A young Nick Offerman’s enormous practical joke (2 Photos)

Early in his career, Nick Offerman wasn't getting the kind of roles he wanted. Long before he landed the role of Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec, he was typecast as "plumbers, mechanics, and bus drivers and farmers." He was so pissed about being pigeonholed in these roles, he did what any actor would do about it:

"My response to that was to get this three-quarter headshot—like, knees to head—with this huge foam latex cock about the size of my forearm and fist that I’d made for a play. I got a headshot taken with this thing hanging out of my fly and just looking defiantly at the camera. I sent it to everybody in town. [Laughs.]

That was my response to being told I was gonna be playing bus drivers: “Oh yeah? Have you seen my dick?” And wonderfully, two people in town got it and thought it was really funny, and they put me in plays in their theaters."

  • Pat

    Yet another reason why Ron Swanson is the shit.

    • r@f

      Only Sasha Grey can handle that.

  • buttsnstuff

    Him and Aziz make Parks and Rec…… Far better than Community

    • Taste that

      you're full of shit. Parks and Rec is a horrible Office style rip off. and The Office is a horrible version of the British Office, which is much funnier.


      • MikeOverHere

        Oh, Lord. The US Office is much better. British humor is lame. "This parrot is dead."/"No it's not." Ha ha ha ha ha. American humor is much more sophisticated, while you lot still make fart jokes.

        • Nope

          Is this a bad American joke…? English comedy is MUCH more refined and less slapstick. I think you'll find we've come some way since Monty Python.
          Have you seen the great American export "A Date Movie", sadly it stole 90 minutes of my life. Watch that shit then come talk to us about fart jokes and toilet humour…

          • RYNO!

            How is it anybodys fault but your own that you watched that piece of crap? Every country produces at least a few giant piece of crap movies. I watched Battleship this weekend. You know what was awful…. BATTLESHIP. What has 2 thumbs, knew Battleship was going to be awful and watched it anyway??? THIS GUY! And I am not blaming anyone else for my terrible decision. Also, you people should watch Battleship. Good luck.

      • beastman

        cool story bro

    • @childishwarrior

      parks and rec is an alright show. but community is the best show on television right now. All the characters make the show. No-one can honestly say they have not laughed at a Troy and Abed line!
      If your'e not convinced on community watch "Competitive Ecology" (S03EP03) You're mind will be forever Chang-ed 😉

    • CommunitySucks

      Parks and rec wouldn't wipe it's ass with community it's so much better.

      • fredex

        …wipe its ass…


      • 6seasonsandamovie

        If you really think that, then you sir are just plain retarded, go back to making macaroni art for your caretakers and laughing at smudges on the windows and whenever ppl say "poop" or "pooped".

  • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.bartley.7 Kyle Bartley

    The sideburns make this.

  • N2MotoX

    The nightmares start again!

  • Epitomizer

    Parks and Rec would not be the same without this guy (or Aziz for that matter).

    • http://twitter.com/HarryBallz98 @HarryBallz98

      If I wanted my comeback I would have wiped it of my chin. Oh wait, no. I mean I would have wiped it from my mums chins. Oh wait no, ahhh. Fuck it.

      • Epitomizer

        Good day to you sir.

        • http://twitter.com/HarryBallz98 @HarryBallz98

          And to you sir!

  • etcrr

    I'm jealous

  • Ted

    what would Ron Swanson do

  • chitownchiver

    I can't look at this dude unless his mustache is on. It's not the same

  • CowboyChiver

    OMG!! Thought I was gonna take a digger in the ol' office chair when I scrolled down… Hilarious!

  • tbaynes

    We need more Ron Swanson shirts

  • temujin1234
  • Rookiebiotch

    or the gigantic dick… either one.

  • Gun_guy

    There is a guy at my work named Wayne Swanson, every time I hear his name over the PA I laugh.

  • salmon


  • jason walter
  • http://www.facebook.com/heyitscarlos Carlos Rodriguez

    This will be how I respond to rejection of all kinds. Where's my paper mache?

  • Swede

    I only agreed to have a mold made of my dick as a historical record of its existence. I did not approve of its likeness to be reproduced. Mr. Offerman, be prepared to hear from dick's lawyer.

    • Slauterhause

      1/10 for lack of effort.

  • Jay Leno's Integrity

    This is clever how?

  • Phil

    Thanks AV Club!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – lol.

    bc chivers & chivettes, this group is for you!! –> http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

  • phastman87

    I instantly started reading the quote to the voice of Ron Swanson.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    actually someone one DID ask 30,000 people this question – see here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/8560815/German

    And the top ten least funny were #1Germany (you guessed it) then Russia, Turkey, Britain, America, France, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Canada. So we beat britain. Personally I think Britain is funnier than us, and I have the exact opposite impression about fart jokes – that the US does them a lot and Britain doesn't. It depends a lot on what shows you watch I guess

  • Dan from L.A.

    Umm did you know that he's actually shown naked in Deadwood season 1, early in the season. He busts into Al's office with his dick out and howling (him, not his dick). Dunno if he's really naked or if it was a prosthetic, didn't want to pause it and look close enough to find out. But looked real enough.

  • Bosclar

    Even funnier that there's an episode of Parks and Rec where Ron gets a physical and the doctor comments that he has the biggest dick he's ever seen.

    • Brocolli Rob

      That's Jerry actually, his hidden win since everyone craps on him haha.

    • Phil

      Yup, already been a penis episode. Too bad they didn't sneak this into an episode, though, like they did with the half naked lesley painting.

  • Jezza67

    The next time I quit my job, I'm totally gonna steal that idea.

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