Life in India seems, how do I put this nicely…different (47 Photos)

  • JP....


    • Angela Smith

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      • Yeah

        You first.

    • TheDoctor

      What no Bollywood or Indian babe photo? I am disappoint.

  • Head Chef

    Its a special place!

  • Matt Orosz

    I view Indians as the opposite of Asians.

    • videologic

      yeah. What continent is India in again?

      • wiseass


  • temujin1234

    This was a great series of photographs. The contrasts and compromises between traditional and modern lefestyles is fascinating. #3 is a bit scary, though.<img src="; alt="." width="1" border="0" /><img src="; alt="." width="1" border="0" />

    • Really..?

      Traditional.. That's what you are going with. Not maybe ooh I don't know.. Poor, subjugated, overpopulated, starving, hopeless, exploited, or oppressed.. Yea these people have chosen to live a "traditional" life style instead of living in a house (that isn't 4 feet high) with a job and a car..
      This shit is downright sad. It is a horrible thing to see SO many people living out of the trash. Open your eyes.

    • Static

      yeah.. traditional is the incorrect word. These people are beyond poor. There is no middle class in India, you are either wealthy or poor…and they literally have walls between the 2. The Average YEARLY HOUSEHOLD income… $700 to $800.

      • Ted

        India's Middle Class is comprised up of 300 Million People — basically the same amount as the entire U.S. population.


      Indian still has a caste system. If you're born rich you're the greatest, if you're born with nothing you're nothing.

      • Underbaker

        And the Rich won't help the poor because the poor are getting what they deserved from bad karma in a previous life and to help them could cause them to also have bad karma. (I am not making this up folks).

        • Eric James

          Actually, that's untrue.

          • Underbaker

            I know TV has a wealth of mis-information, but I got that tidbit of info from a documentary on the Discovery channel on why there is so little help from the upper class in India. Sounded better then they just don't give a shit.

      • Ron

        Actually, the caste system has nothing to do with people's wealth — it's education.

  • rickacha

    #10 I thought those were made in China….an WTF with #9

    • rickacha

      I meant that #40 was made in China…

      btw how can I delete a comment here ?

  • Dave

    what a stinkin shithole.

    • kryvian

      get an intense debate account or facebook (I think), and log in/post through that, you can edit and delete posts then.

    • Toots

      Thanks mostly to China and America. YAY 🙂

      • smackdown

        Toots – America pays very well for outsourced work in India. In fact, most of the time, it cost more per month to hire people in India then it does to hirer them here in th US. Most peole don’t know this. The benefit is in not having to deal with things like employees filing workers comp claims, or unemployment, or unions or getting sued because an employee doesn’t like the break area. Paying for office space, desk, computer, etc… That stuff adds up. Having been india several times, I asure you, America and many other countries have helped raise the quality of living for many in India.

        • Toots

          smackdown – The US employs what 100 000 Indian citizens abroad? Let's be ridiculous, let's say the US employs 2 500 000 people. The US has then successfully employed 0.2% of the population. Does that make up for the millions USA borrow them to "better their economy" in exchange for the billions of Dollars worth of diamonds, gems, cotton and medicines? Another thing, US does not rent out office spaces, computer desks etc out of the goodness of their hearts. It's because it is SO much cheaper, because of the exchange rate and because they are so phenomenally poor, one dollar for them is not the same as a dollar for someone that is dirt fucken poor.
          I'm sorry, this is not a personal attack. I just cannot understand the way the world works and we all just let it happen.

          • Llama

            why is it always America's fault when other countries are shitholes?

            And I'm Indian.

            • The Woim

              Llama, I always wanted to ask a person from India. Why do people from India swing their head from side to side when they speak? No joke, just curious.

              • gogo

                they are shaking their heads because the curry smell is too strong. that or they are shivering in disgust thinking about pakis

            • Toots

              Llama – I am surprised you would speak of your own country as a shithole? Maybe you are Indian but certainly not from India. I also don't think you can call yourself Indian if you have resided in the UK or USA 90% of your life, because you would then be a Brit or an American, respectively. I call bull shit on you.
              Well anyways, it is pretty obvious why America so often gets the blame. It is because they are the bully on the playground. Along with his cool friends UK, Russia, Japan, Italy, Germany and a few others.. I suggest you do a little reading my friend. Learn what is actually going on around you. Why more and more people are getting poorer and poorer. Why everything is getting more expensive. What are the causes of these things. What are the root problems. You will shortly be answering your own question.
              Keep it real bud 😉

    • wut

      #33 has not helped them much

  • r151

    Yesterday we were complaining that we had too much food, and couldn't fit it all in the refrigerator. Ah, first world problems. This really puts things in perspective…

    • The Woim

      I never get tired of saying it, thank God I live in the USA. I mean really, what are the chances that I was to be born here in 'Merica and not somewhere like India or China. I won that lottery I tell ya.

