• http://thechive.com/ Paula_


    – I thought I'd try the minimalist approach.

    • a-nom


    • Gun_guy

      Go with Vibrams then…

  • a-nom

    Who's the limber little dwarf you have throwing KNIVES AT ME AND MY PARTNER??

    • drew

      he probably has lashes on his back….

  • http://www.facebook.com/drew.andersen.397 Drew Andersen

    god dammit… well i gotta start my day after something like that

  • Kong

    this kid, has skillz

    • Wow

      Ya it's amazing what you can do when you have to earn your food like an animal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dominic.matteo.1 Dominic Matteo

    I feel like my future children will be a disappointment after watching this

  • Big_James

    First words out of my wife's mouth "Fucken Asians." She means that in the nicest way possible.

  • Brett

    Anything you can do a 5 year old asian kid can do better.

    • amplidudes

      Sorry, but he is just 4 (!) Look at his hand in the beginning …

  • Bob

    I'll have to question this a bit. As a pianist his hands are nowhere near big enough to span the keys he needs to hit for all this sound. If it's real though – wow. He's ARCT at age 5 then.

    • a-nom

      It's amazing but not at all unbelievable. Mozart was of similar age when he began composing. I hope he is able to make use of this talent in his future. We certainly need more classical musicians.

      • Bob

        Agreed – he would be beyond a phenom. It took me 'til age 14 to be able to play a song nearly that complicated and even then he's cleaner hitting the "random" keys. (The ones you see him cross his hands over… breaks formation to hit a random note 1-2 octaves higher).. VERY hard to do at speed.

        It's sad to see people make fun of something they don't fully understand.

        • NCchivette

          "if it's real" really? I'm sure, just like the rest of us. You hear him playing a wrong note. Possibly because his smaller size hands. I'm 19, asian decent (smaller stature if you will, I have small hands) and I play the piano. I still have the ability to play the piano quite well. Don't underestimate someones size. It's possible for kids at that age to play the piano quite well. Some just don't learn like others. Quite offended you'd question someones talent. Especially since the Chive posted it.

    • slingblade

      it looks like his hands are not in sync with some of those key strokes, mainly around those "random" notes you mention

    • Thanh

      Bob, if you are really a pianist…wouldn't you be able to tell if he's hitting the right key to sync with the music?
      maybe you're such a PENIS (a dick) but I don't think you're a dick because you said "if it's real though – wow."
      so I 'd have to assume you're a really bad pianist

      • Piss

        Go away and die ignorant douche

    • younsee

      I thought the same thing.

    • twenty seven

      I work with extremely gifted child and teen musicians. it's real. i see this not all the time, but enough to know that it's real. every so often these little gems come along.

  • a-nom

    wow dude, not cool…

    • guest


  • Moe

    2 comments today

    1) Asians sure can make awesome robots
    2) the neighbors on the other side paper wall must be pissed!

    • Homer

      Should keep it closer to zero, everyday.

  • Rich_Creamer

    Ah yes, But American has Big Penis!!!!

    • Larry

      But you use it to reproduce some dumb kids

      • Ackbert

        He's referencing a SouthPark joke moron.

        • knotmee

          You think a person who does NOT watch SouthPark is a moron? I think you have that backwards….

          • Anonymous

            South Park is on point. Every time.

    • chiapet

      'MERICA!! F yeah!

  • Elad

    He'll still never figure out how to drive.

    • izzyvic

      i think this is the first time a comment had me laughing till i cried hahaha

    • Willie


  • Cassells

    When I was 5 I was outside playing in the mud. Now I'm 26 and … not a lot has changed.

    • Mike

      This kid obviously doesn't get out much if he's that good at age 5. Chivers should donate a football or something for him to play outside.

      • shiz

        Wouldn't do any good, the kid and parent wouldn't know what to with it….

  • Fart

    I can fart that tune

  • r1rider

    but will he ba able to drive is the question

    • jimmeh

      will you be able to spell?

  • MrKris

    he is just button mashing

  • monetmonet

    comon guys, everyone knows asians look younger than they are – dude is like 25

  • bryanole27

    I can't even rub my stomach and pat my head at the same time.

  • taco soup

    I can't even get my five year old nephew to play guitar hero

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.mulholland.35 Alex Mulholland

    Now i know for a fact i will never make it as a musician. At age 10 he will do this with his feet while playing drums with his hands and a harmonica in his mouth.

    • Eryday I'm Hustlin

      What makes you think you can't be a "musician?" Have you heard the radio lately? Rick Ross's album has been the top selling album for the last week and he has less than no talent.

  • NebraskaGuy

    Now I'm sad.

    When I was five, not peeing my pants was an accomplishment!

    Now this kid … damn!

  • Tramp F. Artesian

    That could be the next Rudwig van Beethoven.

    • Legendary2003

      You mean, Ludwig, right?

      • Woop

        no rudwig. hehe you dumb plick

  • Crispy Bacon

    i didnt hear one super mario song. Let down

  • Tayz

    Not to take away from this kid but audio wasn't definitely off.

    • Tayz

      was (I meant)

      • Bob

        I noticed that too but thought maybe it was lag due to the video codec.

  • robvc

    This is amazing and all yes… however it makes you really wonder, what were the parent's doing, or better yet, HOW much were they pushing and pressuring him to pick this much up this fast? There are prodigy's and there are "bred" people if you will… I have a sneaky suspicion this poor boy (as wonderful his demeanor seems to be) is likely the latter of the two.

    • Dave

      I would have to disagree. To get to that level the kid has passion for it. I can chain my 5 year up to the piano and he'll never get to this level.

      • robvc

        I'm not saying by any means that the kid doesn't have a passion for what he is doing… on the contrary, my point of "as wonderful his demeanor seems to be" kinda implied that he does love what he is doing. But that level @ 5 years old also still doesnt come without some decent push… or launch, that's all I'm getting at.

        • Lol

          You're not Asian. How would you know huh? Huh whiteboy? Huh? What white boy?

        • letitroll

          you're taking it the wrong way. there are just some gifted people that will learn quickly. you teach a kid the alphabets, and he can do read a book. it's the same thing but with music. you teach him one tune, and he learns a song. that's the difference between a gifted child like him, and a jealous fool like you.

          • KoalasAreAlwaysCute

            Exactly right. I don't think you can have that level of play without natural talent and interest in it. no matter the amount of pressure placed, i don't think the average child at 5 (or any age for that matter) can play like that.

            robvc, by implying that the child is 'bred' to play the piano is taking the gloss off the child's talent. Shame on you.

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