Real filming destinations from some of your favorite movies (30 Photos)

  • beasty

    Bad ass!!!

  • Greyhead

    Very nice but could you put their actual location as well?

    • John

      Yes, I clicked on this assuming that was the whole point…

    • Jeff

      I agree if I don't want to Google all of these. I already know what they look like.

  • DickFister

    I find this post difficult to masturbate to

    • josh

      i like the way you went with difficult, not impossible

    • Fryy

      Lucky you

    • FunKiller

      It took a little while, but I was able to.

    • ED209

      Poltergeist house= JoBeth Williams in a small shirt and panties. It took a little, but mission complete.

  • beasty

    Wouldn't live on the same street. Cold chills just looking at.

    • Dan Peterson

      I always thought it was a really cool house, even as a kid

    • Kodos

      "You only moved the headstones!!"

  • head Chef

    I dont get #27? Want that a big spaceship?

    • mike

      they are talking about the inside

    • hmmm......

      they couldnt afford to fly all the cast and crew into space for that scene ….so they filmed that at this opera house on earth…

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Only the external shots were of the spaceship which is now the accommodation/exercise wing of the ISS.


    #8 i wanna go!!! whos with me!!! hey you guys!!!

    • Mojo

      This is my wish and I'm taking it back. I'm taking them all back!

      • cfolske

        Haystack Rock.. In Cannon Beach, Oregon.

    • FunKiller


      • Standout

        Been there also seen the house. It is a really beautiful beach with a Mo's located nearby with some of the best clam chowder. Well worth the trip.

  • Trailer Ray

    #8 I watched the goonies this weekend. Classic childhood nostalgia. Never Say Die!

  • Steve Masterkock

    Where the fuck is Jesse Pinkmans house?


      Dunno, but #23 looks a lot like the White residence.

      • pinky

        Looks nothing like Walter Whites house.

        • Steve Masterkock

          I dunno dude..There's a garage in this picture. He's got a garage. These things add up


    #22 Also from "Synecdoche, New York"?

    • Adam

      Also from the TV show Breakout Kings, and featured in the opening credits of Rescue Me.

  • Mr X

    #1 thanks for ruining everbody's pictures hot dog car.

    • Taco_Depot

      OR…. enhancing it.

    • dojugostlgin

      Mansfield Reformatory is an amazing haunted house in Ohio around Halloween 50$ for an over night stay

  • Real filming destinations from some of your favorite movies (30 Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

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  • Hrdwood

    #1 Product placements in the shot always ruin the film for me.

    • Simon

      The Shawshank Redemption wouldn't be the same without the food vehicle Morgan Freeman's always banging on about. It made the film.

    • Underbaker

      But it always cracks me up when they do in on USA network, especially in Psych.

  • johnny

    How bout a pic of the biltmore estate where they filmed Richie Rich

  • Tiber_Septim

    #17 best firehouse in the world, right down the street from the Trade Center site

    • Simon

      Also where the mechanic's garage was in "The Mask" (hold on to your lung nuts, it's time for an overhaul).

  • Jay

    #24 Ahh Malta, what a cracker of a time was had there.

    My liver thanked me for leaving though…

    • Simon

      I'm pretty sure we toured the Popeye Village too. The fact I can't remember suggests it wasn't all that.

    • mattythegooch

      Where's all of Robin Williams coke?

  • reckless

    #17 Name your price…

    • RYNO!


  • porkchop

    #7 has been demolished, you should have seen the rats running for there lives

    • Dan Peterson


      • cfolske

        Cabrini Green in Chicago.

        • Theresia

          I didn't know they had been demolished, Good thing..

  • Not Notbob

    #13 was used in several Star Trek episodes / movies, including the TOS episode "Arena".

    • @McBeastie666

      and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Where evil Bill and Ted kill good Bill and Ted.

      • kenny

        I thought it looked familiar

    • Sir Worthington

      It is also the sight for a lot of scenes from the TV show Roswell

    • Trey Reeves

      It's known as "Kirk's Rock".

    • DeepestBlue

      And the remake of Planet of the Apes

  • tralfaz


    They never moved the bodies!!!!

  • Static

    awesome post! thanks chive!

  • ........

    City? State? Providence? Country?

    • Simon


  • Guest

    #10 – best movie ever!

  • BigManJones

    You could have easily picked the Biltmore House/Estates from 'Hannibal', 'Richie Rich' or "Patch Adams' and instead you choose the restaurant from 'Leon' and it's nothing but an empty fucking lot.

  • Atom819



  • Cywasi

    #4 also the high school in Britney Spears video "Hit me baby one more time"

    • Bunny on nite shift

      My mother went to this high school! When she saw "Grease," it was pretty cool.

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