  • Chris

    #14 "is that a new fragrance snakey?" "yesssss, itsss deadly with the ladiesssss"

    • Wisti

      Hahaha your comment made me laugh…I actually had to imagine him saying it while nuzzling the cute snake…

      • Chris

        haha, this makes me happy 🙂

  • kryvian

    culture shock. now watch all the fags say what a dump it is from their narrow point of view. X3

    • FionnR

      Surely using the word "Fags" represents a similarly narrow point of view on your own behalf

      • kryvian


    • MylesofStyles

      I'm not a fag, but I still think it's a dump. I guess that makes me posses a point of view so narrow, that it borders on a SUPER POWER. Fucking sweet. Thanks guys.

  • @Thogert

    How is anyone there still alive?

    • vangu

      Try leaving the basement today.. it may seem impossible but trust me, it is not.

    • Hanx

      Or to put it another way. See how much we waste in the west.

  • Canis Major

    Cows just showing up out of nowhere

  • Peter

    I guess VIP in India stands for "VIrus Proliferation"

    • videologic

      maybe it was a joke…

    • Llama

      Well, actually, if you look at the one next door it's the hole in the floor kind of toilet. So technically, the above ground toilet is the "VIP Toilet".

      This is why I never want to go back

      • Gurch

        Yeah Llama's right, the "VIP Toilet" is usually saved for the white people or people who cough up some cash to use it. The other option is a hole in the ground…

  • jumbo

    They couldn't fit them all, that's why they are shipping them out to the great land of Murikaa to work at call centers, be doctors, work IT, etc etc.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #15 I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this

    • stash

      we need this in america. end obesity in a matter of weeks

  • Rob

    The people in India do a very good job of looking after themselves considering the conditions they have to put up with

  • Southernmost

    #3 But my question is, since I have PPO do I get to go to any street dentist?

    • Dandude

      His teeth actually look pretty white, so maybe it works?

  • Guntars

    India is fucking awesome

  • videologic

    haha. Look! their culture is different from mine, and they are poor! LOLZ

    • vinn

      americunt logic

      • videologic

        not american and I was being what I thought was obviously satirical. I had a feeling people would think I was being serious though.

        The sentence I wrote was basically what I feel this post/article is saying, not me

        • Hunter_BZ

          Some of us got it, don't stress.

      • Hydrogenbond

        Seriously Vinn, if you don't understand humor then what are you doing here? vidologic is obviously joking and America bashing is boring.

  • Gallus

    I have known several Indians in my time. Every one of them wanted to get the hell out of India. I never asked why. This gallery answers many questions I never wanted to ask …

    • Eric James

      Every Indian I have met had never wanted to leave in India.

    • Donny

      You apparently don't know any real Indians. I live in Edison, NJ (aka Little India) and all of the Indians I have spoken with there tell me that if they love it back in India. Many of them spend their summers there.

  • Petar

    And this is why overpopulation is bad.

  • Tim

    #14 #16
    Da fuk?

    • get it right

      #16 is a rat temple aka the Karni Mata Temple in Bikaner in Rajasthan. Karni Mata was the equivalent of a royal princess.

      One of Karni Mata's sons died and she asked the god of death to revive him. At first he refused but then eventually reincarnated him as a rat. And so would happen to her other sons who died. So all the black rats in the temple are supposedly her sons. And when the rats die they supposedly turn to gold. The dude who told me the story said there is a white rat who is the reincarnation of Karni Mata herself.

      These rats are so holy that there is a net covering the entire temple to protect the rats from predators such as large birds. I watched a wedding ceremony take place at this temple. The rats were disgusting to say the least. One of the most messed up things I've seen on my travels but at the same time easily one of the most intriguing too.

      • Sade

        VERY disgusting but thanks for the story 🙂

  • A global Indian

    India got independent in 1947 so basically it is just 65 years old, its a relatively young country when you compare it to either the USA or the UK which no doubt are fantastic countries. It is, however, unfortunate that this is the only part of the third world the west sees and it is a sad truth. But India is very awesome in numerous ways and people who come here and visit both the urban as well as the rural areas see that regardless of the problems we are one of the fastest growing nations in the world and not judge a country based on a few pictures.

    • daveokopjoj

      One of the fastest growing because the rich exploit the poor such as those we see in these photos. That's not much to be proud of my friend.

      • Canadian

        There is speculation that India could be the next super power country eventually. Theres a lot more going on than you can fathom. If and When it happens, you will still be sitting on your couch thinking america is the best and confused as to why you have no job.

