The end of another week means it’s time to reflect back on your childhood (35 Photos)

  • sam

    awesome post!

    • kevin

  • TokyoFace

    #19 … Princess Kitana was so hot in that movie….

    • Deep Dish

      The CGI for Reptile was so advanced and realistic. Totally held up over time.

      • V4Vendetta14

        The spoiler for me was Goro… So bad.

    • Anomanom

      Johnny Cage's epic cock punch.

      • dawgbone98

        Goro's 2 hands over his nuts, 2 hands waving around is how I imagine I would have reacted to a nut shot if I had 4 arms.

        • Matt

          when i first watched this as a kid i was hoping sub zero was gonna lay lui kang the fuck out

          • Groggy

            I was always perplexed by the notion of Sub-Zero and Scorpion being co-henchmen. Since, you know…they're enemies.

    • You

      As soon as I saw this pic.. Someone in my head yelled MORTAL COMBAT!!! Then that song came on

      • Ken


  • Bam Bam


    • gia

      Why do you say first when you clearly are not first? Do you need glasses or something? Get a brain!

      • Jim Goodrich

        first too

  • Shiftycap1

    #12 ….I was such a boss at this, even knew how to get back into the vent on Facility. Btw, Paintball mode was fucking dumb.

    • Qwerty

      You are retarded.

    • Tyler Baggins

      You're fucking dumb

  • rickacha

    #34 I do, and also to watch porn in the VCR…

    • thor

      god vhs porn sucked

      • Chaz

        Setting the timer to zero so you knew exactly how far rewind so it would be right were your dad left it was a pain in the ass!

    • FuckinOff@Work

      RF switch adapter!

    • Kevin Mills

      I had one that was a tapeover of the land before time…. my poor little sister was so confused.

    • ruderstrong

      wait, Wait -you dont have to do that anymore? oh and the Cat in #1 Probably dead.

  • _ThisGuy_

    #23 Battlebots!

    Man, I miss that show.

    • Sam Christy

      That show was the shit!! They should bring that back

    • chelsea_dagger

      Oh gosh, pretty sure my dad, brother and I saw EVERY one of these and could still name a bunch of them. And the fact that Bill Nye was one of the hosts just made it exponentially cooler.

    • paulhitchcock

      Where Mythbuster Grant got his start.

  • Everclear

    #6 FUCK that level.

    • Munkeez

      That was my exact reaction too!

    • BIG Slow

      I concur.. I cringed as soon as I saw that.. but now I want to play it so bad!!

      • lol

        Good luck. I've tried a few times and on this level the game freezes right in the middle of it. Damn cartridges!

    • Falcore

      Watch the speedrun for it

    • Jackson

      Battle Toads was worse. Hardest level EVER!

  • urdone969

    #6 hard ass turtles game!!.. well was for me?

    #32 love how the original gold ZELDA is in there 🙂

    #34 Yes…Yes I do..but now still have the tell flat screen to use AV jacks 🙂

    • Master_Rahl

      maybe there's a follow-up question to #34 did anyone have to use pliers to change the channel because the blasted knob broke/fell off?

    • BanffChiver

      Gold ZELDA is possibly one of the greatest games of all time!

  • A. Tari

    #28 river-raid was the tits.

    • Mito

      That's Combat, not River Raid.

      • fuckUmito

        I wasn't referring to what is on the screen, DOUCHEBAG. Of course it's fucking combat.

    • socket2me

      river raid and mouse trap ! I played those 2 with my father a lot

  • fabio

    Still awesome!

    • truth

      What's up with the rubber gloves though?

  • r151

    #9 -The first game I broke when I was a little kid. I rage-smashed that f**ker, then cried a little. The second one was Battletoads. No tears were shed.

    • Flox

      Battletoads survived a lot of rage, so did Ninja Gaiden. The only game I ever really ***ked up was Contra. Contra was ridiculous.

    • ...

