Darwin’s theory doesn’t apply to everyone (44 Photos)

  • WTF

    #28 hmmm… i dunno, thats pretty hot

  • Verbal_Kint

    #34 Call of duty: Fat Ops.

  • NanananananaThisGuy

    #12 Frikkin Awesome! If only the guy was physically more "fortunate" he might get laid for his efforts.

  • NanananananaThisGuy

    #32 (Last comment, wrong picture) I was distracted by those AWESOME NIPPLES!

  • Shea

    #30….Honey Boo Boo child all grown up…

  • quizbal1

    first time out of Jersey?

  • Red

    #31, I'm fairly certain thier both dudes.

    #34, freakin WHOA. Dude is almost a meter across!! If you don't don't, that's the length of a full sized AR15/m16. He actually might be a meter across, holy- McDonalds isn't a substute for a kitchen.

  • Brit

    That awkward moment when you actually know someone on this list!

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