Real filming destinations from some of your favorite movies (30 Photos)

  • Ric

    Would have been nice to have where they were located….

  • Alex

    This same post was on eBaum's World yesterday. Sup wit dat?

  • Dan Peterson

    #19 I'm a little confused…just see blue walls…

  • Sword9mm

    #6 actually watching this movie right now

    • The Pict

      You don't fuck with the Jesus!

  • spydermonkey

    #21 No.

    • Tara


  • Endo

    #1 – Mansfiled, OH – place is bad ass inside.
    #2 – 3159 W. 11, Cleveland, OH (as it says in the pic)

    • Endo

      Oh, #1 – also Air Force One has scenes shot here.

  • Justin Young

    #12 you can buy that whole town for 1.4 million

  • Michael Carroll

    Pic 13 looks like the area from a Star Trek episode.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 – the oscar-meyer wiener-mobile kinda takes away from the movie. lol.

    bc chivers & chivettes, this group is for you!! –>

  • Disgustipated

    This is interesting, but I wish you would have given the actual location or city of these places.

  • lol

    #14 Looks like their bushes could use a hand! haha

  • belikekeagin

    #17 was also in the movie in Hitch.

  • ThePatriot

    jesus fuckin christ copy and pasted from ebaumsworld!! 2 galleries in one day that were stolen. I love chive but this is getting ridiculous

    • Aj Nilson

      HEY Fuck you guy. Nobody likes you people that sit and bitch about a post that may or may not have been someplace else. Sit back and shut the fuck up. If you have already seen it happily pass over it and go to FLBP, or have a wank at sexy chivettes…or chivers if thats your gig. But quit bitching. FUCK!!!

  • Timothy Peverley

    #6 is no longer there. Although the lane they bowled on is now the bar top at Lucky Strike Lanes on Hollywood Blvd.

  • Scott

    Shawshank set – Nashville Tennessee. They only renovated the front of it.

  • Richie Giordano

    #30… "Twelve Monkey's"?

    I don't recall an apostrophe in the title. Does The Chive employ editors or spell checker(no apostrophe)s?

  • FionnR

    #30 is also in the Fisher King isn't it?

    • Schrodinger's Cat

      Also used in Law Abiding Citizen

  • Mike

    Been there!

  • Aide Pineda

    #21 i wouldnt be able to sleep in there lol

  • Nishtai

    #18 That's not the McCallister's house… Maybe the neighbours'?

  • SupraJeeper

    #5 just doesn't look right without a black Toyota in the driveway.

  • Joe_Koz_MI

    #13 – Also where Capt. Kirk fought the Gorn! Trekkies unite!

  • vahung

    Ah, nice to see the locales, but would have been a lot better with some background info.

  • ShawshankFan

    Photo #1 is the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. It's the filming site of the Shawshank Redemption (Shawshank State Prison) , as well as scenes from Air Force One (Prison camp) , Tango & Cash, Harry & Walter Go the New York and many music videos including Lil' Wayne. Go to and they have a whole trail to follow the 14 filming sites in the area for Shawshank. Shawshank Trail Mansfield Ohio also has a Facebook page – yep I'm from Mansfield, Ohio. The place becomes a Haunted Prison the last weekend of September thru Halloween. Creepy, super cool place.

  • DB Conor

    #4 also the police station from Dragnet with Dan Aykroyd.

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