It’s basically the weekend and I just DGAF (33 Photos)

  • HumpDan

    I just ate 4 bowls of cinnamon toast crunch.

    • jjjjjjjj

      You realize that's like a 1000 calories unless you have tiny bowls

      • HumpDan

        No, huge bowls. DGAF.

        • Jack Wagon

          Damn that sounds good dude!

      • SteveE

        I believe that's his point, he DGAF

    • Ben

      Does your stomach hurt?

    • Vyle_Kidovich

      Thumbs up, that's more than I've done in an hour of being at work.

      • Mikeg01sf

        Your poops gonna smell awesome

    • Abn

      I fucking love Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Thats what I do after smoking 4 bowls of weed

      • sdd

        I see your four bowls and raise you 6, plus 4 shwarma pita wraps.

  • Blake


    • guest

      Since the submission page won't work for me. The Hoola-hoop girl is back

    • TheDude

      You spelled 'fag' wrong.

  • admiralperry

    #12 What? I have an addictive personality

  • mcpain87

    #23 I just….wh…how…hfs

    • Nevenem

      lot of warm beer…

      • KCCO

        Bear Grylls' wet dream

  • @FlaChiver

    #12 Now thats KCCO

    • sloop

      camel trophy?

  • @nickinwarcal

    #22 will find

    • Charlie Galvin

      Damn, you know how long its going to take me to eat the whole roll.

  • Phil

    #30 Conans desk placement has its own trig equation to optimize this….

    • DRED

      well played sir…..

    • _DoC_

      I'm sure that "Hot chick(Slide chair to the far side + leaning forward)= boobs" is the equation.

    • jjjjjjjj

      He has to be one the most un-funny weirdos on TV. I don't get the little cult following he has. He usually has a hot chick for a guest but I still can't sit through him spazzing out telling bad jokes to see them.

      • A BiPolar Guy

        I say to each his own.

      • Max

        you're a faceless nobody, and thanks for your opinion that no one cares about. Don't screw up my order at the drive thru today.

  • @nickinwarcal

    #16 well yea because potatoes

    • Taco_Depot

      but what about Maine!?!?!

      • Methos

        Mainiacs don't answer dumb polls. 🙂

        • Taco_Depot

          Must be true. I am from Maine & was never provided this survey.

          • drew

            You are from Maine and don't realize that it is a major potato producing state? For shame, sir.

            • Taco_Depot

              You sir, have missed the point entirely. For shame.

  • Ramblinwreck

    #33 KCCO brother!

    • I_am_golf_c0m

      "No Mas Pantalones" Labor Day Weekend Extravaganza! … now celebrated internationally!

      • JoeFro

        Chive you need to post the story that went with this; it was incredible.

        • yuuup86
          • Greg

            Thanks for putting the link up. It's an awesome story. However, I hate when reporters call all marines above the rank of Sgt "Sergeant". He's a Gunnery Sergeant (Gunny), and he earned that rank. I'm sure he would appreciate the author of his story getting that right.

          • Wisti

            Thank you! I would never have known the story if you hadn't put the link up and that guy deserves to have EVERYONE here about him. Outstanding.

            • Wisti


  • Sean Robert Hampshire

    #30 can you blame him ? haaa

    • MonkeyMadness

      I'd be slobbering all over them myself. 😛

  • Swat

    Number 33…Badass of the week!!

    • @sean_armstrong

      You forgot to pound it.. #33

      • Theresia

        I'd pound it! I mean.. for my country!

  • Kitty

    #1 is just awesome!

  • Jin Jung

    #33 You guys rock! Thank you for serving!

    • Kristen

      You're still squinting, aren't you?

  • Sam

    #30 Interview, what interview?

  • thrannix

    #9 Beer, boobs. Delicious combination.

    • Epitomizer

      I would definitely give her a fuck!

  • EDD


  • _DoC_

    #20 KCCO-ing with his balls on fire like a boss.

  • ChadE

    #33 Fuck you Taliban! Nice try bitches but I'm still here!!!!

    Glad to see that you're ok brother and thanks for your service!!!

  • the_dutchmen

    #5 coming or going to Vegas!

    • jasgat66

      Thought the same thing..Gotta be going… That pass is a bitch to get through.

  • tv_paul

    #18 The Bangalore TV version of the Power Rangers just doesn't have as big of budget as their US counterpart.

  • Lukeatmacok

    #31 Fuckin BItches!! Fuck this shit, i need a drink..

    • tv_paul

      Well unfortunately for the ladies he is "faster than a speeding bullet" in the sack.

    • Kodos

      "I hope you don't expect me to save you, because I don't do that anymore."

    • Master_Rahl

      Love when he starts flicking peanuts at the bar and smashing bottles. Don't mess with a drunken Kryptonian. NO sense of humor.

  • Emucratic

    #15 and #16 lmao. People in Idaho are Hardcore.

  • Mshep

    Community, best show on tv.

    • Chivette11

      Coolcoolcool. ;]
      Too bad they were sentenced to TV death by being moved to Fridays.

  • aVulgarSquirrel

    #16 Like a boss Idaho.

    • NOISE

      Idaho don't give a fuck about wild gorillas.

      Honey badgers? Might be another story.

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