Nerd tattoos, because technology is forever (27 Photos)

  • Keith_D

    #9, #23
    Looking like an ass hat… There's an App for that

  • Tom

    I understand the the little cute logos IE the android guy SOMEWHAT…. But getting company logos like GOOGLE tattooed on you? REALLY? That's like winning the 100 yard DEET DEE DEET in the special olympics! Special Olympians are smarter then these tards.

  • MystrBubblz

    I WANT ONE!!!

  • Rodrigo

    My god! Just because it is technology doesn't mean you are not a douche. That is like Henry Ford having "internal combustion" tattooed on his arm. Get over it. Computers, smart phones, game consoles…they are just stuff the will become obsolete and forgotten not long after your ink dries.

  • Darvulia

    Hehehehe, the Myspace guy must be sorry right now. Some guy must be getting a facebook tattoo, or even a Google+ one, as we speak.

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  • coldpancakes_

    Man these tattoos suck donkey asshole

  • evan

    wow…..tats that rep operating systems are badass.

    • evan

      Also, Im self tatooing a song I wrote in binary code on my chest. It's gonna be sweet. Then Im gonna put a butterfly with whispy yellow wings next to it. Thoughts?

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  • Rodrigo Pessota

    I have a tattoo that rocks these, I personally think :p
    How can I show you???

  • Diane

    8,9, and 15 look fake.

  • huhhui

    you see some on

  • Super-D

    Much like most tattoos, fake tattoo pics get old the second or third time you see them.

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  • corndog916

    #4 is clearly a fake tattoo! just sayin

  • Thyqwerty

    Think differently*
    And think of using correct grammar when permanently marking yourself with a phrase.

    I don't want to live in this world anymore.

  • Bum

    #6 hi joe!

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  • Jordyn

    Some of these aren't real my cousin is a tattoo artist and I have seen her do some of those and they don't even look like the ones that she does.

  • lake

    Duuuuude you got a dell

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