Canadian couple raise a grizzly bear as a house pet (19 Photos)

  • Mike

    looking forward to the CNN news report of "Couple mauled by Grizzly they kepr as pet"

  • chena

    …maybe they mean 18-MONTH-old bear….?

  • Brent Manor

    Wow, that guy looks like a fat Richard Branson.

  • Catman

    Key phrase: "hasn't savagely killed them yet".

  • Ryan

    If I had the pictures from when my grandparents had their pet badgers i would totally submit them.

  • its_forge

    So he just passes out in November and they don't have to deal with him until March?

  • Rick

    You can't have an 18-year-old "cub," regardless of the type of bear.

  • Phil

    Eventually he'll want a bit of hip bone to gnaw on.

  • A.Lovely. Can-uck

    hey Idiots in Vancouver with the bear-have you sen the footage of the woman who had her face ripped off by an ape "pet"-go stick your head in a snowbank

  • Kato

    That's how we roll in Canada

  • Toquewearingcanuk

    FYI not all of us Canadians are this stupid, RIP you freakin idiots cause teddy is going to tear you a new one right as soon as he hits maturity

  • Mario

    Though the bear attacking is a possibility, I think its highly unlikely since the dude already has a pet Polar Bear! If he can handle a polar bear, I'm guessing he knows how to handle a grizzly. You can check out these videos of Mark with the bears.

    • Mario

      Meant to post this one as the second video.

  • hotpress

    simply a stupid idea, cute and cuddly one minute then……. Headlines in probably the not too distant future—"couple mauled by pet Grizzly Bear"– What part of "Grizzly" are they missing

  • jon boy

    In other news canadian couple eatin by pet grizzly bear.

  • Sieggelwald

    My rule of thumb is never allow an animal into your house that you can't murder with your bare hands.

  • plumpyplatypus

    #4 i think i wouldve peed my pants

  • Travis

    The blue jeans in the pool shows how much Canadians are really out of their element around pools…. Bears…. Thats what they know

  • Cody Masten

    I think I played him on COD last night

  • NonBrit

    Next post: "Canadian couple eaten by adorable pet"

  • miichelle

    I think they mean 18mths. They are animal trainers this bear will be the nexted big bear star like Bart the bear. Bart was in"A River Runes Through It" and "The Great Outdoors" and many others.

  • Feso

    This guy has a pet polar bear too

  • doggie

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  • Leslie Lindsey

    Agree with Nick, why do we have to be so negative? They're both animal trainers, they know what they're doing. Animals are not as dumb as most of us think. They have intelligence and emotion. Clearly the bear loves his human parents too. Everything we do pose a risk, hey even walking on a sidewalk too.

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