      • DChiver

        I accept the rich exploiting the poor, but that's only if you let them. India has one of the largest number of entrepreneurs in the entire world and the small scale businesses are on a rise. by the time the young generation is old India would have been a developed nation.
        Coz your parents might have played or heard about video games and computers but most of our parents didn't.
        Its like this generation is the first generation that experienced technology and already, in just few years, almost the entire country has Internet connection, Mobile phones and now PC is not a rich guys luxury tool. The government has also announced that every family will be given a mobile phone for free (those under poverty line).
        Also, if you consider all the black money that our corrupt politicians have already sealed up in overseas, we are already a super power, just wait for the day when we fight this fking government and get the money where it belongs.
        Don't forget the gold the british looted for 200 years, the Kohinoor diamond.
        The temples in India alone have Billions of dollars of Gold and you will be surprised to know that there are a few temples in India where the daily donations received are more then Colgate's entire years profit and we haven't even talked about the famous temples yet.
        Don't judge a country just by a few pics.

    • Rob

      I am Australian and enjoy comfort in being allies with countries such as the US and UK. I believe it is a fact though that India has the biggest car production in the world and are getting bigger. Also Germany and Russia are quite rich. I think it pays to be friends as long as there is no other problems. Japan learnt that

    • MylesofStyles

      I just read your entire comment in an Indian accent. It was awesome, to say the least.

      • Jack Wagon

        so did the indians teach the mexicans to pile that many bodies in/on a vehicle or did the mexicans teach the indians?

    • Mayank Vasandani

      if British Wont have Invaded India at all at the time of Mughal Rule…then we would have been one of the richest countries in the world. A known fact that India was cold Gold Bird (Bird because of the territory shape). India had the largest amount of Gold by that time. We were rich. Plus if you might wana search for territory go to google and search for territory of Mughul Empire.

  • Bubba

    #7 Infrastructure-art

  • 2ntenough2facepalm

    @Gallus The people who want to leave india are the type you'll find in any country, who blame the country for all their trouble but forget what the country gave you know that an engineering degree from what is considered one of the best colleges in the world costs under $4000.a graduate degree costs under $1000 from the best university in the country.and these bastards use the country's resources and come to america.they are like rats, only india is not a sinking ship.they are just after the easy money because apparently america doesn't produce enough qualified people.

    • sadman

      Have you seen the "engineers" that India produces? I have only worked with a couple dozen (small sample), but they can't do the job. I worked with an Indian PhD electrical engineer who did not understand how an LED was powered, how memory operated, or how to measure voltage (tech level work). They only win bids because they are the cheapest.

      • canadian

        Not true. I work with plenty of Indian electrical engineers. One in particular is a doctor. I go to him for many jobs that require Cable testing. (we do high voltage electrical testing). He designed all the equipment we use. You are very narrow minded sadman

        • Rob

          Agreed. I am a mechanical fitter and machinist in Australia and I have worked with Indians operating computerised machine tools and they produced top class components

  • M K Gandhi

    all pictures above are accurate however 1.1 billion is a lot of country's in one, you can never know India. india contributed 53% of the world gdp during the mugal rule it fell because of the industrial revolution in the west . it is limping back to sustainable growth .
    india is estimated to have a third of the world's poor
    20% of the world population on 2% of the worlds landmass
    57 billionaires of indian origin have a total networth of $ 194.6 billion (4th in the list after US,china and Russia.
    India also has the highest proportion of couples with two children, or nuclear families,, at 52 per cent, followed closely by Brazil and China at 49 per cent. India also has the least number of single person households at 3 per cent, compared with 10 and 7 per cent for Brazil and China. In developed economies such as Germany and the UK, more than a third of households are single-person ones, have almost a third of their households as single-person at 39 and 34 per cent, respectively, while the US has 27 per cent single-person homes.
    By 2030, India will have the youngest median age of 31.2 years, while China’s will be 42.5 years. Most major economies will see a decline of working age adults (20-64 years). What this means is that India will see a significant rise in working age adults (read spenders).
    India’s per capita GDP has increased from $419 in 1990 to $1097 in 2011, more than doubling in that period, while China’s has jumped from $ 466 in 1995, roughly the same as that of India, to $3149 in 2011, an increase of about 675 per cent

    ooh and a peaceful nation in a really bad neighborhood
    lot of indias lots of pictures lot of stories – fasten your seat belts world a bunch of smelly cab drivers will be the drivers of the world economy .

    • Mitt Romney

      thanks wikipedia

      • Geezer

        Cool story bro

    • Roger

      zero fucks were given during the reading of this…

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