      My brother gave me a sick black eye one time trying to rage smash the controller into the wall because of battle toads

  • IceColdBuddha

    I wonder if all the 20 year old's out there are shaking there heads asking "what's that"?

    or submitting pictures of PS2 thinking its "old school" lol

    • Eddie Murphy

      OMG people grow up in different decades, You can't explain that!

      • Yep

        OMG…Obama Must Go

    • THAT_GUY

      Im 21, and am missing my child hood dearly..

    • Geoff Brinker

      wrong. im 21 and played all these games. still have my nintendo hooked up and i get my atari out of the closet every now and then

      • Ray J

        so your finally out of the closet? Fag!

        • JHL1

          You can call me "Ray", but you doesn't have to call me "Ray J"….. ahh memories

    • Dunny

      Still traumatized.

    • Dunny

      Can't stand when I see posts like this. I'm 20 something and I know grew up on the classics. Maybe oldies like you should brush up on your math before u post.

    • illWill

      Yeah, what a bunch of whelps.

  • dan

    #6 no shit, I was just playing that game about an hour ago

    • Deep Dish

      I remember hating that game when I was a kid because I was so used to the arcade-style one instead. Kind of want to go back and try it again.

  • The Bandit

    #9…awesome game!
    #19….great game(s)….crappy movie, which I watched more than once anyways!
    #20…Bill Murray and Venkman FTW!

  • kevin

    Am I the only one that remembers the game Ghost in the Graveyard? The game of tag played at night when one person hides and if you find them you would yell "GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD" and run back to the base, if you got tagged you would be the next ghost to hide.

    • @AlanFox13

      Great game! German spotlight was awesome too. Ah, when kids used to go outside to have fun…

    • Sam Christy

      Kick the can!

    • ...


    • sarah

      I loved that game, but it scared me when I'd see the 'ghost' and they'd try to get me. Haha

  • gclark

    There is far to many winning pictures here for me to comment on just one.

    Fuck Im Old.

    • DrGarnicus

      Welcome to the club!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #26 Duke Nukem Hail to the king baby!

    • The Sword

      This is how I want to go.

    • Dan Peterson

      I still play this shit on DosBOX all the time

    • herp ferp

      Duke Nukem:Its time to Kick Ass and Chew Bubble Gum..And I'm all out of Gum!
      Redneck Rampage: Your ass is grass an I'm the Lawn Mor'!

      • Robbi

        hahaha memories

  • War

    #18 bad idea that iPad would be covered in piss next to the toilet in my house

    • Tartex

      just wandering what u would do if u run out of paper?

      • Kristen

        Well, Tardex, you'd probably wander on over and wipe your ass with the shower curtain.

        • Crapple

          just use your iPad, its a piece of shit anyway

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  • ewdeziel

    #29 damn, I want a chunk of the aggro crag!

    • nsded

      Its a "Piece" of the Aggro Crag. Get it right.

      • sarah

        'A glowing piece of our radical rock!'

    • Whitney

      My husband and I have been all over Ebay for about 3 years trying to track down a piece of the Crag!!! No luck, though!

    • PJ

      Mike fuckin O'Malley!

  • CombatCommo

    #29 holy fuck i want a piece of the agrocrag in my house!

  • RichMahogany

    #8 My name is Matt Foley and I am a motivational speaker!

  • ChrisDG74

    #26 – Hail to the King, baby.

  • mcthr33

    #9 ohh the early 90's….when punching chicks in the gut was socially acceptable?

    • Libsarewimps

      Youre a whiny bitch!

    • Master_Rahl

      still think one of the oddest things about that game was that there were 2 heroes, and one girlfriend.

    • MylesofStyles

      Well, she did leave the kitchen, after all.

    • illWill

      Still is.

  • Yan

    #6 was the hardest game in the world – that's when i needed KCCO. Don't believe anyone got past level 2, apart from Chuck Norris or potentially Korean Jesus.

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