connell

      oh man I love Crater Lake..

  • Tiber_Septim

    #14 With as good looking as you are and have those assets, How could you possibly be bored?

  • Roderick

    #36 Great picture

  • Sean Robert Hampshire

    #31 or a rhino

  • Stupid Monkey

    #5 id like to introduce you to my future wife (blonde on the left) , who will have FLBP

    • angryirishman

      I was about to ask how has no one commented on her yet. She is perfection at its finest wow

    • Stupid Monkey

      and that tongue looks like it could drain all my essence!

    • chiveonwyoming

      Expect to see her in Find Her next week.

      • Tanis

        Be a sin if she wasn't

  • Average_Joe123

    #14 #20 #58 So awesome! MOAR!

  • bkfrijoles

    Where's Meaghan?? Where the bounce?

    • bones

      NO SHIT!!!!

  • whyme1973

    #9 At least she won't drown.
    #20 Mother of God.

  • goodguysfan

    #45 The Paul Rudd and Ray Lewis Madden NFL 13 commercials are hilarious but this would still be a much better advertising campaign.

    • Tobias Funke

      I would rather see this…every time I see Ray Lewis I worry that he is about to stab someone to death.

  • tdawe

    Holy Hump!

  • Bobby

    #26 would definitley like MOAR,

    • @pezatsea

      Not sure why she made it to Best of the Week. Meh.

      • Shannon Coverdale

        Cause bewbs

    • Hardon, Raging

      i want to go to there

  • arnold

    This kid's my hero

    • Kiki

      Everyone needs a beam of light shot through them every once and a while. It cleanses the soul 🙂

  • greenpasturesart

    Is the kid standing over the fountain in #8 the same kid that is leaning on the window in #46 ??

    • chiver

      buy that kid some pants!

    • IRawdoggedyurgf

      even the kids all look alike

  • whoami

    #14 I would wrap her legs around my head and wear her as a mask

    • Rone_Gentry

      A little creepy, but I get it. You get a thumbs up.

    • IRawdoggedyurgf

      a bit hannibal lecter like….but I am feeling the angle you are working

  • Constable Reginald

    #36 Inspector Spacetime?

  • Rone_Gentry

    Woah, guys. Imagine "The Game" of #6 in #7. I just blew my own mind.

    • Kyle429

      There would be no "game" because the balloon would never touch the ground in zero gravity. 😉

    • Alan Alvillar

      The possibilities are endless.


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