Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • northerner

    #35, I'm NEVER done with Summer when it's taken away from me, pried out of my cold, blue fingers at the first frost. I refuse to give it up, every year! Hate cold weather, scraping windshields, teeth chattering, hands shaking until the engine warms up. No, I ain't movin' to Scottsdale. Or Tucson. Too many slithery and creepy-crawly things in those parts. I just try to Keep [Warm] Chive On! Until Spring…springs…Sigh…

  • Ispeakchive

    #18 Too bad about your learning disability , but at least you got to post on the Chive at the age of five.

  • ChristonaCracker

    #23 Is not impressed

    But I would sure bang the hell outta that!

  • nutsac

    Arnold! Quit Fisting that ROO! #!!,

  • https://www.facebook.com/keith.dietrich.7 Keith_D

    #31- Ah, the good old days of being able to do shit like this without being arrested for domestic terrorism

  • SteveE


  • Mitch

    #26, most be a soccer player

  • ottomanismydog

    #6 Yes you are!!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/roland.perales Roland Perales Jr.

    #7 Who is this sexy woman right here?! That would be insane to date her..it could be like.. "whatcha doing on your leg babe? OHhhh nothning just doodling." ~ *spits beer..
    "MOTHER OF GOD" ❤ ❤ ❤ ;D

  • http://engineeringbooks.net/category/electrical-engineering/ Lionel

    #12 Early days of linkin park LOL XD 😉

  • MattKL


  • Jon

    #26 the entire Miami heat team

  • CSheridan12

    i realllly can't see #19 ending well..

  • MonkeyMadness

    #33 Lock and load, bitches, I'm going in.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #7 This picture makes him look like a conehead.

  • guest

    We are from France

  • Cali_Jangi

    #21 come at me BRO!

  • Cali_Jangi

    #33 "quiet bitch im colorin!"

  • Lilbluecar

    I think a michael clarke duncan gallery is in order

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.phillips.3781 David Phillips

    Is that Arnold Swartzanger carring a kangaroo? #18

  • aron_xo


    Wtf am I witnessing.
    How did he trip?

  • thegloryoflori

    # 24
    Bitch I gotta make my flight..

  • ChukDee

    #17 can I have 2 scoops please

  • ChukDee

    #20 dem the real OGs

  • http://facebook.com/travisbartella misanthropetb

    Anyone know where I can get #34 in high res? It'd be a great wallpaper.

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