The Winklevii are spreading (30 Photos)

  • bird

    #2 there is no reflection. The cameraman must be a vampire.

  • Calder027

    Dumb question, but was this the house that was used in the new Tron movie? #4 #6

    • CMB1

      I thought so as well.

  • Mike

    Looks like they bought the place from Cameron Fry's parents after they moved to Cali.

  • GregoryTH

    Here's what I want to know…where the hell do people put all of their shit in these ultra-modern homes???

  • MjD

    Great View small house.

  • Nate Howe

    #11 Apparently money can't buy the sense to put your speakers up at the same level as your TV.

  • MrN00DLE

    Like a VOSS!

  • Macro

    F**k both of them.

  • @pro7otype

    Nice house, but am I wrong saying it needs a little (more) colour? It's bland

  • Giggity

    Looks like a fuckin doctors office to me.

  • toward

    Nice. Maybe someday they can afford to live separately.

  • Retired Navy

    No kegerrators, no stripper poles for "visiting women", no David Mann (Easyriders Mag)art on the walls. Evidently the rich and their "decorators" have no taste.

  • Versari

    My envy has now started pouring.

  • The Milkman

    charles manson: wonder why?

  • Guest

    They probably have a full time gardener to cut that huge lawn.

  • Nathan

    The first several pics resemble the house in TRON… look it up

  • antiwinklevii

    Why are they still living together?

  • Gallus

    It is a nice house. I enjoyed the gallery and I would probably enjoy a visit to the place, but I could not live there. It is way too modernist and sterile for me.

  • Anonymous

    Cold and sterile… just like Facebook.

  • Mickhead

    #6 #8 & #12 perfect power slide practice!

  • Burger

    Looks like an epic porn set.

  • Wyochiver

    #6, #7, #8. This looks like the house used to film the latest Tron movie. Way too sterile for my tastes. Yuck.

  • Peter

    Must be nice to have been born into Wealth. I dont have wealth but atleast i still have my soul.

  • cme_red

    meh, don't like it… I can think of way nicer houses or things I could do with that much money… its way to… uggg not comfortable looking…

  • Patrick


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