Cat Saturday (31 Photos)

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  • Boozeron

    #26 lol kitty playing Diablo 3

  • guest

    i have a #19 situation at home but with a kitten that looks like #25.

    yay cat saturday!

  • Jody

    #10 is cruel

  • LucretiusCarus

    Cat Saturday sucks.

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  • Pinkyinthesky

    Where can I buy the cat tunic???

  • MattKL


  • Joshua Stanford

    this is awesome

  • William Patterson

    #10 and #21 omg hahahahahaha

  • Theresia

    #10.. that is awful! Just awful!! Those cats are freaking the fuck out!

  • Khaqan Javaid Qazi

    #20 my kitten does the same every morning

  • Chi town carpenter

    #30 there's something out there an it ain't no man …. We're all gonna die!

  • Pwarr

    #16 I bet the owner was laughing so hard. My cat makes this face when I laugh at her:D

  • Mike

    Cat Saturday makes me smile every weekend

  • Reggie Canuck

    #7. Me too!

  • Weasel


    That's the way I do that at my house. Not because I am single but its fun seeing the cat run after the bugs

  • Brandon

    #12 This is how you will always kill insects. Because you are a single male with a cat, and you will always be a bachelor.

  • Andrea Diaz

    .this makes me want to get a cat.

  • TommyB

    #10 Man those Cosmonauts are just FUCKIN with those cats! That's just funny! So do cats really 'always land on their feet?'

  • Andrew

    #28 looks like your kind of woman, Mac

  • IRawdoggedyurgf

    #9 So cute I want to punch something in the face….pull a "of mice and men" and squish it on accident

  • Angela Smith

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    LONG LIVE CAT SATURDAY! Fuck that new dog post bullshit.

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