Action happens in the pits (28 HQ Photos)

  • Sade

    It's Monday, I can use some motivation 😦

  • Retired Navy

    Forgot the NHRA top fuel pits. They rebuild an entire 8000-10000 horsepower nitro methane engine in less than an hour between rounds, go 300 mph in less than 4 seconds and cover 1000 feet.

  • D3AN

    So anyone else see that multi-million dollar pile up last weekend in Spa?

    • D3AN

      oops, #58

  • stiney

    Where's the love for NHRA? Disappointed.

    • Rick

      I'm saving for future NHRA posts, they should be pretty good

  • Lucky ducker

    dang it, i cant link- the best part of racing

  • ricky bobby

    #13 "Help me baby jesus! Help me oprah winfrey! help me tom cruise!"

    • Applefish

      Help me Paul Newman! Help me David Letterman!

  • Audi's are sexy

    Advantage: Giant in the pit crew #47

  • LIJay

    That's what she said.

  • MattKL

    I respect the skills of these guys, but I still don't give a fuck about Nascar.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #58 – Mclaren F1 baby!! That's my team!

    Chiver or Chivette from BC?? Join the twitter group that's for you!!

  • Hrdwood

    And yet, it still takes those Jiffy Lube bastards 30 minutes just to change my oil…

  • Goggen

    Ahh – what a rare treat to see so many photos from the pinnacle of motor sports on an american site.

    Yep – I'm talking about F1 of course 😀

    • Matty

      Im partial to GT racing, myself. But i did love some of the F1 shots, especially the new Lotus.

  • shawn

    how about no more stupid ass car posts, Rick?

    • Matty

      how about no more stupid ass comments, Shawn?

  • Troll

    NASCAR is not a real sport.

  • DubStu

    Not all "pit-stops", but all cool!

  • lat297

    #20 Happens to me all the time at red lights. Trick is not to pay them, otherwise they'll always come back…

  • Maverick

    Needs more boobs

  • Kevin Stevens

    Limited posts today….why waste our time with this one?!?!?!

  • John doe

    You forgot the wrc too. They swap transmissions, body panels, steering knuckles, brakes, clutches, you name it.

    Im not a fan of nascar but i dont bad mouth it any more. How many of you have the balls to go bumper to bumper surrounded by drivers all going 200mph??

  • perryinjax

    #4 Audi R8… a badass ride 🙂

  • Real Talk

    Its not real racing if you only make left turns

    • bdiggz

      Nascar is where the action is….

  • Piper

    Fuck this. More gaps!

  • Hank Hill

    I'd like to see some of you little mama's boy buttholes that still live at home and have no idea what a titty feels like get out there and manhandle a 4000 lb hunk of metal around a track literally inches away from 42 other cars at 200 mph and keep it together and not puss out. Yeah, you can badmouth it on here and say what you think you know, but you haven't a clue. It would be hard enough just stayin in that moving oven for 4+ hours without blacking out or having a heat stroke.

    • @Thal3030

      They dont undetstand that Nascar isnt just racing the track but its racing around other cars. They also come from a world where there cars stick in every turn. Nascar is a wide sweeping apex. Sometimes the turns have two apexes. Oh well haters gonna hate.

  • Altair

    #21 GO KIMI!

  • Lionel

    #10 is this the lamborghini gallardo? I will buy this babe today :p

    • Matty

      yep, with a Nissan GT-R ahead of it, and a Mercedes SLS leaving the pit.

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