Soooo…. you got wasted (30 Photos)

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  • big E

    First comment always wanted to be that Guy so sweet

    • Paul

      Cool story bro

    • Rob

      So you have always wanted to be the loser that says first. You win, you are a loser

    • Moma's milk

      Paul and Rob invented the circle jerk, together. 8==👊==D💦💦 👨

    • ESAD

      So how does douchery feel …….

  • Taylor Younce

    #18 is downright impressive.

    • bikerwoo

      Looks like fun!
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      • Hell's Pussies

        Bikers are fags.

  • Johnnie Ratliff

    #8 this picture cracked me up way too much haha

    • Dickie Z

      That door has been all over campus at UK (Kentucky). Poor thing, the first week of college must have been rough on him.

  • John White

    Damn…some of these are downright creative!

  • JJJ

    #25 — looks like fun

    • skyfireCO

      if you disregard the wasted beer

  • Average_Joe123

    #5 Kinda looks like a zombie!
    #17 I'd get a drink from that bartender anyday!

  • johnnystyle25

    #16 That first step is always so tricky.

  • Rick Van de Schepop

    I always do that :')

  • Lamp

    #6 MOAR

  • dude 2

    #23 dont drink too many mikes hard lemonades. youll get a tummy ache

    • ProudAmerican

      And a tendency to disrespect the American flag. Drunk or not, that's still shameful.

      • Laurie

        Agreed, that was the first thing I thought when I saw that picture. At least it wasn't touching the ground in the pic. Let's hope someone had the good sense to take it off him before he passed out…

        • Jon

          SATAN! SATAN! SATAN!

      • WackaWacka

        And he's a Fag

      • Unjimable

        Why do Americans get so uppity about the flag? You've got plenty to be proud of as a nation (hell, you've just put a 2 tonne, nuclear powered, laser wielding tank on Mars). It just seems stupid to get so butthurt over a piece of cloth…

        • Kat

          Agreed. As a Canadian, love my country, but if I saw this happening, I'd just think it's funny. 😛

          • bored

            As a non American (from the U.S.) you would not understand. Please don't take this as an insult

          • aty26

            except it's not funny….

      • PJP

        I echo what others said: my first thought was, drunk or not, this is not funny. He wasn't drunk when he fashioned his flag outfit.

        There's no good reason to disrespect the symbol of our country. If a person finds fault with the US, the person should work to fix the problem.

    • tunkbanky

      Lady Liberty is way too manly to drink Mike's Hard Lemonade. This dude has to be French.

      • jasgat66

        Fucker has the book upside down but that's the least of his problems..

      • MattyDeuce

        You do know that's where Lady Liberty came from, right? As a gift from the French! I thumbed your comment up anyway because I know what you were doing there!

    • FarmBoy

      I hate when people do this to the flag, plus it makes for a good reason to tell a sorority girl during an "anything but clothes" fashion show to take it off.

  • Crash

    #21 told you not toilet her drink!

    • William Patterson

      If only more people were smart enough to understand that joke XD kcco

  • freddy boy

    #16 Well, at least she won't aspirate.

  • Shannon Coverdale

    I love you Mac

    • Mac

      Fuck you, you antiquated piece of shit.

  • @MWJohnson1

    #28 Is that an R Kelly special.

  • fuk

    watty fant no y ? i think im fuuuuugly

  • Craig Jägerbomber Thomas

    #15 The Cathouse rock club in glasgow!! Love it!! =D

  • Brian Lep

    #16 found Waldo

  • Loopan

    #30 Bazinga? Bazinga!

  • I likes mah dranks

    I loves me some bacon!

  • Ya bloke

    Learn to hold it mates.

    • Rob

      They are practising to hold it. It takes lots of practice

  • kal50

    #16 No I'm ok. Just take the picture. We'll find my teeth later.

  • Jon

    I like to look at these stupid drunken posts because it reminds me that my life could be much worse.

    • MattyDeuce

      you mean better?

  • alutis

    #2 I know that feeling bro.. Only mine was a glass one and believe me. It hurts waaaaay more

    • Rob

      Agreed. Drunk people and glass things are a bad mix

    • MattKL

      That's why I don't have a glass coffee table. I'm clumsy enough, I don't need to worry about shredding myself when I get blitzed.

    • charlie

      This is my buddy haha I have him falling through the coffee table on video. funniest thing i have ever seen

  • cccchivette

    #23 Umm… Pretty sure your book is upside down lol

    • stoneherb

      what up inspector gadget?

  • k4nt

    #7 is incorrect, that's just how it looks in slow motion when you fall onto the ground. Normally your eyes cross and the letters get blurry from left to right (horizontal) but then again as long as you stay the course it doesnt matter.

    • stoneherb

      maybe you've never been wasted. i'm pretty sure most eyes go every direction, depending on the environment of course.

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