Canadian couple raise a grizzly bear as a house pet (19 Photos)

  • DemonIAm

    #18 One on the right, find her!

  • IrkTheJerk

    This will end badly…


    pffft… .whats the big deal. Being from Canada I know tons of people with grizzly bears as pets.

  • Lou

    Where does the bear sleep? Does it have its own room? Do these people have 44 magnum revolvers secreted through out the house, or just steaks?

  • Paul Laraque

    18 month you mean !

  • Bill

    Same guy in the gif. that pimp smacks the bear?

  • wally

    they have a better chance of getting killed going for a walk through the states

  • Yuh!

    The problem with this is that the bear will probably kill them "accidentally".
    The bear will grow to be much larger and stronger… he'll be "wrestling" with his owner for fun one day and probably just kill him without meaning to. It doesn't take much for a 600 lb bear to kill a human.

  • turd ferguson

    this will end well

  • Dannen

    Year, that guy looks very much like Doug Seus, the Trainer of Bart the Bear and several other very, very big grizzlies. If anybody on the Planet knows how to do this, it's him…

  • absolutepaul

    i fucking love my city. i hope i see them taking their bear for a walk one time. that would make my day.

  • LeftFlasherOn

    Does a bear shit in the woods?

    Naw, he's got a big litter box in the corner.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #19 – gotta love the canucks banner. oh, and there's a bear.

    bc chivers & chivettes, this group is for you!! –>

  • Chris

    I have heard of these two people, I think their names are lunch and dinner.

  • Jackson

    Coolest pet ever…..until it eats you.

  • plumbj

    hey can you watch the house for us this weekend , we are going out of town . oohh by the waaay do you think you could feed our pet bear while you are there.

  • @pro7otype

    All those people saying it's gonna eat them. How many of you own a dog? Has it bit you yet? Expect it to?
    You can train any animal, and just because they get old they're not going to just surprise you with a mauling.

    Although being crushed to death by a full sized bear wanting to cuddle would be halarious

  • Biff

    So what's the life expectancy of such bears? Besides jam, what's Billy's diet like? Has he been with the couple since he was a cub? Hope he isn't as friendly with burglars! Do they need to have a licence to keep a bear like a dog? And where does he hibernate in the winter? Hope he's spayed!

  • Scott

    How would you like to be a robber and breaks into that house one night? SURPRISE!!!! LOL

  • Versari

    I think this is the most awesome thing! just respect the bear, and it'll respect you! at least let's hope…

  • Mike

    Richard Branson has put on weight…

  • Emucratic

    Two months later: Canadian family eaten by Grizzly bear.

  • nik

    #17 Be one way NOT to pay your bar bill. Bring your pet grizzly to settle the matter.

  • Nick

    I don't understand why so many people are hating on the fact that these people have a much more gnarly pet than them. People have been raising exotic and/or untraditional pets for years, most of which never had a single problem. Just enjoy the post without feeling the need to make witty, pessimistic allusions to your lack of faith in interspecies companionship, this is awesome!!!!

  • ericfrawley

    Hi my name is Eric I am a 408 month old baby…WTF?

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